Fines not expected for Broncos sock-twisting

Multiple Broncos players had a new twist for the vertically-striped socks on their throwback uniforms.

They twisted them.

The maneuver, performed most noticeably by receiver Jabar Gaffney, might have induced nausea if the color scheme of the uniforms hadn’t already done the trick.

Many of you have asked whether the players who did it will be fined, so we asked NFL spokesman Greg Aiello whether the barber-pole effect is a violation of league rules.

“It will be a close shave,” Aiello said.  (Well played, Aiello.  Well played.)

Aiello then added, only a bit more seriously, that the players will not be fined unless it can be definitively proven that the Broncos never twisted their socks when wearing the uniforms in question.

Bottom line?  The league probably wasn’t thrilled with the maneuver, but even the Park Avenue fashion police surely realize that there’s a limit to the public’s tolerance of fining players for their efforts to inject a hint of individuality or creativity into the game.

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20 responses to “Fines not expected for Broncos sock-twisting

  1. The sock-twisting went well with the stomach-twisting those uniforms induced. Thankfully they weren’t playing the Seahawks – that would have been too much to take.
    The Broncos uniforms get my vote for absolute worst professional sport uniform, ever, anywhere. Thankfully color TV was very rare in 1961.

  2. The NFL should be fined for how sickening ugly those Broncos throwbacks were. The twisted socks were an appropriate way of making fun of them.
    BTW, congrats to the Broncs for beating NE. Once the “mighty” Pats stopped getting every close call (or should-have-been-no call) flagged in their favor they suddenly didn’t look so “mighty” did they?

  3. I liked the twist look. If the league is going to force Denver to wear those hideous things, why not twist the socks?

  4. I saw a couple of guys that after getting tackled had their socks twisted, so no fines. The players could only be fined if it is proved that they purposefully twisted them and it didn’t happen during warmups, stretching, or tackling/getting tackled.
    Socks twist on ankle tackles or when sliding across the grass.
    No big deal. But I wonder where the articles are about Miles Austin getting horsecollared or Romo getting speared in the head by the KC LB’er.
    Actual fineable offenses get no press, only socks.

  5. Twisted or not those socks were very distracting. It got so bad for me I had to switch to the NASCAR race for a break.

  6. Unfortunately, the uniforms weren’t the most stomach churning thing on the field – that would have been the Patriots defense.

  7. Those were not throw backs they were either throw outs or Throw ups
    Doubt even the most faithful Denver fans will be flocking to the store to buy those ugly things
    I do have to admit I always did like the old pats logo

  8. Baghdad Bob Pereirra is more concerned about “twisting” the truth on his next appearance of the NFL’s own mouthpiece network about their refs and their rules and how they will exploit the wording of these rules to control momentum and decide who wins from week to week.

  9. I saw a video (on NFL Network on Saturday) from Broncos’ practice on Friday where Gaffney pulled the same stunt with the socks.
    If the NFL “wasn’t thrilled” with it, why didn’t they pull the plug on it on Saturday or Sunday before the game? Who cares about such stuff?
    And honestly, why are the Broncos throwbacks worse than the Dallas Texans “just plain red (pay attention when adjusting your TV sets)”? Or the Patriots “everytime we wear em, we get our buts kicked just like the ol’ times?”

  10. Really bigblue? You actually like the old patriot logo? I think it’s one of the top 5 worst pro sports logos ever. It’s really pretty fruity. I believe “Patriot Pat” and “Bucco Bruce” were “life partners”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  11. The NFL has carried this player fine situation to absurdity.
    they should get their priorities straight and fix a few other things wrong with the league instead of wasting time on issues like this.
    Pathetic, but certainly predictable.

  12. “I do have to admit I always did like the old pats logo”
    No surprise there. It’s the gayest logo ever, even more gay than the Bucs’ old logo.

  13. “No surprise there. It’s the gayest logo ever, even more gay than the Bucs’ old logo.”
    But not as gay as the Crackboys use of an old school label maker to put players names on the back of their helmuts.

  14. I started out the game hating the Broncos uniforms and ended up loving them. I think they should consider keeping them.
    One thing about them is the the QB never has a doubt where his players are on the field and that might be a good thing.
    The unforms I can’t stand are Tampa Bay and Seattle.

  15. I’m sick of all this throw back Crap. Its 16 freakin games. I’d like the teams I root for and against each week to look the same week after week.
    The Uniforms establish an identity. They should be changed only when a team wants to make a statement that they are not the same old same old. Like the Lions wanting to but 0-16 behind them. Or the Falcons wanting to make a statement when Blank bought them or the Vick mess was over.
    Do the throw backs every few years

  16. The socks and pants werent too friendly to look at, but the jerseys were vintage i liked them. I just ordered myself a knowshon jersey, cannt wait!

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