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8:17pm ET – Howdly doodly.

8:18pm ET – That’s for those of you who opted to join us instead of watching The Simpsons.

8:19pm ET – Is Bob Sanders playing today?
What, no “hello, Florio”? “How was your day?” “Can I get you
anything?” Man, y’all just jump right in and start grilling me. (By the
way, Sanders isn’t playing.)

8:20pm ET – Hi Mike, enjoy your wife’s birthday yesterday? Did you get her cash like Jerry got Elaine?
Yes. I was just eating some leftover cake. And I got her $182 and a
card that said, “To a wonderful girl, a great pal, and more.”

8:21pm ET – Chris Johnson 200 yards rushing.
Sounds about right. And then the Titans lose.

8:22pm ET – Do we get to hear the announcers?
Yes. Sound begins when the game starts. (I never get tired of answering that question.)

8:22pm ET – The Colts are the best team in football right now wouldn’t you agree?
I can’t wait to see them play the Broncos in December.

8:23pm ET – What rule did Sims-Walker break to be benched today?
He phoned Rock 107 and asked if he was the tenth caller.

8:24pm ET – After today’s game in KC, are the Cowboys in trouble?
They’re 3-2, thanks to the fact that they have played the Bucs,
Panthers, and Chiefs. They’ve got a lot of work to do in the bye week.

8:24pm ET – Wow, the Bengals leading their division and the Broncos leading theirs. Who’da thunk it just 5 weeks ago?
They are a combined 8-0 since their Week One game, with wins over the Packers, Steelers, Ravens, Cowboys, and Patriots.

8:25pm ET – Who am I chatting with?
I don’t know. Who’s sitting next to you?

8:26pm ET – Mike, would you rock the Dwight wolf shirt?
I have that shirt. I wear it during playoff games.

8:27pm ET – How do you pick the questions to answer?
1. Close eyes. 2. Scroll. 3. Open eyes. 4. Sigh deeply. 5. Answer question.

8:27pm ET – How was your day? Does Zorn get fired this week?
Better than Zorn’s. And very possibly.

8:28pm ET – Do you ever have your kid answer these questions for you?
This is his kid. Dad has been in the schnapps. Again.

8:29pm ET – How do the Bills lose to a team whose quarterback finished the game with a 15.1 passer rating?
This is a wild guess on my part, but I’ll go out on a limb. By scoring fewer points?

8:29pm ET – Ah, but did you have sex to save the relationship? 😉
No. I was out of mango.

8:30pm ET – Are the Bills the worst team in football right now?
Rams and Bucs and Raiders. Remember, the Bills beat Tampa.

8:30pm ET – Did Peter King ever get you that latte?
No. His thumbs will heal in 4-6 weeks.

8:31pm ET – Who would you rather have Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson?
Peterson. Stronger, better leader, more durable.

8:32pm ET – What makes the Cowboys so inconsistent?
A complete absence of leadership.

8:32pm ET – Is Mike Sims-Walker out for a couple weeks or just this week?
It’s probably just a one-week thing. Especially since the Jags lost by 41 without him.

8:33pm ET – Do you think Miles Austin can have a 1000 yd season?
Heck, he might have a 1000 yd month.

8:34pm ET – What do you think of the New England and Denver game?
They played today? Actually, it was a very good game. They seem destined to meet again.

8:35pm ET – Is this game going to be a blow out?
Probably not.

8:36pm ET – Is Tony Romo a first ballot Hall of Famer?
Yes, if Eastern Illinois University has a Hall of Fame.

8:36pm ET – Schaub was tearing up the Cards, why did they insist on trying to run it in?
That’s where it helps to have a more mobile quarterback. Passing play gives more options after the snap.

8:37pm ET – Mike, just how bad are the Raiders?
As one reader pointed out today at PFT, JaMarcus Russell couldn’t hit the earth if he jumped out of a plane.

8:38pm ET – Does Kubiak get fired after the season?
All signs point to yes. (Unless they make the playoffs.)

8:39pm ET – Who is the worst team in the NFL?
Rams have lost 15 in a row. Chiefs have won 2 of 30. Bucs look
terrible. Raiders look worse. I’d say it’s the Rams until they win one.

8:40pm ET – Watching any of the MLB playoff games?
Only when I can’t sleep.

8:41pm ET – Is T.O. still in the league. Wonder how long until he reminds us all where he is playing?
I think he has decided to just make his money and shut his mouth and try to get someone else to pay him in 2010.

8:42pm ET – How the Ravens lose against the Bengals?
I hate these trick questions. Again, I’ll take a wild stab. Scoring fewer points?

8:42pm ET – Are the Broncos the worst 5 and 0 team ever?
Wow, it took nearly 30 minutes for that one this week. You guys are slipping.

8:44pm ET – Has T.O. exploded yet?
The irony is that he should, since it might wake them up. But he’s determined not to give the media the satisfaction.

8:45pm ET – Who has the advantage at quarterback tonight?
That’s the toughest choice since Chippendale’s had to decide between Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley.

8:45pm ET – Austin Collie? Who?
Sounds like a fancy kind of dog.

8:48pm ET – You play fantasy?
Yes. Probably 4-1
after this week. When I win they say it’s because I have inside
information, and when I lose they laugh at me because I should have
used my inside information to win.

8:50pm ET – Mike, what did you think of those Bronco Unis?
They looked like something my kid once created while playing Madden.

8:51pm ET – Who is the best quarterback of all time?
I think it will be Peyton Manning.

8:52pm ET – So who gets fired this week and who survives for one more week?
I think Jauron and Zorn are in serious trouble, but it’s difficult to fire a coach until the bye week.

8:52pm – How about the two guys getting their helmets stuck together. Looked like an MMA fight for a second.

8:54pm ET – Dre Bly you are not Deion Sanders. Thank you.
Given the past week, I’m not sure Bly should want to be Deion Sanders.

8:56pm ET – Is this a trap game for Indy?
Possibly, but they look good so far.

8:58pm ET – What do you think is going to happen to Kevin Kolb at the end of the year?
I think this report of Mike Vick being “one and done” means that
they’ve already come to the conclusion that Kolb and not Vick is the
successor to McNabb.

8:58pm ET – Based on all the questions
you get about how did so and so lose to so and so, do you think the
team with the fewest points will lose tonight?

No. I think the team with the most points will win.

9:01pm ET – Mike what is the story of the week so far?
Probably the Broncos beating New England.

9:01pm ET – Should 49ers fans be worried, after today’s pasting by the Falcons?
Yes, because unlike last year the winner of the NFC West might have
to win games outside the division. The Seahawks are coming.

9:02pm ET – Did Sidney Crosby recover any onside kicks today?
I’m glad I’m not the only one who heard Jaworski say that.

9:03pm ET – Who needs just for men more for their beard — Collins or Favre?
They both need to bob for apples in a vat of it.

9:04pm ET – Do you think Kyle Orton is one of the best querterbacks in the league right now?
No. He’s the ultimate caretaker.

9:05pm ET – After Week Five who are your top 5 in the AFC?
Still two games to be played. Based on where we are right now: (1)
Colts; (2) Broncos; (3) Bengals; (4) Steelers; (5) Patriots.

9:07pm ET
– When your wife wants to talk to you does she just get on here and ask
questions like the rest of us? Like what time are you coming to bed?

She sends me text messages. Isn’t that how everyone communicates nowadays?

9:08pm ET – Will there be more streaming games in the future? This thing rocks.
Every NBC regular-season game streams live online. (Not sure about playoff games . . . I should check.)

9:08pm ET – First time I used the replay controls online — to see two grown men with their helmets stuck together.
It looked like an MMA fight for a while there.

9:09pm ET – Big question that will be coming up during the week probably a ton of times. Giants or Saints?
I’m leaning Saints.

9:10pm ET – Do you think they should switch the overtime rules?
Yes. I’ll be writing about it tomorrow in our Monday morning review of the games.

9:11pm ET – Didn’t you say St. Louis was a trap game for the Vikings?
I said it was a potential trap game, in response to the suggestion
from the Vikings’ radio play-by-play announcer that they should rest
guard Steve Hucthinson.

9:12pm ET – Will Noel Devine be a first rounder?
No. Production isn’t strong enough to offset size issues.

9:13pm ET – Why did the Eagles sign Vick in the first place?
I believe they wanted to evaluate him closely to determine whether he could take over the quarterback job in 2010.

9:14pm ET – Can we agree now that the Broncos are for real?
Yes. Absolutely.

9:15pm ET – Does Aaron Kampman get traded this season?
I think a team that runs a 4-3 defense with needs at defensive end
and depth at the offensive line should make an offer. Packers could use
a tackle.

9:16pm ET – Did you think Josh McDaniels’ post game victory lap/fist-pumping was a bit much?
I thought he was going to rip off his hoodie after telling all the
little Broncomaniacs to say their prayers and take their vitamins.

9:17pm ET – Are you ready to concede that the Vikings are for real this year?
Get back to me after they play the Ravens, Steelers, and Packers in the next three weeks.

9:22pm ET – When does NBC begin scheduling the flex games?
Week Eleven, November 22.

9:23pm ET – Do you think that the NFL should go to the same replay rules as the NCAA?
No. But each team should be guaranteed a crack at the ball.

9:25pm ET
– Mike, I really enjoy your chat and look forward to Sunday Night
Football with this streaming video. Thank you to you an NBC.

Thanks, Mee-ma.

9:26pm ET – Going into the bye week what does Dallas concentrate the most on?
They need real leadership. They don’t have it.

9:27pm ET – Mike, what teams do you think will be in the Vick market next year?
The California Redwoods. And maybe the Florida Tuskers.

9:29pm ET – How long before OffDaMarcus Russell is out of the league?
Two years? Maybe less.

9:24pm – What was your first car?
9:30pm – ’72 VW bug. A hand-me-down from my sister.

9:31pm ET – What are you thoughts on the Rush Limbaugh bid for the Rams?
I personally believes he knows that, when push comes to shove, it
won’t happen. Whether he uses that outcome to paint himself as a victim
of some kind remains to be seen.

9:33pm ET – Who are your top five in the NFC?
Let’s go with: (1) Giants; (2) Saints; (3) Eagles; (4) Vikings; (5) Falcons.

9:34pm ET
– I’m in a windowless room, no TV, can’t leave, working overnight for
the military. This streaming video has made my Sunday nights so much
better. Thank you very very much.

You’re welcome. Please don’t launch a nuclear missile while trying to change the camera view.

9:34pm ET – Who do you see winning the San Diego-Denver game next week?
San Diego will give them all they’ve got but I don’t think the Chargers have enough to get it done.

9:36pm ET – What about the Raiders, don’t you feel bad or embarrassed for them?
I feel very bad for their fans, who are extremely loyal and deserve far better than what they have been getting.

9:40pm ET – How do you realistically pick a team (Eagles) that has
lost a game as being better than a team that has not lost any games

Because I think if the two teams played right now the Eagles would win.

9:40pm ET – Why isn’t Marvin Harrison not playing for anyone right now?
He wants too much money.

9:42pm ET – What would you do if the power went out in your house right now?
I’d say to myself, “Looks like the power just went out in my house.”

9:45pm ET – Is Ted Ginn worth a trade? Who would take him?
I think he’s done in Miami after this year. He sealed his fate when
he dropped that pass with the game on the line against the Colts.

9:47pm ET – Flex would of been great to have next week with the G-men and Saints playing
Chicago at Atlanta isn’t a bad Plan B. (And it’s far better than getting married on the Maid of the Mist.)

9:49pm ET – Do you think Reggie Bush is better than Chris Johnson?
I’d take Chris Johnson with a broken leg before Reggie Bush.

9:49pm ET – Why isnt Vince Young starting yet?
I think because Jeff Fisher knows he’s not ready.

9:50pm ET – Did you cry during Jim and Pam’s wedding?
Yes, but only because I did a split with car keys in my pocket.

9:51pm ET – Do you think the Packers will make the playoffs this year?
They need to trade for help on the offensive line. I’d be doing everything I could to get Joe Thomas from the Browns.

9:52pm ET – Reggie Bush or Sproles?

9:53pm ET
– Do you really think the theory that all RBs hit the proverbial wall
at 30 years old is true, or just a coincidence b/c of a few big names
that have declined in skills?

Playing tailback is like
being a really big magnet in an anvil warehouse. Theree’s only so many
hits a guy can take before he can’t take any more.

9:54pm ET – How soon ahead of time does the flex game need to be decided?
Something like two weeks in advance.

9:56pm ET – Would you trade Reggie Bush for an old yellow dog and shoot the dog?
Here’s my take on Reggie — he’s a celebrity and an average running
back. He isn’t and never will be as good as we all thought he would be.
He won’t even be close. And he has been injured a lot. I think he’s got
three seasons left after this one, at most.

10:00pm ET – And what’s your take on Leinart?
Didn’t love football early in his career. Light might be coming on for him now.

10:00pm ET – Who is the last USC player that lived up to the hype?
Troy Polamalu on defense, Carson Palmer on offense.

10:02pm ET – Is Peyton Manning wearing a skirt?
It’s more like a kilt. But the call on Jacob Ford was a good one. He tried to subtly give Manning the business.

10:04pm ET – When you respond with like a 5-6 line response do you think we read all that?
Why would I think you don’t read it? And why wouldn’t you read it? I
put a lot of thought and effort into providing you with a response. The
most you could do it read it. I’m mean, it’s common courtesy. So to
answer your question, yes I think you read it. I expect you to read it.
Besides, you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.

10:04pm ET – Tell Manning to take off the skirt and put on some pants!
Maybe Rodney will tell him at halftime.

10:05pm ET – Whats the biggest reason for the Titans bad season, the loss of Haynesworth? Or something else?
I think when a team goes 13-3 and secures home-field advantage and
loses that first playoff game it’s very hard to go back to 0-0 and
start grinding again. That’s why what the Giants are doing is so

10:07pm ET – Do you think Tony Romo is an average QB?
Yes. And I think he always will be.

10:08pm ET – Who is your early favorite for league MVP?
Peyton Manning.

10:10pm ET – Who is the biggest suprise undefeated team: Saints, Broncos, or Colts?
Without question, the Broncos.

10:11pm ET – Who’s the bigest draft bust in the last 4 years?
Alex Smith and JaMarcus Russell.

10:13pm ET – Why wasn’t Orton that good in Chicago?
Maybe it’s the coaching staff in Chicago.

10:16pm ET – Is Raheem Morris on the hot seat? If not, why not?
No. The Bucs already are buying out Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen.

10:17pm ET – What’s your review of Zombieland, Florio? I thought Bill Murray’s cameo was great, myself.
Does he play a zombie? If so, they saved some money on makeup.

10:17pm ET – Do you think that L.T. will play next year?
I think there’s a chance he’s done after this year. He’s on the Shaun Alexander career arc.

10:19pm ET – If Carson Palmer was the last good offensive player from USC, what is Steve Smith?
The question related to hype. Steve Smith got far less hype.

10:21pm ETWhy won’t you answer my questions?
Because you’re wearing empty Kleenex boxes for shoes and you have a bad toupee.

10:26pm ET – What is a flex game?
It’s when the usual scoring formula is replaced by the Modified Schwarzenegger System.

10:27pm ET – Do you think Tebow can play quarterback in JAX better than Garrard?
Jury’s still out on what Tebow can do at NFL level. He seems like a
big meathead who runs a simple offense and has a so-so arm.

10:30pm ET – Is Tebow a bigger meat head than Owen Schmitt?
Schmitt isn’t a meathead. He’s a cement head.

10:33pm ET – Why was Sims-Walker inactive in todays game?
Violated a team rule. There are some rumors as to what happened but uncorroborated.

10:35pm ET – No really sensei what is a flex game?
For Week 11 through Week 16, the scheduled Sunday night game can be
replaced with a day game, in order to ensure it’ll be a good game. In
Week Seventeen, there’s no scheduled Sunday night game — they pick one
to flex like six days before the game, at the latest.

10:38pm ET – What head coach do you have the most respect for?
Mike Tomlin. From a talent standpoint, the Steelers aren’t a great
team. He makes them play so much better than they are.

10:39pm ET – Is Terry Bradshaw dead?
No, but I think he lost to the chicken when picking Week Five games on Leno.

10:40pm ET – What team do you think look best in pink?

10:42pm ET – Mike Tomlin…Cowher left him with a refrigerator full of food, he only needed not to screw it up
You mean like how Cowher screwed it up in 2006 by going 8-8?

10:44pm ET – Why have the titans just gone down the drain?
They were 13-2 before LenDale White desecrated the Terrible Towel. They’re now working on 0-7 since.

10:45pm ET – What is Florio Jr’s favorite team?
He likes the Saints but he’s a fair-weather fan. He jumped on the Steelers bandwagon last year.

10:49pm ET – Is there any hope left for Tenessee tonight? Or even the season?
I think it’s done. Last year, 11-5 wasn’t good enough for the Patriots to get to the playoffs.

10:50pm ET – Did the Titans waste a draft pick and money on Vince Young?
Yes. And they could have picked Cutler, who went to college in Tennessee.

10:52pm ET – Do you argue with Florio Jr. about Reggie Bush?
I don’t argue with Florio Jr. He always resorts to ad hominem attacks.

10:53pm ET – Why do the Titans go 13-2 and stink this year, what is the difference between last year and now?
Injuries, Haynesworth is gone, Schwartz was defensive coordinator since 2001.

10:54pm ET
– Are you tired of answering questions about things that could be
easily answered in 10 seconds with a quick Internet search?

I bet you could have found the answer to that question with a 10-second Internet search.

10:55pm ET – What is Florio Jr’s real name?

10:58pm ET – If Tennessee has no hope to win tonight I don’t see why they dont put Vince Young in.
Exactly. He must be a complete head case right now. Maybe they’re
trying to keep him under wraps this year, pretend he’ll be the starter
in 2010, and trade him to someone. Still, if he doesn’t play at some
point once they’re out of it, people will assume the Titans realize he
can’t play.

11:00pm ET – Is anything wrong with Adrian Peterson? What explains the lackluster performances since Week One?
11:00pm – I think teams are picking their poison and assuming Favre eventually will screw up.

11:03pm ET – Is your biggest NBC regret not being able to quit at halftime?
It’s kind of hard to call it when it’s not my party. But if this were
a PFT-hosted affair, the plug would have been pulled by now.

11:04pm ET – Do YOU think Peyton is the G.O.A.T.?
Yes. Not a big fan, but I have to give him credit. The Colts will be an elite team as long as he’s on the team.

11:05pm ET – Another live chat tomorrow night?
For Jets-Dolphins? You’re on your own.

11:05pm ET – What is a goat?
A sheep with horns.

11:07pm ET – Why is Peyton Manning still playing?
Game’s not over. Teams have blown 19-point leads.

ET – Are the Jaguars really as bad as they played today, or was that just
a result of Sims-Walker getting suspended and Quentin Groves getting a
police escort?

I heard that it really screwed up the game plan to not have Sims-Walker.

11:08pm ET – Mike are you at the game?
I’m inside the video board at Cowboys Stadium.

11:09pm ET – You dye your hair.
It’s not dye. It’s shoe polish.

11:09pm ET – Amazing how losing make Kerry Collins looks older than Favre — or George Blanda.
Yeah, when Kerry is winning he only looks older than Ken Stabler.

11:11pm ET – Here comes Vince Young.
While warming up, I think he said, “I can throw a football over them mountains.”

11:21pm ET – Jeff Fisher is starting to look a bit like Andy Reid.
Fisher has a long way to go to catch Andy Reid.

11:24pm ET – Would you keep Peyton in?
No way. Game is over. If he gets hurt here, Jim Caldwell won’t be able to go back to Indy.

11:29pm ET – Does anyone think that the crowd noise is set too loud?
If there’s any crowd noise at all, yes. Because there’s no crowd left. It looks like a UFL crowd.

11:32pm ET – Do you think Bob Sanders will ever come back?
Yes. And then he’ll get hurt in his first game back and will miss the rest of the season.

11:34pm ET – Goodnight Mike!!! Thank you once again!!!
Thanks . . . see you next week for Bears and Falcons. Thanks for watching the game via SNF Extra.

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  1. are my posts always going to be held for approval before they are posted or will there come a time they get posted automatically???

  2. Think Derek Anderson is like football’s version of Charlie Sheen in “Major league”? Maybe he just needs some stylin’ glasses.

  3. Despite the win, the panthers still look awful. If they continue to struggle, at the end of the season do you believe that Fox will get cut like foreskin at a bris?

  4. Worst commercial right now? Is it the creepy Enterprise dude commercials? Or is it the teasers for NBC shows?

  5. another cheap flag for tugging on the Quarterback’s panties…….
    after a horrible one in the Lions game.
    the NFL is taking the pink to a new level…….

  6. 10:11pm ET – Who’s the biggest draft bust in the last 4 years?
    Alex Smith
    Nice fact checking. Smith was drafted 5 years ago.
    all the people who question your intelligence

  7. Mike,
    Why would the Browns trade a franchise LT who has made the Pro Bowl 2x in his first two seasons? Seriously!

  8. “10:07pm ET – Do you think Tony Romo is an average QB?
    Yes. And I think he always will be.”
    With 28 more pass attempts, Romo’s name will be in the all-time record books.
    His 93.8 career passer rating is behind only Steve Young and Peyton Manning, all-time.
    His 8.1 yards per pass attempt is behind only Otto Graham, Sid Luckman and Norm van Brocklin.
    You want to talk wins and losses? Romo is 31-14 as a starter (.688). Among active QBs, only Roethlisberger and Brady have won more consistently. Average? You’re closer to average than Romo is, Florio. Only bad writing is a lot easier to accomplish than good NFL QB play, isn’t it? If you were as “average” as Romo you’d have at least been nominated for a Pulitzer by now.

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