Despite two-completions, Anderson will still start for the Browns

Browns quarterback Derek Anderson completed only two of 17 passes on Sunday against the Bills.  It was good enough (or bad enough) for a passer rating of 15.1 in Cleveland’s 6-3 win.

So with a revolving door on the depth chart that already has seen Week One starter Brady Quinn replaced by Anderson, the Browns will be going back to Quinn after that dismal showing, right?


Coach Eric Mangini said Monday that Anderson will keep the starting job.  The Browns play at Pittsburgh on Sunday.

It’s good news for Anderson but bad news for Quinn, who’s getting closer and closer to losing out on a chance to trigger $10.9 million in salary escalators.  To do so, Quinn needs to take 70 percent of the snaps.

41 responses to “Despite two-completions, Anderson will still start for the Browns

  1. Yes because Anderson and his big arm give them a better chance to win against our Stillers’ pass defense as opposed to Quinn and his happy feet. Nobody would’ve completed many passes in that Buffalo hurricane yesterday.

  2. I guess this really tells you all you need to know as far as what Mangini’s opinion of Quinn is.

  3. So let me get this straight. he threw 17 passes and 2 were completed? wait so out of 17 throws, 15 of them were incomplete? you are telling me that an nfl quarterback completed 2 balls out of 17. 2.

  4. The Browns are obviously just keeping him in because they don’t want Quinn to take 70% of the stats.

  5. But you’re missing the point: that was clearly the best 2 of 17 for 23 yards and a pick in the history of the NFL.

  6. I was at the Bills game and am a diehard Bills fan. There were 10 easy drops on the Browns behalf. Seems like they all had a case of the Edwards

  7. This isnt surprising because if you had watched the game you would have noticed the Browns’ receivers dropped around 7-8 passes. So he should have been about 10 of 17….

  8. Come on Florio , Tell it like it is the winds were gusting 40 m.p.h. and there were 9 confirmed dropped passes and 11 dropped passes in my mind . These are n.f.l. RECEIVERS CATCH THE DAM BALL . I know you detest Mangini and the Browns but tell it like it really is without the spin every once in awhile

  9. The Coop says:
    October 12, 2009 10:13 PM
    Yeah, bench a guy who wins. How many wins does Quinn have this year? Just checking.
    This is really stupid. Really, you can’t bench a guy with a 15 QB rating because his team won the game despite his horrible play?
    This move is all about the Benjamins. With this team going nowhere, there is no way in hell the team will let Quinn reach those contract escalators.

  10. Can see Quinn not playing due to snap bonus, but give Ratliff a shot please.
    ESPN showed highlights of Bills/Browns game and it was all punts!

  11. again….8 DROPS. you cant blame the qb for dropped passes that should have been caught. the guys make those cathes and we have a different stat line and nobody saying he should be benched.

  12. This says more about a MangIdiot coach more than anything else.
    After telling the football world and more importantly, the players on his team, that once he ended his laborious QB competition he’d show loyalty and give the QB the time and security he needed, he broke his word 2.5 games into the season.
    His replacement promptly threw 3 INTs in his first game and now, given time to prepare for a game against the WORST team in the NFL, put up a remarkable QB rating of (are you sitting down?) 15.
    MangIdiot’s pride is the only thing keeping from changing horses in midstream again. Although he should have stuck by Quinn and his word in the first place, if he does what he should now and drop Anderson, he’s going to look like even more of a MangIdiot.
    Browns fans are forced to suffer the consequences.

  13. passer rating of 15.1…. hahahahahah
    Coach Eric Mangini said Monday that Anderson will keep the starting job. Hahahahahahahahahaahhahaha
    Anderson will still start for the Browns? Hahahahahahahahaha

  14. I have said all along that the Browns will never win with Anderson at QB. He can’t throw an accurate short pass and can’t finish a game. They need to let Quinn play through whatever he needs to. This year is over anyway so please let’s work for the future now and quit playing Mr. no intensity Anderson ( AKA Goofy ) at QB. No one really knows what Quinn can do. He’s never had a fair chance to grow at the position. Since the FIRST half of the 2007 season against an easy schedule, what has Anderson really done? Remember he had Edwards making great catches in 2007 and once the league got a look at him, teams stopped his long ball game making him take the short stuff. He really ended 2007 sucking and threw 4 picks in the last game against the Bengals that cost the Browns a play off berth. Mr. Lerner, if you don’t to want own a successful NFL team, please sell the Browns to somone who will give Cleveland a realistic chance to win! Cleveland fans are getting very tired of this crap.

  15. It’s easy to look at the boxscore and think you’re an analyst. Browns had 9 dropped passses as a team. 9 out of 17 attempts were dropped! Anderson definitely should be starting, he cant physically force guys to catch it.

  16. No No No, 15.1 is Penguini’s football I.Q. not Anderson’s QB rating ! That’s gotta be a misprint! I would not be surprised if that ends up being Penguini’s win percentage as Browns HC before they fire his sorry ass too.

  17. It’s easy to look at the boxscore and think you’re an analyst. Browns had 9 dropped passses as a team. 9 out of 17 attempts were dropped! Anderson definitely should be starting, he cant physically force guys to catch it.
    I WATCH the games. Screw the box score. 9 drops was kind to Anderson. Many of those were thrown behind guys going across the middle and so forth. He also threw way too hard on very short passes. He has no touch. Even then, you have 6 more passes to account for. When he has bad games he can not seem to get on track. I could’t believe Mangini didn’t put Quinn in during the Bills game. I have stuck up for Mangini saying we should give him a chance. I’m almost to my limit as a fan of the Browns on that however. I don’t want to see a five year plan of this crap. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this QB is a back up at best. Hey, the Browns won Sunday because of decent defense, special teams, J. Lewis and the Bills. The Bills can’t help us any more this season.

  18. JoeSixPack guess what, (are you sitting down?) You’re a moron. Anderson entered the Baltimore game after it was over. The team had given up, rightfully so because they’re not very good at all and had no chance of coming back. I didn’t agree with Quinn getting benched at the time even though I don’t like Quinn. At the same time however, you can’t say “hey we’re getting killed and have no chance of winning. Anderson! Get in there and do something” and expect the guy to go in and perform well when the team is completely down. He tried to make something happen, he made some bad passes as a result. He basically got thrown to the wolves. Sometimes a coach will simply change QBs midgame to try to give his team a “spark”. It didn’t work however, and we continued to suck for the rest of that game. The reason that you are a moron, you might be wondering, is that you along with about 10-15 other morons who have posted insist on blaming Anderson for the 2 for 17 performance on sunday. Even though it has been pointed out by many people that the team had 8-9 dropped passes. Did you even read the other posts? Did you watch the game? If you did you’d have seen many a pass strike a receiver right in the hands and fall to the ground. Massaqui dropped 2 or 3 just like that and Robert Royal dropped the most perfectly thrown pass imaginable that very well could have been a TD. If you are throwing a pass and it hits the receiver in the hands, and I don’t mean that he got a hand on it, I mean it hits his hands dead on, is that your fault or would you blame the receiver? I’m sure you’d step up and take the false blame for that right? A high school football player could have caught half of the passes that were dropped in that game. It had nothing to do with the QB. I’d be saying that if Quinn was throwing too. Our receivers sucked sunday. NOT Anderson.

  19. Oh and there is no way that Quinn gives the Browns a better chance to win than Anderson. Anderson isn’t very good either I will admit but at least defenses know that he can throw the ball downfield and have to expect it now and then. When Quinn is in there, they know that they don’t have to expect any passes that are gonna go more than 12-13 yards. It really benefits the defense to know the opponents QB is just going to dink and dump all day no matter what. Ask the Bills fans if they like the way Trent Edwards plays. Quinn is exactly like him.

  20. Didn’t see the game but sounds like the Browns receivers gave him a lot of help with an extra large portion of drops.
    Even so pretty damn bad.
    The Brown’s owners would rather leave Anderson in there even if he sets a new standard for the word suck, as long as it saves them the money they’d have to pay Quinn for making his escalators.

  21. well, i even wonder if some of you watch the pathetic browns. i love them, but unfortunately, they are terrible. brady’s rating is better… on paper. watch what he did. he NEVER looks down field. always quick to give up the play and look to the backfield because he could NEVER read a defense, even in college. he may not have gone 2 for 17 but he wouldve gone 10 for 17 for 15 yards. but some of you still wonder why he slid down so far in the draft. obviously, everyone else before the browns that draft were right. anderson definitely is not the answer but he is the best option. at least he moves the offense forward and not lateral, which is all pretty brady believes in. i will take 3 picks over brady padding his completion percentage. at least its taking a chance for a first down. which is something pretty hasnt gotten the concept of. doesnt help that he has tippy toe lewis in the backfield. by the way, did anyone notice that jerome harrison had over 100 yards last week and barely touched the ball this week? typical browns not using the talent they have in the right way. just play the guy that makes the most. yeah lewis got over 100 yards, but on 31 carries. only two carries which were significant. that many carries you better get 100 yards. harrison probably wouldve had 250!

  22. I’m just gonna throw this out there. Sign Adam Sandler. He did a pretty good job in The Longest Yard and at least he would be good for a laugh or two even if he throws more interceptions than anderson. Just saying.

  23. This sounds like a conspiracy that Goodell needs to look into….Some how the Bills controlled 40 mile per hour winds…..Resulting in only 2 completions for the Browns…Yet the Bills caught 16 passes…….the wind must of just “stopped” when they were passing.
    Get on this Goodell

  24. Look….the Browns could put in a terminator robot and still have the same result. Dropped passes, inconsistant running game, poor play calling are not going to help any QB.

  25. We are stuck with the “stink (DA) and “stunk” (BQ) offense.
    DA basically stinks..
    BQ basically stunk.. hence..
    “Stink and Stunk” offense.
    I watched the game and it was gusty and cold out there, both teams dropped balls, and bills played increadibly sloppy game overall.
    Although DA stinks, he actually wasnt to blame for a lot of the drops. IMHO they need to change statistics and how they quantify them.
    For example the “incomplete” should be changed to “complete” for the QB if he hits the guy in the hands, and or the ball is deemed basically “catchable” and the dropis fault of the Reciever. He “completed” his part of the bargain to get the ball to the Reciever’s hands.
    Drops of catchable passes should be termed like baseball, does when the the PLAYER touching the ball has “errors”.
    Ok how about when reicever drops a catchable ball its called a “bumble”

  26. One thing is sure – Anderson cannot play bad enough to lose the quarterback job to Quinn. If Sunday’s performance didn’t get Quinn another chance, what will? Don’t give me that crap about the fact that they “won” the game, the Bills had to play their worst game this year for the Browns to have a chance to win it late. Just wait and see what Anderson does against a team with a NFL quality defense like the Steelers this week.

  27. I have to be honest here, I just think it is so hypocritical of analysts, so-called football fans and reporters to put the 2-17 performance on Anderson!
    Daffy87 said it best, you can’t physically make a receiver catch a ball!
    Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger are quarterbacks who will sling one in and their receivers make plays on the ball! Especially Brett Favre, the camera can’t keep up with his throws! Whether it’s the Jets, Vikings or Packers – all analysts and reporters would always say – “The receivers need to adjust!”
    I just think it is so lame how people talk about touch and accuracy! I have seen D.A. put them on the money so many times to Edwards and he would “BUBMBLE” the ball away!
    I have seen Roethlisberger throw up a garbage pass and his receivers 9 times out of 10 will make a play on the ball!
    I am a Browns fan, I like Brady Quinn, I thought our defense has played well for the last 2 games, to where now they are starting to get an identity for themselves, and I am glad to see we had two back to back 100yd rushers! You can’t do anything in the NFL wihtout a running game!
    D. A. is not all to blame on that terrible performance!

  28. Everyone is blaming Anderson’s bad day on the drops. There may be some truth to this, but consider this: how many great QB’s have their recievers drop a lot of passes? There is a lot more to making a good pass than have it wind up in the general vicinity of the reciever. Loft, angle, timing, touch, all come into play in giving the reciever the best chance to make the reception.
    I didn’t see this game, fortunately, but that number (9 drops on 17 passes) is so out of whack that I have a hard time believing this was solely the reciever’s fault. When was the last time Peyton Manning, with his now very young reciever corps, had OVER HALF his passes for a game dropped?

  29. I signed up to post in this thread, the worst decision ever was to bench Quinn, he was 6 for 8 7 for 8 against the ravens, he only had 40 yards but he was working towards building something, look at Peyton’s first full year as a starter, he was horrid, but he learned the defenses, and how to play, DA had his time, and could not do it, Quinn was never given the chance to play. However the good news is the Steelers are gonna walk all over the browns again, so I can’t complain too much huh….

  30. callmecougar says:
    October 13, 2009 12:21 AM
    I shaved my balls for this
    It seems that it doesn’t take much to set off this little ( no pun intended ) exercise of yours. Are you a football fan or simply a goof? Careful now, you’ll make your little pee pee sore. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.

  31. It’s not a surprise that in the 2 games with Anderson starting the Browns have had someone rush for over 100 yards in both games against good defenses. Having him at QB loosens the defense up because they have to respect his arm and it opens up the run a bit. Anderson is better at this point and I’m glad Mangini didn’t switch mid-game again. Pick a guy and go. Continuous switching only makes the players think you dunno what you’re doing, and it ruins the timing and chemistry between the guys who were starting. Keep anderson starting.

  32. DUH!! Anderson is sooo garbage…watch he’ll be shitty for a few more weeks, then once Randy has saved his money on the quinn escalators, quinn will promptly be put back in the starting role, only to get demolished by the Bear D.

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