Fins, Browns almost swapped Brown, Edwards

As receiver Braylon Edwards prepares for his first game as a member of the New York Jets, Edwards could have been playing in this game as a member of the Miami Dolphins.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Browns and the Dolphins were talking in the offseason about a trade that would have sent Edwards to Miami for running back Ronnie Brown.

As Schefter points out, Brown was the second overall pick in the 2005 draft — and Edwards was the third.

Making this even more interesting is that, on draft day 2005, some Dolphins employees were convinced that the team would be taking Edwards with the first draft pick of the Nick Saban regime.  Folks were surprised to learn that the pick was Brown.

It’s unknown whether Saban changed his mind, or whether he was intentionally sending out phony smoke signals within his own building in order to conceal his actual plan.

22 responses to “Fins, Browns almost swapped Brown, Edwards

  1. of course you did he doesn’t break stories he just regurgitates what sportscenter says 15 minutes later haha

  2. Wow, so the Browns had a chance at Ronnie Brown and instead ended up with Stuckey, Trusnick, a 3rd and 5th rounder? That’s like almost getting a porterhouse steak and ending up with a sloppy joe.

  3. Wow, this really ticks me off, I would have much rather had a running back like Ronnie Brown, over Chansi Stuckey WR, Jason Trusnik LB (a Special Teams Ace) and two draft picks, a third rounder and a fifth rounder. Brown could’ve been just what the Dr. ordered. Lewis just doesn’t have it anymore, he doesn’t hit the hole like he used to period, Harrison??? I mean maybe, but he is def not an every down back. I love what Davis did in the preseason, but as soon as the reg season started he got hurt and really hasn’t played since. The Browns need a good backfield option. Although, I guess it doesn’t matter anyways if you don’t have anyone that can open holes the holes for a back to begin with. I am just so unbelievably frustrated with this team !!!!!! Mangini sucks and he hasn’t done crap for this football team !!! I can’t wait til this tub o lard gets fired !!!! I am a die hard Browns fan through and through and I will never give up on them, and jump on another team’s bandwagon, but damn this is frustrating to see this over and over again !! Lerner please sell the team to someone that knows football, so the Browns can stop being the laughing stock of the entire NFL !!! Right now, it’s the Chiefs, Rams, Lions, Bills and Browns fighting for the worst team in the league !!! Haha, yeah we won this past weekend, what a joke, DA 2/17 for 23 Yards and an Interception, please tell me this isn’t our QB of the future, Quinn deserves another shot, I mean cmon !!! Quinn deserves to play at least 6-10 Games so that he can at least start to get the speed of the game down, he just needs some time and doesn’t need to have someone breathing down his neck every second. This kid has never gotten a fair shake whatsoever, he may not be the answer but he really does deserve more than 3 games to prove it. I am just over this damn organization and the way that they operate. It’s ridiculous!! Ok, I am done venting, thank you PFT

  4. “How do the Browns not make this trade in the offseason?”
    Mangenius, indeed.

  5. That’s a nice kick in the balls to the Dolphins and Ronnie Brown.
    Way to go, Shitfer, you douche bag.

  6. @ Wood the GOAT – BECAUSE they are the Browns, that’s why. As Browns fans we see first hand the ineptitude of this once proud organization.

  7. You would’ve thought Al Davis would’ve been incompetent enough to swap either Michael Bush or Justin Fargas and draft picks for Lebron hater Edwards. I kept shamelessly promoting this, just like the Cheeseheads are currently pumping their low-ball theoreticals involving Julius Peppers and Joe Thomas. Puhlease. If they want Peppers, they can try to overpay him in the offseason, as Carolina can’t possibly be insane enough to franchise him for the duration this time around.

  8. Cleveland doesn’t need Ronnie Brown, they just need to use Cribbs like Miami uses Brown. If I’m bad team like Cleveland I take a 3rd, 5th and two servicable, affordble starters for a guy with 12 games left anyday.

  9. @Bucknut
    What “once proud organization”? You mean the one that resides in Baltimore and has a Super Bowl trophy that should have been yours? That “once proud organization” and not that shit expansion club that’s there now? Was that the one you were referring to?

  10. edalgleish, you’re a loser. Go cheer for someone else. You just got done bagging on Lewis and Harrison and the O-Line, meanwhile they each have 100 yard games in the last 2 weeks.
    You Quinn lovers are all the same, blame everyone else because your Golden Boy flat-out sucks.
    Remember how 20 teams passed on him in the draft? Didn’t think so.
    People like you give knowledgeable Browns fans a bad reputation.

  11. Where in the story does it say that the Browns did something to ruin the deal? Just said they were in talks to do it. For all we know the Dolphins could have been wanting more than just Braylon. More importantly, who cares? It didn’t happen.

  12. Thank you Coop….as a fellow Brown fan it’s nice to see someone else who isn’t a complete insane person.

  13. Wow, Ronnie Brown may even be a better receiver than Edwards. Hard to believe they contemplated this one. Of course, Edwards might blossom given a chance to get out of an armpit of the NFL like Cleveland. Sorry, Browns fans. It was like Moss at Oakland. Can someone please design a better Cleveland uniform please? And put SOMETHING on the helmet? Ugh!

  14. (On if the Ronnie Brown trade rumors can be put to bed) – “We can put them to bed. It’s funny, before the draft, you have a lot of people calling you, a lot of people calling you, and somehow those things take on a life of their own. I’ll give you an example: someone calls me and says ‘any players available by trade?,’ and I say ‘yeah, they are all available for a price.” Someone might have said ‘does that include Ronnie?,’ and I said ‘like I said, they are all available.’ I don’t know if someone took that and ran with it, but we are not looking to trade Ronnie Brown – you can write that.”…7ireland2.html
    this is just ESPN trying to get the game more spiced up; stupid rumor miami would never do it if they wanted edwards they could’ev had him with a 1st or 2nd round pick.

  15. I’m sure the reason it didnt happen was because the dolphins are not stupid. Saban made a good call. I’m also sure the Braylon rumors before the draft were a smokescreen because Saban is a deceptive guy… and the devil.

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