Bengals bounce Brad St. Louis

After the Bengals’ most recent game, a victory that featuring ongoing problems in the long-snapping function, coach Marvin Lewis publicly supported the man who has been spinning the ball to the holder and punter since 2000.

“I think it is a little bit mental, and I’m glad we were able to come
through it in the end again today,” Lewis said Sunday regarding Brad St. Louis.  “We’re
working hard with him and just trying to help him to deal with it. 
We’ve got confidence in him.”

Correction:  They had confidence in him.

The team has announced the Brad St. Louis, who entered the league as a seventh-round pick of the Bengals in 2000, has been cut.

Taking over the duties will be Clark Harris, a 2007 seventh-round pick of the Packers who spent the last four games of the 2008 season on the Texans’ active roster.  Harris was recently released from Houston’s practice squad.

The Bengals had tried out a quartet of long snappers last week after St. Louis struggled against the Browns, but the Bengals decided not to make a move.  On Sunday, Lewis downplayed the notion that it meant the end was nigh for the nine-year veteran.

“Yeah, last week we looked at some other guys, but that’s just what you
do, you look at some other guys,” Lewis said.  “You go with what you know and what you

Between Sunday and today, Lewis changed his mind.  The fact that the Bengals host the team with which Harris spent most of the past two years might have been a factor, since Cincy can now grill him about tendencies and strategies.

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  1. “I think it is a little bit mental, and I’m glad we were able to come through it in the end again today,” Lewis said Sunday regarding Brad St. Louis.
    Some sort of gay slang?

  2. One of the biggest problems in the Bengals of recent past is that there has been no accountability, either from the coaches or the players.
    The cutting of Brad St Louis shows how serious the 2009 Bengals are because they cut a weak link, a player who has but one job, to snap the extra point and punt…. and he couldn’t do it dependably.
    Whereas few on the team this year need the motivation, it should demonstrate to the players that the free ride is over. Perform or go.

  3. Thank Goodness…The football gods may be smiling on the Bengals after all this year…
    Who Dey!!

  4. Now if they would only dump Shayne “don’t make me kick it from beyond the 23-yard-line” Graham.

  5. Now if the Bengals can just sellout this weeks home game it can be televised! Seriously, how can we take you guys serious if you don’t even want to get off your wallets to show your support? Time to start acting like an NFL city.

  6. I am a season ticket holder Laxative37…and you probably wouldn’t understand if I explained it to you anyway…

  7. @Laxer37
    Ummm, this would make 47 consecutive sellouts and counting at PBS if we make the full house again on Sunday.
    Spouting idiocies such as that why should anyone take you seriously, period?

  8. It’s about time. This guy played so bad lately and didn’t even seem to care. He was even ignoring the coach on the sidelines. He likely cost the Bengals the Playoffs in ’06.

  9. Hey, Laxer, you don’t know what you are talking about. Unemployment is high in Cincy. People simply don’t have enough money for extras. I was there recently and restaurants that used to be busy are half empty during peak hours. People have no money to spend, so they can’t go to games.
    Stop insulting an entire city without having the facts.

  10. Lucky it wasn’t three weeks too late, happy to see it though. Game will sell out, hope it happens before tomorrow at 1.

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