Carlos Rogers says Redskins blame "starts with the ownership"

For much of the decade during which Daniel Snyder has owned the Redskins, many fans and members of the media have blamed Snyder for the team’s struggles.

Rarely, if ever, do any of the employees of the organization point a finger at Snyder.

Cornerback Carlos Rogers has done it.

His broader point?  Everyone is to blame.  The message?  The first one to blame is the guy who has the keys.

“It not only starts with the players, coaches,” Rogers said, per the Associated Press.  “It starts with the ownership.”


In unrelated news, the Redskins are now accepting trade offers for Rogers.

53 responses to “Carlos Rogers says Redskins blame "starts with the ownership"

  1. Exactly what does this football-related news have to do with Rush Limbaugh’s ownership bid in St. Louis?

  2. Exactemundo, Florio. There’s no telling how right you may be about Rogers suddenly finding himself on the trading block. I thought when Tim Brown spoke out about Al Davis at one of the Pro Bowls he would soon find himself traded or relegated to the bench, a la Marcus Allen.
    Ultimately, it’s always ownership that gets the blame or the glory when things go either way.

  3. Rogers is right, Snyder is the #1 person to blame for not winning. He’s spending the money, so that’s not an issue. He chooses who he puts into mngmt, and either he chooses the players or his mngmt personnel that he has chosen chooses the players.
    If Snyder didn’t choose weak managers and make bad personnel decisions, the logical alternative is that they would be winning. If Snyder wants to hire me, I’ll make the Skins a winner. But until he makes a prudent decision and hires an exceptional football strategy mind to help out, he is going to fall short and thus he should accept responsibility for his bad decisions.

  4. Good for you ‘Los.
    As a Redskins fan…I’m happy someone said something.
    Snyder won’t get rid of ‘Los though.
    We like DBs with clubs for hands. No CB in the history of this league has dropped more INTs that are right in the numbers than this cat.
    Then again…now that we’ve learned that Shawn Springs was by far our best CB…Snyder can’t get rid of ‘Los even if he wanted to.

  5. Everyone can stop saying wow…just wow. Stop…just stop. So…so annoying. Ok? No more, thanks.

  6. Carlos Rogers to the Atlanta Falcons for CB Chris Houston and a conditional draft pick.

  7. Don’t worry Rogers will be traded for an overrated big name and he will reach his potential and become a consistent excellent cornerback.

  8. Carlos is a GENIUS…not for what he said, which is true, but he knows this is the best way for him to get traded out of DC and go to a team that may win a Super Bowl in this century. All ya gotta do is badmouth the owner. Look what happened to LaVar Arrington…great player who criticized management and was blacklisted.

  9. detroit would now like to offer ernie sims and daunte culpepper for carlos rogers… snyder will want to throw a pick in too i bet, he hates having to draft players.

  10. Good thing Hall is playing so well….
    You know it’s bad when one of the better players on the Redskins is trying to get off the team in his contract year.

  11. Carlos, hands-of-stone-a, the dismal state of your team probably has nothing to do with your excessive INT drops. You probably even dropped the pen when you were signing your last contract.
    But it turns out you’re still right about what you said. Your continued failings will help the Skins move higher up in the first round–possibly to draft your replacement.

  12. One observation and two questions:
    The Giants and Eagles are two teams in the NFC East who have unassuming owners. They have football men as general managers and in key leadership roles. These teams build through the draft and make smart free agent acquisitions.
    The Redskins and Cowboys are two teams in the NFC East who have micro-managing owners who think they know how to run a football team. These owners believe they do not need general managers or football men in key leadership roles. These teams trade draft picks to acquire aging or washed up stars or use their draft picks for flashy skill position players that seldom produce numbers that justify their draft status or they overspend for free agents that seldom are worth the high price tags,
    Over the past 10 years, the Giants and Eagles franchises have been far more successful.
    So is it coaches, talent, or ownership that makes the Eagles and Giants more successful? I say it is ownership.
    Redskins fans — do you prefer the Jack Kent Cooke style of ownership or do you prefer the Daniel Snyder style of ownership?

  13. Please…it has NOTHING to do with the “racist name”. They had the same “racist name” when Joe Gibbs was taking them to four SB’s and winning three Lombardi Trophies. KC had the same “racist name” they have today back when they went to two SB’s and won one of them.
    It boils down to Carlos’s point. It starts with the [incompetence of the] ownership.

  14. At least Rogers said something that everybody in the DC area has known for about ten years. He just became every Skins fans’ favorite player. Personally I believe it was a calculated move to get out of DC. He can be very sneaky.

  15. i wish ONE bills player had the ballz of Rodgers. Snyder might be an idiot, but at least his main goal is to win. Ralph Wilson is a jack ass who cares only about the bottom line. Keeping DJ around for the rest of the season is approaching Matt Millen territory, the guy is a proven loser.
    FLORIO, is there anyway you can give us an estimate of how much more money it would cost Ralph to promote Bobby April to HC? Essentially, what kind of raise does it give April? We aint doing anything with DJ, lets see if Bobby April has something.

  16. Carlos u da man!!!! (even though you drop more picks then I have fingers and toes) at least you have a spine.Snyder ruined the Skins when he fired Marty and its been horrible since!! Nothing and I mean nothing surprises me with this team.Jim freakin Zorn is our coach,Spurrier,Patrick Ramsey,Campbell,letting antonio Pierce walk,sean taylor dies,(rip 21 u were the best safety in the game period Troy who?) randy thomas hurt every year,no draft picks ever,letting dockery go to buff then when hes 3 or 4 years older sign him to a big deal!!! Theres a whole lot more what a joke!! Thanks Dan for destroying the pride and reputation of a historic NFL franchise (my favorite for 20 plus years).Jack Kent Cook and George Allen are rolling over in their grave!!!Shame on you Dan Snyder.

  17. ninjaneer says, “carlos rogers for bobby carpenter…straight up”.
    One of those rare trades that immediately makes both teams worse.

  18. rogers may drop a lot of picks, but he causes incompletions far better and gets burned far less than D Hall. He’ll soon be in Tennessee, and Kearse will be our next Deion/Bruce Smith/Albert fatass/ on and on and on. And yes, the offensive line will still be an offensive……………..line

  19. Turk,
    I’d hardly call Lurie “unassuming”. When he bought the team, he was as big a jerk as Snyder. The difference between the two is that at some point, either Jeff had an epiphany or someone sat him down and explained that hands-on ownership did more harm than good. To his credit, Lurie changed, and the Eagles have been better for that. On the down side, he’s still kind of a dick to the fan base.

  20. Dan Snyder needs to ask the most important question.
    WWRLD – What Would Rush Limbaugh Do?
    Or do we still think that ownership has no impact on a football team?

  21. When a team has a bad season, it could be the coaches and/or players. When a team is consistently bad, it’s the owner. The Redskins haven’t been good for a long time.

  22. Snyder’s goal is NOT to win…it’s to MAKE MONEY. If he truly cared about winning, he would fire Cerrato and hire a competent GM and coach and STOP MEDDLING.
    This guy is almost as bad as Jim Irsay, the Colts’ owner back in the 80s.

  23. All these posts and not a single one of you guys mention WHY the ownership is the problem. And its simple. No draft picks, bad free agent signings. Year in and year out, we trade away draft picks for nothing. TJ Ducket cost us a draft pick remember. To get Jason Campbell, we gave up 2 first round picks, one that year and another one the next year. The best teams draft well and are young. Colts do everything through their draft (name one big signed player, besides vinatieris). Patriots have a mix of drafts and veteran signed players. Giants draft well. Even New Orleans went draft heavy to turn their defense around. Someone send Cerrato and Snyder a memo, money doesn’t do it, drafting does. A local radio station made a great anology on this. The Capitals tried the free agent signings once, signing big names like Jagr and Lang. We were mediocre at best. The owner and management decided, ok, be patient, dismantle the team, start over, draft. And almost all their players are drafted young players who learned to play together. Now the Caps are Stanley Cup contenders. For as smart a business man Snyder is, he just doesnt get it does he…

  24. # tomko6 says: October 13, 2009 5:17 AM
    Carlos u da man!!!! (even though you drop more picks then I have fingers and toes) at least you have a spine.Snyder ruined the Skins when he fired Marty and its been horrible since!! Nothing and I mean nothing surprises me with this team.Jim freakin Zorn is our coach,Spurrier,Patrick Ramsey,Campbell,letting antonio Pierce walk,sean taylor dies,(rip 21 u were the best safety in the game period Troy who?) …
    You deserve Snyder. I hope his ownership continues for 50 years.

  25. When Snyder started suing fans who were losing thier jobs and homes and could no longer afford the season tickets they signed up for he lost all respect with most Americans, football fans or not. What a dirtbag. May karma catch up with him and never allow the Redskins to win a game as long as he’s the owner.

  26. Can’t we trade Snyder away instead of Rogers? No? Ok, we’ll give you Rogers, Synder and a first. Just please, take it.
    I hate the way Snyderrato have run my team. They’ve used like 2 draft picks in the past five years on the o-line, and they’ve been old and fragile for most of those five years. I’ve never been this frustrated with this team….
    And yeah, Rogers doesn’t get enough picks. But you know who else had a rep for bad hands? Darrell Green! I’m not at all suggesting Rogers is on Green’s level, just saying bad hands don’t necessarily make a CB bad.

  27. Cue the Titanic music, the SS Danny Boy has hit the iceburg and is almost at the bottom of the Ashburn Lake.
    Rogers should have waited to say what he said and let snyder take out his frustrations on Riggins and his you tube clip

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