Bears rookie faces assault charges

For nearly a year, the possibility of criminal charges has been looming over Bears guard Lance Louis arising from an alleged incident that occurred while he was still a member of the San Diego State University football team.

Now, Louis has been charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly beating up teammate Nick Sandford, who still plays for the Aztecs.  Louis faced possible felony charges, but the lesser charges ultimately were filed.

Sandford suffered a concussion, broken eardrum, and fractured cheekbone as a result of the incident.

Louis is due to be arraigned on October 23.  He faces up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Since the incident occurred before Louis entered the NFL, he possibly will not be subject to discipline under the Personal Conduct Policy.  The league, as we recall it, has applied different approaches to this issue in the past.  So, Aiello, save us a spot in your e-mailbox.

17 responses to “Bears rookie faces assault charges

  1. “… concussion, broken eardrum, and fractured cheekbone …”
    I guess death might bring a felony assault charge?

  2. Good thing the NFL is so concerned about the moral character of the owners. Otherwise people might think they let anybody in the club…oh wait…never mind.

  3. 300lbs+ gorilla beats up a little defensive back…causing signifigant bodily damage…and only gets a misdemeanor???

  4. Who would draft a player who once seriously battered a TEAMMATE? Future chemistry problems, maybe? Sure, cue the Steve Smith jokes, but they knew about this in advance and still went there?

  5. where is al sharpton on this… oh… never mind.
    where is jesse jackson on this… oh… never mind.
    where is keith olbermann on this… oh… never mind.
    where is barack hussein obama soetoro on this… oh… never mind.
    where is bob irsay on this… oh… never mind.

  6. One man lost his temper and did terrible things. Vick planned and enjoyed what he did until he got caught and denied it. They said last month that brother Marcus threw a cat in the river and it did not make it to the other side.

  7. slipkid says:
    October 13, 2009 9:19 PM
    We already know where Limbaugh is.
    At the all-night pharmacy drive-thru.

  8. This can’t be right. Must be a mistake. Dewey has been on here many times telling us that only the Vikes draft this kind of player, not the perfectly clean Bears. Also, Dewey is never wrong, just read his essays on here, (if you have time to plow through the gunk and recently searched long words)

  9. Charges filed 15 days after the incident could relate to the charges being dropped to a misdemeanor.
    Wonder if a newly signed NFL contract might have anything to do with it.

  10. Yea, the Bears drafted a guy with some history of being an idiot, but you know what?
    He was a 7th round pick.
    Teams have done worse with 7th round picks, so I don’t know that anybody needs to make a big deal about this selection. He’s a huge guard who can move his feet, and the Bears are (predictably) among the worst in the NFL at rushing, both in yards per carry and yards/game. If the incident happened on a practice field, it’s probably the case of an immature 19-20 year-old not recognizing his own strength when he let his temper get waaay carried away.

  11. Sow:
    Nice justification. Since he fills a need it’s ok to draft him? But you Bear and packer fans still feel the need to bring up the Vikings transgressions and that’s ok?
    Nope, sorry, that shit doesn’t fly.
    On the plus side, we may not see DeweyAsswound today.

  12. Chickenfoot:
    Nice generalization. I especially like the part where you accuse me of criticizing the character issues of players the Vikings draft when that’s absolutely not the case. Don’t stuff crap into my mouth that I never said.
    I’m willing to bet over 90% of 7th round draft picks get cut within a year of being drafted. If the only thing that prevented a guy from going in the earlier 6th rounds was a looming personal issue that has a chance of being resolved, well, it’s better than taking a player who has no shot in hell to make the team.
    And if you are interested, my opinion of Percy Harvin is simple: I think the hype is overblown because I don’t think the ceiling for his NFL career is much higher than that of Antwan Randle El. His personal choices aren’t ideal, but better that his drug issues were outed now rather than wait for him to have a productive season a few years down the road then have him turn all Koren Robinson on you like on the Seahawks.

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