Vikings-Rams one-liners

The Vikings scored a quick 14 points to set the tone for what wound up as a 38-10 victory.

Vikings S Tyrell Johnson made several big plays, including an interception in the end zone

Vikings DE Jared Allen recovered two fumbles, and returned one 52 yards for a touchdown.

Artis Hicks started at right tackle for the Vikings in place of Phil Loadholt, and held Rams DE Leonard Little in check.

Vikings WR Sidney Rice continued his strong play with three catches for 61 yards.

The Rams gained 400 yards, but turned the ball over four times in Vikings territory, with three coming inside the red zone.

Said Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, “We could go into the
film room and pick out 30 plays and just look at those 30 and say the Rams
should have won that football game. But it’s not like that. You count all of

QB Marc Bulger was forced into action after Kyle Boller was forced to leave the game because of a blow to the head.

Rams wide receivers combined for 15 catches, 172 yards and a touchdown during Sunday’s game.

Rams LB James Laurinitis had an interception and chased down WR Percy Harvin 22 yards downfield for a tackle.

For more on the Vikings and Rams, Mike Florio has the full Morning Aftermath right here.

13 responses to “Vikings-Rams one-liners

  1. The lowly Rams had over 400 yrds on that porous and rotten viking defense.
    When the vikings eventually get to big games their losses will not be Brett Favre’s fault but their leaky can’t-stop-anyone defense.

  2. If the Vikes end up going to the Superbowl with Farve I think I’ll be forced to avoid all media for the months of January and February. I think I’ll even have to turn the volume down while I watch the playoffs and the Superbowl. I simply won’t be able to take the unrelenting Farve=God mega-hype-fest.

  3. bob, you’re a tool. only you’d expect them to pull out all the stops against the rams. especially since the entire second half was pretty much garbage time, and the only td they had was against a reserve corner(paymah) who was playing the #1 spot.
    they took the rams as serious as they had to, and that was it.
    next 3 games will tell us all what the vikes are really about…

  4. 400 yards, yes. But only about 275 against the first string. The last 125-150 was against a line that had Brian Robison, Fred Evans and Jimmy Kennedy. Backup CBs as well. So I wouldn’t worry too much about that.
    Hey Aaron Rodgers threw all over them but I’m pretty sure the Vikings still won that game.

  5. That rotten defense that had 8 sacks against GB?
    that rotten defense that caused 2 trunovers?
    30-14 with 7 minutes left in the game and the defense took thier foot off the gas. That defense?
    2.5 games back already.
    As for the Rams, the game was over after the Vikings 1st drive in the 3rd quarter. At that point it was 24-3.
    Coasting to 38-10.
    Sven said it right, garbage time for most of the 2nd half.
    You are just pissy because the “vaunted” Packers had trouble putting this sad sack team away.
    Bob, you should be banned for your pure stupidity alone.

  6. The Vikes’ LBs played like crap, and the team remains vulnerable to the short passing game. The next 3 games will be pretty telling. Well, at least the games against the Ravens and Steelers will be — they’re not .500 teams.

  7. Chickenfoot,
    Your comments make stupidity look even smart. The same 8 sacks were also against a makeshift offensive line that moved a guard to LT, center to LG and backup center from the bench playing on the road in a noisy stadium. Let’s not forget that. It’s a pretty key point you seem to forget.
    Interesting that the Queen’s “let their foot off the gas” with that much time left in the game and only up by 14 points. Even more interesting as you assert was that Childress was the one who called for that 45 yd pass. That’s definitely letting off the gas….

  8. The Vikings defense has been fine. By my unofficial count, their defense has given up 52 points during the competitive portions of their 5 games this season. This is an average of less than 11 points per game.
    I am not counting special teams TD’s given up or the TD the offense gave up. I am not counting TD’s given up to opponents during the 4th quarter when the lead is over 15.
    So yeah, stats can tell you a lot of different things. But the Vikes D has been just fine so far this season.

  9. whatthehelldidtou put inyourass:
    All I seem to hear out of you is excuses.
    Give it a rest. Excuses are forlosers and only losers make excuses.
    On to your other ” stellar point”.
    The DEFENSE let off the gas by going to a soft zone.
    I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you know the difference between offense and defense……I think I may be giving you too much credit though.
    Do you even have a reading comprehension level above a 2nd grade level?
    And you have the gall to call me stupid?
    If you knew your ass from your elbow, I’d be suprised.
    You should quit while you are way behind.
    You are an asshat and you know it.

  10. Congrats to the Vikings on being 5-0. Quite a run they’ve put together so far.
    Two much tougher games coming up though. Should be interesting to see what happens against stiffer competition. Not taking anything away from them, you are what your record says you are, but they have had it pretty easy up to this point.

  11. Viking haters just looking stupid trying to find big holes in our team at this point. Chew on this chuds: Lets see…5-0 1st in NFL with 18 sacks. Tied 1st forced fumbles.3rd in give and take at 8-3. Only team in NFL to not allow a rushing TD(yah you read right)..those boys get tough in the red zone. Junk yards all you got haters?? pathetic
    Favre really getting to know his receivers. 5 players with 3 catches or more yesterday.Receiver corp looking on point,getting better all the time.We 2nd in NFL at 3rd down con. at 48.6% and a lot of those no weanie 3 yarders. Lines protecting Brett better and yes we got AD pinheads.
    Those just stats but 5-0 isn’t easy in the NFL so enough we didn’t play anyone. I’m lickin’ my chops at the Ravens 26th rated pass D, 6-0 soon.

  12. Not a soul in the NFL could chase Percy Harvin 20 yards down field and catch him. Get your facts straight dude.
    If Harvin started in the South endzone and Lauranitis started at the 50 yard line, Harvin would bat him to the North endzone.

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