Raheem says coaches "got our faces ripped off"

A day after the Bucs fell to 0-5 in the same year that someone thought it would be a good idea to fire Jon Gruden and replace him with a guy in his early 30s who was never a coordinator nor an NFL player, the man who became the new head coach of the team suggested that the entire coaching staff received some pointed criticism on Monday.

“We had our coaches meeting this morning,” Raheem Morris said Monday, per JoeBucsFan.com.  “We got our faces ripped off as a coaching staff, me included.”

It’s unclear who delivered the message, but it sounds like it didn’t come from Morris.  If it was someone else, it could have been G.M. Mark Dominik, or it could have been someone from the ownership level.

Either way, the “face ripped off” comment from Morris didn’t make its way into the quotes that were distributed by the team via e-mail.

Several of you have asked whether Morris might already be on the hot seat, in his first season on the job.  The broader question is whether the Glazers would entertain the thought of hiring a new coach while buying out both Morris and Gruden.

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  1. Why should they rip your faces off? Your team sucks and your owners suck. There should be congratulations all around just for taking the field against Philly…

  2. I wouldn’t read too much in to this. It could be as simple as they were listening to a J. Geils Live Album at their coaches meeting.

  3. “The broader question is whether the Glazers would entertain the thought of hiring a new coach while buying out both Morris and Gruden.”
    Well it’s not like they spend any money on the players.

  4. The coaches got ripped because the front office let Gruden go and they regret it….
    Gruden has to be laughing his a$$ off!!!

  5. What’s up with all these guaranteed contracts? I can see it maybe for a proven coach, but these young coaches who have proven nothing? Just like should a rookie who’s never stepped on an NFL field make the kind of money top 10 picks make? Who’s for a slotting system for the draft and non-guaranteed salaries for coaches. After all, how much is Shanahan getting paid by Denver NOT to coach? Crazy stupid.

  6. Truly all of the downfall of Tampa demonstrates the greatness of Dungy – perhaps he did fail to push them over the top, but he built that team and Gruden delivered the cherry on top – but come on… it’s TAMPA BAY here, ugly jerseys or not.

  7. Bucs have a pretty tough schedule.
    Only 3-4 games remaining that are winnable:
    Carolina twice
    Seattle (only if Hasselbeck isn’t playing)
    The rest of the way:
    Jets, Saints twice, Falcons twice, Patriots (in London….poor London gets another junk game), and Green Bay.

  8. Dominik doesn’t have the authority to rip into anyone. The Glazers didn’t rip into Raheem – they put him there so they’d have an excuse for being $35M under the cap.
    I think Raheem was either saying that the coaches got their faces ripped off by the Eagles staff during the game, or he was simply making shit up. Could be either.
    I feel bad for him. He was set up to fail.

  9. i said this from the moment it happened. gruden was a good coach, this move made zero sense. horrible move. they want youth, well frigin gruden was in his 40’s, already has won a super bowl and is considered one of the better coaches in the game. dumb ass tampa is back, they might as well change their uniforms back. seriously. this is amazing to me.

  10. The Bucs are a victim of a hard schedule, new coaching staff and a young team. Micheal Clayton would not be a #2 let alone a #3 on any other roster in the league, but the Bucs gave this guy a $25 million extension with $10 guaranteed in the off season. Unbeleivable!
    If Raheem “got his face ripped off” by any one other than him ripping the faces off of his staff then he really is way over his head. Josh Johnson looks pretty good though, but the Bucs will bench him and start Josh Freeman by season end. It’s going to be a long season for the Bucs.

  11. If you’re gonna hire a young inexperienced coach, you had better have a top notch coaching staff. They no longer have defensive guru Monte Kiffen, who left to join son Lane Kiffen at Univ. of Tennessee, and the loss shows. Raheem Morris is just sadly in over his head.

  12. I thought Johnson looked pretty good yesterday considering Faine was out and Mahan was just collecting a check – he sure wasn’t blocking anyone and that hike to Johnson on the QB sneak showed that his brain was 3 or 4 seconds ahead of the play. “oh gees oh gees I hate this – I’m gonna get hit”
    There wouldn’t have been the desperation if Clayton had earned his check too and figured out that a ball thrown his way should remain in his grasp after he catches it. It’s not a frigging hot potato you idiot!
    With Faine back and maybe Clayton benched the Bucs could have a slim chance to win a freaking game against the Panthers this week but I choose to view life through rose colored glasses. Go Bucs!

  13. Even the Fords think the Bucs suck!
    Even Al Davis is laughing at Tampa.
    Eric Mangini is thanking his lucky stars that he isn’t coaching the Bucs.
    Matt Millen is shaking his head about just how lousy the Bucs are.
    All I can say is that Tampa is getting what they deserve for firing one of the best coaches in the NFL – that’s right, I’m talking about Chucky!
    Now they can join the ranks of da Raidahs, the Browns and the Chiefs (and soon, the Chargers) for being greedy and getting rid of a solid coaching staff in favor of the flavor of the day.
    Tampa – the new Detroit.

  14. Here’s a thought. Tampa brings Dungy back next year. Dungy gives his buddy Andy Reid a high draft pick for Michael Vick whom he parked for a year with the Eagles.

  15. Bet they’re missing Chucky and Kiffen now. Fools.
    RVeit – Miami is not a winnable game for Tampa. They cannot stop Ricky & Ronnie and they have no passing game so how can they exploit Miami’s weakness? Not going to happen.

  16. i just want to say that i know the bucs stink this year, probbly will for the next few. Out Defense not only went down hill, but beat jack and jill down it. Raheem replacing Gruden Is Stupidity in Management.. I think now that we are here we should pull a Dallas, by that i mean laying down to get players in the draft like Emmit or Aikman. Buc managent here our cries, release the idiots calling plays and please give us revamped defense

  17. I feel bad for Raheem. He couldn’t turn down the job, but he was not qualified for the job. Maybe many of us have been hired in a situation where we go “Gulpppp”, can i pull this off? this is too big. What can you do?

  18. The Glazer’s listen to the players complain about Gruden and believed it. They did not listen to Gruden and his coaching staff period.
    This is the reason why all of this happened.
    Raheem is a joke, Micheal Clayton’s a joke, Byron Leftwich a joke. Jon Gruden should have never been let go. The team was headed in the right direction under Gruden. What a shame!

  19. Firing Gruden was a terrible idea… Listening to the underacheiving players on why the team colapsed last year was an even worse idea.
    The Michael Clayton and Gaines Adams project is failing just as miserably as the Raheem Morris project.
    We have some bright spots starting with Josh Johnson. But the team is beginning to play like they don’t believe they can win.
    It’s a damn shame what has become of our beloved team in one offseason.

  20. I think Morris and Bates and Dominik are just stop gaps for this massive amount of bleeding. No way any of these guys are gonna fix anything. Lots of wasted potential on this team and lots of good players thrown away. Maybe one of the most mishandled situations I’ve seen. Lions 2.0? Not sure why everyone was so excited about these 3 anyway. Bates has never anything special, Morris, the poor guy never should’ve been the head coach in the first place. The only reason he got it was because it was the trendy thing to do, hire a young coach. And Dominik, well he can be blamed for about 95% of this mess since he’s the one that makes the real moves. What a way to screw up year one! 😀 Btw as a Saints fan I can’t wait to stomp you, but Payton isn’t going to run up the score. This season against the Lions he slacked up towards the end when the game was long decided.

  21. the bucs suck, get a better experianced coaching staff send claton on his way get a real recever or 2. start using gram more or ur going to lose catilac (from an injury its been provin time n time again, u keep playin him a lot hes gonna get hurt) good job barber/talib, safeties/LB’s u need to man up n stop being wussies n make a darn tackle. Bucs need a hell of alot better pass def. than what they got or games like philly are gonna just keep on happening. Oh n what about ur field goal kicker he better produce cause u would have a win right now if u still had briant.

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