Tennessee's struggling secondary gets worse

The Titans started Sunday night without two of their top three cornerbacks. 

They finished the game without any of them.

Starting cornerback Nick Harper suffered a broken forearm against his former team, the Colts.  Tennessee’s nickel back Vincent Fuller suffered the same injury earlier this season, and was originally expected to miss 4-6 weeks. 

Next up for the banged-up Titans secondary is Tom Brady and the Patriots.

9 responses to “Tennessee's struggling secondary gets worse

  1. They may be the best (and most unlucky) 0-5 team ever! Lol I hope that they don’t get to jumpy and have a fire sale and or worse: fire Fischer. This is a great chance to let Young get some action and try to find out if he is the future.

  2. Season’s over for these guys.
    Time to trade away all the guys they weren’t gonna resign anyways and get something for them so this team can rebuild itself.

  3. I think that Jeff Fisher is burned out in Nashville; that burnout was accelerated and exacerbated by the horrific murder of his friend Steve McNair on July 4th.
    He may not even be able to articulate it, but I’m guessing that a change of scenery would be welcomed.
    (Think about it…McNair died within view of LP Field. Don’t you know that his memory haunts his remaining teammates and coaches?)

  4. Dont know if any of yall knew this bit of info.. But .. The Titans havent won a single game since stepping on the Almighty TERRIBLE TOWEL! lol The Myron Cope curse 🙂 R.I.P hahahahaha

  5. No excuses. The Colts were without both starting corners (Jackson, Hayden) and “starting” safety Bob Sanders (if a starter never plays, is he still a starter?) and still dominated. Even with an UDFA corner starting and breaking up passes in the endzone.
    You’re either a good team that can weather a storm, or you’re not.

  6. Notice also that the Towel cursed the Bengals since Whos-Your-Mama descecrated it. Now that he’s gone to the Seahawks, I guess he took the curse with him.

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