Williams getting first start since 2005

Mike Williams, the fourth overall pick in the 2002 draft who wound up out of the league the past three seasons, is in the starting lineup today for the Washington Redskins.

ESPN 980 reports that Williams will start at right guard in place of Chad Rinehart when the Redskins take on Carolina today.

So it’s another positive step for Williams, whose weight was well north of 400 pounds as recently as February.

10 responses to “Williams getting first start since 2005

  1. wasn’t Mike Williams a wide reciever??…..what was the name of that kid out of USC who was a high pick of the Lions? who was a bust…..I thought it was Mike Williams…….I know he wasn’t a guard…….AM I GOING INSANE?…….please,please HELP ME!

  2. Interesting to see how he does. Guess the panthers might try and line up Peppers on that side to create some mismatches.
    Could be a long day for Jason Campbell.

  3. WTF? In place of Rinehart? How about in place of Heyer? Rinehart is a 2nd year pro that showed promise last week. To bad he doesn’t play center I guess.

  4. There are many Mike Williams. One is obese, even for an offensive lineman, and the other was a Lions WR bust

  5. I knew I wasn’t crazy…….must be something about the name Mike Williams that equals HIGH PICK BUST…..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Mike Williams (born January 4, 1984 in Tampa, Florida) is an American football wide receiver who is currently a free agent. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions 10th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Southern California.

  6. Mike Williams was/is a RT out of Texas who was taken by the Bills in the 2002 draft. The Lions took Joey Harrington that year, not the fat WR Mike Williams who they took in 2005.

  7. Further proof that Chad Rinehart was a wasted draft pick. Nice work Vinnie, no wonder Shanahan wants nothing to do with this team.

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