Raiders weren't interested in Vick

When Gregg Rosenthal pointed out last night the comments from NBC’s Tony Dungy regarding his advice that quarterback Mike Vick not sign with the Raiders, Rosenthal reasonably surmised that Dungy’s comments implied that the Raiders were interested.

I advised Michael Vick not to go there,” Dungy said during Football Night In America.  “I said, ‘Mike, you might be
able to start there but that is not a good place for you.'”

But Dungy never said that the Raiders were interested in Vick.  And a league source tells us that the Raiders weren’t interested in Vick.

It appears that Vick was compiling a list of potential destinations, and that Dungy advised Vick to cross the Raiders off the list — regardless of whether the Raiders ever or never came calling.

Still, Dungy’s comments are being interpreted as an indication that Oakland was an option for Vick.  And our current understanding is that it wasn’t.

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  1. As much as I hate Ron Mexico, who here wouldn’t agree that he’d be an instant big improvement over JaMarcus Russell? Even with 2 1/2 years of rust, his passing couldn’t be any worse.

  2. Florio, you lose. There is no way that Dungy’s comments meant the Raiders were after Vick. This is a story only by error. Penalize yourself plenty of yards, fine yourself a bucket of money, and sit in the rain for three days. OK, now you’re cool again.

  3. Really it’s just further condemnation of Oakland. Jeff Garcia asked to be cut. Think about that – he’s rather not play than play for them. That’s kind of sad… They are widely regarded as the place players go to die. Their owner is portrayed as either a senile old man or an out right lunatic. Their fans are die-hard fans – more power to them. When is someone going to come out and put a bullet in this franchise – it’s been a joke and embarrassment for years. Heck – their owner makes Dan Snyder look like a cool and calculating man. What a joke. Dungy didn’t want him to go there because he knew that it was a bad environment, with a bad football team, all being run (into the ground) by a bad owner.

  4. Of course the Raiders weren’t interested in Vick.
    He’s way too good of player for them to be interested.

  5. Of course they weren’t interested in signing Vick, he might actually be capable of leading them to some wins; something Jamarclown can’t seem to comprehend.
    Florio, maybe you should write an article on just how bad this guy really is; you know some in depth analysis regarding statistical things…oh wait there are no stats regarding him other than he loses games. Nevermind, I will keep my mouth shut.

  6. They didn’t want him. He didn’t want to go there. What’s the big deal and where is the story ?

  7. Puh lease, this sounds exactly like al davis pulled himself out of the crypt to put the brakes on the embarrassing tidbit, that, not even a convicted felon would want to play for davis and the raiders.
    How much do you guys want to bet that the league source is a raider front office employee?
    The raiders always deny everything and in the end we find out they were lying about whatever they were denying. Yawn, they wanted mike vick and mike didn’t want them. Al didn’t like hearing that so he had one of his puppets say they never wanted mike. Pathetic. That’s it in a artshell, i meant nutshell. Trust me, that’s what happened.
    You know it’s sad mike when i’m doing your job for you……Oh, wait, you do nothing but steal stories from reputable web sites so i guess nothings new on the “someone else doing your job” front, huh?
    Go vagiants….sike.

  8. The Raiders are so sorry ass, why would anybody want to play there? Vick writing off the Raiders is no surprise at all….

  9. I think that this is kind of a non-story on the surface. But upon further review, this is actually a very funny story concerning the inept Raiders.
    Think about it: So Tony Dungy was talking to Mike Vick about possible ways to get back into the NFL. Vick just got the ankle bracelet off and was able to go to the grocery store for the first time since 2007. Or they may have even talked about it while the ankle bracelet was still on.
    So Dungy actually came out to Vick and said “I know that you are desperate to play in the NFL and make a living again… and you’re a convicted felon now and all… but if those Raiders come a’calling…” and he tells him to turn them down. LOL!
    Imagine if the Raiders were the only ones interested! That means that possibly… just possibly… Mike Vick would have turned the Oakland Raiders down to start for the Florida Tuskers!
    So the Raiders feel slighted and say that they weren’t even interested in Vick. LOL! That means that they are perfectly happy with the output of their QB. And that they believe that their backup is better than Vick. What football people!
    Oh, and by the way… when is their head coach going to be arraigned?

  10. I am a die hard Raider fan and proud to say that but please its not the players here its ownership yes i agree with alot of people its the owner

  11. Sure they were not interested in Vick…they were not interested in hiring a real coach, drafting a true top five player, or making a change until Uncle Al kicks the bucket….I feel sorry for the players that are GOOD NFL veterans cause their careers may be destroyed by being apart of that aweful organization….Waiting to hear the real Howie Long comment on Da Raida’s fall!!!!!

  12. The Raiders can’t be trusted with any of their personnel decisions or indecisions, what with Al Davis calling all the shots. That said, Vick joining the 2009 Raiders would have been a disaster. Really, this season with the Eagles is about his getting back into football shape and beginning the road back to at least respectability. The Vick story would have only worked on another Raiders team, not the current one. This organization has become enough of a circus without Vick thrown into the mix. The Sporting News article on the whole Cable vs Hanson brouhaha is a depressing read. It makes you realize just how much of a quagmire the Raiders are in. When the Napa Valley DA files formal charges against Cable, things should become totally unhinged. I don’t think there’s anyone in the legal profession or law enforcement who believes that felony charges won’t be filed. Cable needs to go to legalzoom soon.
    At least this will provide good ‘ol Al with the excuse to sever ties with the coach. Then he can elevate another puppet from within to coach the team the rest of the way. And he can use this as his excuse for the never ending car crash which is the Oakland Raiders post 2003 era.
    Yesterday’s game was the lowest point I can remember since the brief Joe Bugel era of the team. Al Davis needs to bring Ron Wolf out of retirement to serve as a transitionary consultant or something. A GM has to be found from outside the organization, as well as a new head coach, along with HIS staff, also from outside the current organization.
    What were we talking about? Michael Vick? Trust me, that’s the LAST thing that the Nation is currently scuttlebutting.

  13. No shiite Sherlock.
    My first comment when you wrote that drivel this AM. The Raiders are not hiring turds. You all say how T.O., Pacman, Vick, Tank Johnson, etc. are “Natural Raiders” when they are free agents.
    BS, and based on nothing other than your incapacitating hate and bias.
    We have some problems, but one of then is not the hiring of questionable character.

  14. So along with every Tom, Dick and Harry that has a pulse and is on PFT, I can now add Dungy to the list of a-holes that offer unsolicited Raider bashing. Good to know.

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