Brady Quinn's house is for sale

With Browns quarterback Derek Anderson strengthening his grip on the starting job after completing two passes on Sunday (cue the “it was windy, Florio!” crowd and the “they dropped eight or nine of them!” chorus), backup Brady Quinn has been the subject of renewed trade rumors.

The experts claim that Quinn won’t be traded.

Just like they claimed earlier this year that Braylon Edwards wouldn’t be traded.

But Quinn’s house is now for sale, according to

And the report seems to be accurate.  This Cleveland-area home is for sale, and Quinn bought a home at that same address in 2007.

So we’ll wait for the experts to claim that the move has no relation to a possible trade.

Just like they did when Jay Cutler put his Denver-area house on the market . . . not long before he was traded.

Possible candidates, based on our review of the depth charts for the other 31 teams, are the Bills, Texans, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Panthers, Rams, 49ers, and Seahawks.

92 responses to “Brady Quinn's house is for sale

  1. I don’t think posting his addess even if its for sale is needed to validate the article.
    W would still get the point if you remove that part from the article.

  2. there is no proof that he even lives there. He might have bought that house for a relative.

  3. raiders, redskins, rams
    definite upgrade to oakland. no worse than what the skins have starting (still worse then the skins backup). if healthy, better than the unhealthies in st. loo.

  4. Wow! Say what you will about the kid, but it still seems a little rude to post his address on the internet. Yeah, yeah, we could probably find it on our own if we wanted to, but Jeebus …..
    Not classy.

  5. The experts claim that Quinn won’t be traded.
    But Quinn’s house is now for sale?
    Quinn to the Seahawks…. Hasselbeck is taking a pounding and getting old.
    Makes PERFECT sense.

  6. 2brauneyz is right!
    This is low Florio…even for YOU.
    I’m not a Brady Quinn fan but with stalkers and crazies out there why would you post his address?
    Oh yea for ratings.

  7. take the Texans off that list… but the order in my eyes is:
    1. Redskins (Synder)
    2. Panthers
    3. 49ers (they will miss out on Bradford and Clausen in the draft)
    4. Seahawks
    5. Raiders
    6. Bills
    7. Titans
    8. Jaguars
    Rams (Rebuilding…they will get Bradford/Clausen)

  8. You couldn’t have found some way to post the pic of him and 3 or 4 other guys all grabbin each others’ junk? Color me surprised.

  9. “Wow! Say what you will about the kid, but it still seems a little rude to post his address on the internet”
    I gotta agree. That’s alittle too much. With as many crazy people as there is out there (see. Donte Whitner and Leodis McKelvin), is this something you really want to blast on the internet? Saying his house is up for sale was more than enough. Just sayin..

  10. I know people close to Brady who tell me that he thinks he’ll be better off somewhere else but it’s hard on him because the Browns are his favorite team (as a kid growing up).
    His house for sale is true. It’s in their opinion that he’s put too much pressure on himself not to “F” up his favorite team, and if you think about it, it makes sense on why he’s tentative on the field.
    And no, I’m not name throwing… I really live in Dublin Ohio and really know people who know him on a personal basis.
    That being said, I have never met him other than saying “hello” at BW3 a couple of years ago.
    Take it for what it’s worth which is pretty much nothing admittedly. But from what I gather, he expects to be moved.. if not this year, next year.
    And I’m sure he’s none too pleased with losing the 11MM dollars in his contract, but we didn’t talk about that nor would I ask about that.

  11. Stay classy Florio,
    Well Quinn is a big name disappointment so naturally he will soon be a redskin with a brand new contract.

  12. It’s no secret where people live. Quinn’s info, like all other athletes and public figures, is easily available. I highly doubt anyone “decides” to stalk someone because they stumbled upon the address on a football rumor site. If Florio doesn’t put the address up half the comments will be “oh yeah whatever Florio name your source or it’s all just made up”.
    Anyone really worried for Quinn’s welfare after the PFT article can always hightail to Avon Lake and offer some assistance. Maybe tell him to throw downfield?

  13. agree with the posters above about the address…
    but typical for PFT…if memory serves TO’s address ( a place he was thinking ofrenting ) was posted this summer as well as info about hotel reservations for Favre for the Nov 1 game in Green Bay…
    I think PFT lost its moral compass long ago if it ever had one but posting this kind of info is wrong & irresponsible…
    not everything is your business or the publics

  14. Lets bring him to foxboro and replace the “other” Brady… yes i am serious… just win baby!!!

  15. Please not the niners. Seahawks make more sense.
    Who was the last person selling a house that turned out to be a secondary residence? But this could be true that he’s getting traded given the circumstances. Or he needs to downsize now that he won’t get his millions.
    Mangini is going to kill that franchise soon enough. And with all due respect to you Mike, please don’t go beating your chest if he does get traded, this could be seen as plausible for weeks a mile away.
    Ditto on the address thing. Who was the dude in Buffalo with the lawn? Who was the girl with Big Ben? Keep it anonymus and we get the picture.

  16. Is there a bigger fricking dope on the planet than Eric Mangini?
    I mean seriously, is there?

  17. If Quinn gets traded, the Browns will prove that they are officially dumbest franchise in the NFL, only behind the Raiders. QUINN HAS HAD 6 CAREER NFL STARTS! how about you let the kid play, 6 starts in 3 years is not going to tell you how he is. If off-da-mark-us Russell still has a starting job, there is absolutely no reason for Quinn to be traded because of the “great” Derek Anderson. This franchise is shot.

  18. good god people. almost any county auditor website lets you search properties and get the address of any property owner. if a stalker/crazy wanted his address they’d already have it. get a clue.

  19. After looking at the house on the sales page i cant really see a young 2osomthing guy with lots o money living there. not because its not rich enough but i can see him having more of a man cave.

  20. If he is moving, then its not his address for long! . get over it! the fact is, its legal information for anyone to know. If I know your name, theres more then a 90 percent chance, that I can find out where you live, how bad the crime is in your neighborhood, how much you paid for your house, and then find your car on google earth lol.
    Remember this is THE INTERNET .. Everything is easy to find out.

  21. Florio, if you ever put your house on the market, I am buying it. Can you just please be sure to include your wig as a bonus in the deal? Thanks.

  22. I don’t think posting his address was necessary. What’s the purpose or point in that ? Disappointing.

  23. Maybe he attempt to throw is payments to the mortgage company and they were intercepted, incomplete or just fumbled them…

  24. IMO, it would be a mistake to trade Quinn. But he’ll do better with a line, real receivers, etc. As far as DA is concerned, last year about game 7 or 8, he had the worst QB rating in the league. Guess what? I think he does this year too. But what do the Browns do…stand by him as a starter…just like last year. It’s frustrating to watch this team and hear them being made fun of at work and on the radio, TV etc. If I lived in Cleveland, there’s no way I would pay for the crap Mangini puts out there. I have no desire to watch them play at all. I think all Browns fans should just quit supporting the team. Why keep watching and being aggravated about it? My first post here so be easy on me. Thanks.

  25. As a Seahawks fan, I will cry if Tim Ruskell replaces our Pro Bowl QB with Brady Quinn, unless he sees something that I’m not seeing.

  26. Its also possible that he can’t afford to live in that house anymore, since he’s probably not going to be making the kind of money he was hoping for. So it could be a trade, or it could be that the kid is just over his head financially since he likely won’t be getting the big bonus this year.

  27. Nice friggin’ house for a guy who hasn’t even won a friggin’ game in the NFL yet!

  28. Florio you have officially taken over for Pete Prisco as the #1 “moron we all shake our heads and wonder how he ever got this job”
    (and if you happen to be a Pete Prisco fan…which wouldn’t surprise me……it wasn’t a compliment)
    Your gratuitous reporting on the most mundane things, paired with your need to remind everyone that you reported on something the previous week is headache inducing.
    “The experts all said Braylon Edwards wouldn’t get traded??” What experts? All I’ve been hearing about all year is how he was going to get traded, BUT if you say that….it might make you seem smarter… let’s throw it in the article….
    Furthermore…….. Quinn putting his house on the market has NOTHING to do with weather or not he will be traded. If you think Mangini would have the courtesy to tell him he was being shopped than you know even less about the football than everyone already guessed. 45 out of 53 players on Clevelands team would most likely like to be someplace else….. they can all put there houses on the market…doesn’t mean they are going anywhere…..

  29. You’re a fool Flunkio, you post the mans address on the internet in this day and age where NFL players are killed in their homes or robbed?
    What a F’n Fool and toad you are.
    What would you do if YOUR home address and phone number were posted by someone out there putting YOUR family in danger?

  30. I agree with the previous posts. Even if it’s public record, posting someone’s address is irresponsible.
    Please let us know when Mangini’s house is on the market. We may take up a collection to buy it if it helps speed up the moving process.

  31. What? No Tampa Bay Bucs bid on that list? Nice to list the for sale address, take notice predators, robbers and sickos. That was uncool Florio.

  32. Take his address down, Florio. Completely unnecessary. I’m sure you’d love it if your address was posted for everyone to know.

  33. Geez, Florio, did you HAVE to put his address in the article? Come on, man. Show a little class.

  34. That would take a set of brass ones for Mangini to trade Quinn away lol. Then again when Belichick came to town he got rid of an established QB the fans all loved…he was immediately disliked until the team went to and won a playoff game a few seasons later.

  35. Good. I hope it *is* true. Then I can finally have some peace after a couple years of man-crushing idiots squawking about how great this bust is and how he deserves 2 or 3 more years of sucking the place up to prove himself.
    And, Mr. Florio- you were right. I’m part of the “they dropped eight or nine of them!” chorus.
    Did you watch that game? (No.) Did you see highlights.. er.. lowlights of ALL of those drops? (No.)
    So are you saying that Anderson really didn’t throw those passes anywear near their targets- and therefore, they’re not really drops? Are you saying the “dropped” passes actually hit those receivers in the backs of their helmets or bounced off their shoes, etc. -so they’re not drops?
    No, smart guy. Every one of those dropped passes hit a player in the hands or in the numbers and all of them were catchable by a Hines Ward or an Anquan Bouldin or a even an Eddie Royal. It’s just that the Browns have dogshit for receivers, apparently. Not DA’s fault, but it is his problem.
    Anyway, see ya, Brady. Ding dong, the male model(‘s career in Cleveland) is dead… hopefully.

  36. If Quinn’s address is posted here, it’s only fair that mine is too:
    2009 Championship Rd.
    Atlanta, GA 90210

  37. It’s a crying shame how the Cleveland Browns ran this kid outta town. You can say what you want about him, but the Brownies got a steal in drafting him at #22 a few years ago. Why dont all you nay sayers and Coach Mangini ,wikipedia Brady Quinn and look at his collegiate credentials and then look at how the Cleveland Brown organization failed in teaching and molding him into a solid NFL QB. Ticket sales, job security and press clippings are the only contributors to this debacle. Maybe if they did their jobs, this story would have played out differently.

  38. everyone settle down. he is not getting traded, he only put his house in avon lake up for sale so he can move to lakewood where he belongs.

  39. Good i hope it happens send him to the Raiders for a big running back like Michael Bates and some draft choices.

  40. Thanks for the laugh NFLJunkie. This was friggin’ hilarious !!
    “Florio, if you ever put your house on the market, I am buying it. Can you just please be sure to include your wig as a bonus in the deal? Thanks.”

  41. how many starts has the guy had?
    Jeezeus give the kid a chance…
    Mistake on the lake???
    Absolutely… what are they gonna do draft another one next year and repeat this every 3 to 4 years…Thank God I am not a Browns fan….
    I feel sorry for that burning river cesspool of a city…

  42. you mean I can buy a 4500 sq ft house in Ohio for LESS than 800,000!!
    Wow! Got to get out of California.

  43. i say the Redskins make the deal and give up a 2nd or 3rd round pick and maybe a 6th rounder as well and in my view it would be a great deal because then they wont blow next years pick on Bradford, McCoy or Tebow and take an offensive tackle to protect Quinn and Campbell walks away, i see Campbell ending up in Carolina next year and his career will then go up when he takes over for Delhomme, the 49ers like Hill so they wont give up on him…….Jaguars is a no, so is Oakland, both have quarterbacks in place, one of them is being paid WAY too much money, could see the Seahawks make the move, but i think Washington gives up more and i think the Rams use a high pick on Bradford or McCoy or even Jimmy Clausen.

  44. How ’bout the Vikings!? He’s gotta be better than Tarvaris “Jump-pass” Jackson! And how many more un-retirement comebacks can Favre have left?

  45. Quinn sucks – he got benched by the frickin’ Browns! Shouldn’t that tell you idiots something? Like he would be a real upgrade to any team…he can’t read defenses, has a weak arm and checks down way too much.
    Al Davis didn’t draft him when he had the chance because of his arm, he sure ain’t going to get him now – and no, he wouldn’t even be an upgrade from the horrible JaBustus…so you can all scratch the Raiders from that list.

  46. They can have Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels. The Vikes will take Quinn to back up Favre.

  47. People need to remember that Mangini didn’t draft the guy, he inherited him. Romeo drafted him in 2007 and thought so highly of him that he was #3 on the depth chart behind Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson. Mangini doesn’t owe the guy anything, wasn’t his pick. Mangini gave the man a shot and he fell on his face. Maybe if people weren’t calling for Mangini’s firing before the first regular season game he would have been in a situation to leave Quinn in as the starter and take his lumps. Unfortunately the media and fans went after him from day one wanting him fired…he had to do something. All the Quinn lovers scream for Mangini to be fired because with Quinn starting the Browns go 0-3. Then he gets Benched and the Browns go 1-1 in the 2 games afterwards and everyone is screaming “Hey! give Quinn a chance”. Mangini is in a lose-lose situation. He has to do what’s best for the Browns. Cant have it both ways. Cant scream at the guy for losing games, then scream at him for switching QB’s.

  48. only 775k for that giant house? Just another reminder of how shtty Cleveland is. Lebron should buy it and just make it his giant duecer.

  49. only 775k for that giant house? Just another reminder of how shtty Cleveland is. Lebron should buy it and just make it his giant duecer.

  50. I’m sure Mangini and crew are already trying to work out a deal that would somehow send him to the Jets….

  51. And you do not think that this is connected to him being screwed out of like $10 million in bonuses… Perhaps when he bought the house he did not envision it being a problem paying for it…

  52. All but 3 of those drops in the Buffalo game were NOT on target. Low, back shoulder, etc. and some of them were of the 3-5 yard variety, meaning they probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Hard to arugue pulling your QB after 2.5 games and then leaving DA in after a 2 completion performance.
    Also for those speculating the Clausen is coming out in the draft…..fat chance. He will most definetly be back for another season at ND. He has ALL of his weapons at ND coming back. It could be a recording breaking season and then some. Right now many have him ranked as the 5th ranked QB (draft wise), another season like this year and getting Tebow, McCoy, Bradford, and Lockler out of the way could make him No.1 QB and a potential top 10 pick in 2011.

  53. “Why dont all you nay sayers and Coach Mangini ,wikipedia Brady Quinn and look at his collegiate credentials and then look at how the Cleveland Brown organization failed in teaching and molding him into a solid NFL QB.”
    Nice post Einstein. Maybe we could do a Wikipedia search on Leinart, Crouch, Weinke, Weurffel, Ward, Toretta, and Ware so we could marvel at their “collegiate credentials” also. Army and Navy aren’t the same as the Ravens and Steelers.
    All this discussion is pointless anyhow, I have it on good faith that he just decided to move in with his boyfriend.

  54. “Is there a bigger fricking dope on the planet than Eric Mangini?”
    Yes. How about Dick Jauron and Raheem Morris?

  55. # tobago says: October 13, 2009 10:30 PM
    Good i hope it happens send him to the Raiders for a big running back like Michael Bates and some draft choices.
    lol, wow!

  56. Quinn deserved more time in as the startingqb….. the Browns are a bunch of morons.. How can they expect a consistent qb when the team and management is a mess as well. I hope he gets traded to a team who will give him at least a season n put a team around him … then we can judge him.I just dont understand their thinking process.. everyone already knows what Anderson is about,, shyt give Quinn a chance. The Browns are who we thought they were.. TRASH! lol watch something crazy happen n we lose to the trash.LOL
    For me to defend him is amazing in a diehard Steeler fan but also a PSU fan.. n Notre Dame hater.

  57. Maybe TT is making a play to bring him to Green Bay. The Pack have no real backup at QB, and the way Rodgers is getting sacked, I can’t imagine him lasting past mid-season without some kind of serious injury. Couple that with the fact that TT is on the ropes for a non-existant o-line, no running game and a spanking new 3-4 defense that couldn’t stop a five year old, and you have the makings for exactly the kind of foolhardy move TT has become (in)famous for. Can’t someone just fire this moron already????

  58. As a way to demonstrate that posting Brady Quinn’s address is not all that terrible a thing to do, since addresses are so easy to find on the web, I offered up a post last night about how to find Florio’s address and phone number.
    Since it’s not here, I have to assume he objected. Which, of course, means that all of you who complained were right — he’s a hypocrite.
    Big surprise.

  59. Sure, here’s what really happened!!!!
    Fatso Mangini walked up to Quinn and said, “Hey buddy, I got some good news and some bad news.”
    “What’s that?” Quinn replied.
    “Well the bad news is that you have to sell your home in a down market,” Fatso bellowed out.
    “Gee coach, so the good news is that I get to move in with you?” Quinn smirked while smiling quietly to himself.

  60. You can take the Jags off the list. What few fans remaining will revolt if the next young QB isn’t some guy wearing a blue and orange 15.

  61. # hey-seuss says:
    2brauneyz is right!
    This is low Florio…even for YOU.
    I’m not a Brady Quinn fan but with stalkers and crazies out there why would you post his address?
    Oh yea for ratings.

    I guess the crazies and stalkers in your neck-of-the-woods are too stupid to use GIS. I’m sure Florio is somehow to blame for that too.

  62. I’d like to see some actual thoughts of rational browns fans. Not people that LOVE Brady or think DA is the future of the team (starting to wonder if they exist).
    As a browns fan I was excited when they drafted Quinn. I was actually in Cleveland Airport waiting on a flight during the draft. At pick one I was sitting in Max and Erma’s watching and by pick 22 the place was stuffed with people. Almost like everyone knew we were trading up to do something. When it happened the place went crazy with high fives.
    Now half the fan base is in love with a guy who never got a shot and could very well be terrible and the other half are in love with the QB with the worst passer rating since the beginning of 2008 of any starter with over 100 snaps. They actually showed this during the CBS broadcast of the browns bengals game and I doubt the 2-17 performance against the bills changed that.
    For the “OMG 8 or 9 drop” people. Royal had a terrible drop and Mass had one clear drop. The others to say were “on target” may be an over statement. Two that everyone is giving as drops to Stuckey were crossing routes he rocketed as hard as he could behind the target and stuckey got one hand on as he tried to spin from sprinting away from the ball. But I also think ANY QB would struggle a bit with our WR’s currently.
    Watching Quinn in college he seemed to easily get flustered with pressure. I was hoping they would fix that. Last year it looked like they may have. Before breaking his finger he looked pretty good. Lose to Denver on his first career start, on offensive shoot out where our defense couldnt stop my town’s pee-wee team. He gets hurt, DA comes in and rattles off our “no offensive TD streak”. Which is ended the first game of this year when BQ comes back in (but other than that TD he looks poor at best).
    At this point I don’t know that either QB is the answer, but I also know we arent a good team. By pulling Quinn and not having faith that he can do better than a 15 passer rating, we have shot all trade value. Are you fans going to be happy with a 6th and a 7th for him? If you answer yes stop reading because you are not the realistic fan I was hoping is out there.
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to start him the rest of the season? We aren’t going to compete this season obviously. We didn’t win last Sunday, we just didn’t want to lose as bad as the Bills. We start him the rest of the season hopes he shows a glimmer at the very least. If he progresses far enough he COULD be our future if he doesnt he should at least show that he is the smart double major in four years from ND and up his trade value. He certainly can’t hurt it at this point. We then trade him and get a 2nd and a 3rd or whatever for him, and use the picks for the next QB that hopefully we won’t ruin. Crazy thing is I’ve felt this way all season and though maybe I was the crazy one but at least one person at the plain dealer agrees with me…..

  63. he won’t end up in Buffalo, Edwards is a slightly better QB than him, but stands behind an o line of cardboard cutouts of the 1985 bears

  64. The best thing that could happen to Quinn and the Browns is for him to be traded. Quinn will finally get a shot at quarterback with a team that was willing to give up something to get him and the Browns will be able to accelerate Mangini’s departure as he will finally prove what a buffoon he is.
    I’m sure once Quinn saw that Anderson wasn’t going to be benched in spite of his 2 for 17 performance, he knew his days were numbered. Just exactly how bad does Anderson have to play before he is benched? And don’t give me that crap about all of the drops – I watched every painful minute of that “game” and there were only 3 or 4 passes that you could call legitimate drops.
    It’s time to move on without Quinn because I’m not sure that he was ever a real part of the team, or Mangini’s plans.

  65. I love hearing all these people with no ties to Cleveland sit here and talk like they understand the situation.
    “He’s only had 6 starts”, “he hasn’t been given enough starts”
    here’s the problem, Brady Quinn plays scared.
    sure his completion percentage is high, but there isn’t a QB in the league who goes through the progressions faster than Brady Quinn. He doesn’t allow his main two targets the chance to get into their routes. He goes through his progressions so quickly because he plays scared. He throws to his checkdown target faster than a lot of QBs even decide to throw to their #1.
    He plays scared and no amount of playing time can change that. QBs have to have a moxie about them. a poise, almost a certain cockiness. Brady Quinn has none of that on the field. He’s smart, he knows all of the playbook, but he plays too scared to run the plays.
    There might be a chance in the future that he changes, but he’s definitely going to need a change of scenery. His career here in Cleveland is all but done.
    QBs can’t play scared, Brady Quinn is so afraid of making mistakes that he’s going through his progressions too quickly and just checking down.
    you guys wanted a take on a Cleveland fan? there it is

  66. i say the Redskins make the trade for Quinn and give up a 3rd and 6th round pick, that is what Mangini takes is picks, the Browns have a ton of picks next year now, Anderson and Quinn in my view both have talent, but they both need help, the right tackle isnt all that good, the recievers are young and need to develop and the tight ends arent too good, Quinn going to Washington would be good because Campbell is leaving next year and the Redskins also need to draft a right tackle

  67. Anyone here who thinks it is ok to post your address on the internet, please post your full name and address right here.

  68. You wanted Florio’s address? You got it. Here’s where he lives.
    Mike Florio
    c/o Ben Roethlisberger’s Ass
    3400 South Water St.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203

  69. I agree this is low Mike. Two words for you to think about before posting another players address…Sean Taylor.

  70. Quinn to the Raiders ? Why not ? They already have Charlie Frye and Bruce Gradkowski. AL Davis must be collect former Browns QBs? Any chance he might want to add Derek Anderson to his collection too?

  71. The Panthers do make a little sense here. Fox and (GM) Hurney have said out loud that they prefer not to spend high draft picks on QBs, but to develop middle-round types for 4-5 years before playing them or letting other teams develop their QBs (the Saints, for example, put a lot of years, time, and money into Delhomme, only to let him become a free agent and gamble on a more athletic Aaron Brooks). Delhomme led the Panthers to the Super Bowl the following year.

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