Niners dump Rossum

The San Francisco 49ers have released veteran defensive back/kick returner Allen Rossum.

In lieu of signing another player as they enter their bye week, the 49ers have lifted the roster exemption that applied to rookie receiver Michael Crabtree.

The Niners could have carried 54 men on the roster through the bye week, but the team would have been required to pay them all.  Amid rumors that the 49ers are struggling financially, every dollar saved is money in the bank.

Rossum, a vested veteran, becomes a free agent.  If the 49ers had waited until next Wednesday or later to cut Rossum, he would have been required to pass through waivers.

A 12-year veteran, Rossum has played for the Eagles, Packers, Falcons, and Steelers.

UPDATE:  As a reader points out, Rossum will be entitled to collect the balance of his salary as termination pay, so they really gain nothing by cutting Rossum — if he has not previously exercised his right to collect termination pay.  So, basically, the 49ers gained nothing by cutting Rossum now instead of doing it next week.

11 responses to “Niners dump Rossum

  1. Florio-Please note that since he is a vested veteran his salary is guaranteed!-so doesn’t matter either way they have to pay him……..

  2. Lots of 49ers’ fans are NOT happy about this. Rossum played great for us last year, frequently providing nice returns, and taking one to the house on Monday Night Football. It was nice to not have to hold our breath once we were set to return a punt.
    The guys who will replace him, frankly, are not dangerous in the return game and already have a history of fumbling.

  3. Im not a fan of Walker or Battle returning kicks, but putting Crabtree back there will get his feet wet along with running some routes here and there. Should get him used to NFL speed a bit faster. Gonna miss Rossum though. Niners probably let him go this week to allow him to be a free agent instead of having to go through waivers and end up on the Raiders

  4. Florio, they probably cut him now, giving him more time to shop his services to the other 31 teams. That’d be something positive to write, though, and that’s apparently out of the question.

  5. “Amid rumors that the 49ers are struggling financially, every dollar saved is money in the bank”.
    I understand that attendance is down due to the economy, but with ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX paying about a combined $3 Billion dollars per year for the right to carry the games how in the wide wide world of sports are teams struggling when they get about $90 million dollars each from T.V. revenue alone ?

  6. They had nothing to gain, except maybe they were trying to give the guy more time to latch on with another team (if there are any takers)…
    Agree with Wellsee – cut Bly’s ass now.

  7. I was surprised when they signed Bly in the first place…i guess Singletary hasn’t had a look at that game tape yet.
    Let’s hope getting Gore back, having a week off and a little bit Crabtree can get us back on track..

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