Bucs decide they're good with Figurs

A league source informs us that the wide receiver audition conducted in Tampa Tuesday was won by Yamon Figurs.

Also in for a looksee were Matt Jones, David Tyree, Chris Davis, and Jordan Kent.

Figurs, who played at Kansas State with Bucs first-round pick Josh Freeman, was a third-round pick of the Ravens in 2007.  He has three career catches.

Meanwhile, Jones — who had 65 catches in 2008 but got bounced by the Jaguars after violating probation — continues to wait for his shot at redemption.

24 responses to “Bucs decide they're good with Figurs

  1. Go Figur. Junior picks a wr from Kansas State. Guess he’s got crunk. Wonder if he’s any good at Madden.

  2. I know the Pats try to protect their image (cue the “Haha, they are all criminals blah blah blah” posts)……
    But I don’t think Matt Jones could be any less deserving of a roster spot than Joey Galloway.

  3. Yamon was an excellent return guy when he was with Baltimore – he was just very injury-prone. Hope he can stay healthy, he was exciting to watch.

  4. Maybe the Bengals will give him that chance at redemption. They’ve done it for a few players now and he wouldn’t be the only recovering from drug use. Though considering their WRs I don’t think he’d make the team unless he wants to be 6th on the depth chart. But if he’d be willing to move to TE or be a LS I’m sure they’d be more eager

  5. to bad for jones but I don’t feel a bit sorry for him. he had his shot and blew it.tell me what other non athelete could get busted for what he did get a slap on the wrist then violate his paraole no matter how minor and still not be sitting in jail?where is it written that everyone must get multiple chances?welcome to the real world no go and try and a real job like the rest of us.

  6. figurs only has 3 catches because he was used as a kick return specialist, guys.
    i have no idea why matt jones is so radioactive… there must be something other than his drug issue that is hanging over his head, as he is (talent-wise) worlds above Tyree & Figurs

  7. Good lord. Can anybody guess how a team that was being picked to be a contender for the Superbowl last year, before the late season fall apart, can gain talent and get much worse?
    It’s the coaching!!! The only real difference is the coaching. Terrible play calling on both sides of the ball.
    It doesn’t matter who you put on the field. You have a coach running a scheme on defense that he doesn’t have the players for. You have a defensive co-ordinator that came from Denver, a team that put up some of the worst defenses in history. You have an offensive co-ordinator that only has experience as a QB coach. Then, lastly, you have a coach that only experience is a DB coach and he’s making all the decisions on both sides of the ball.
    Until this team cleans this mess up they don’t have a chance. Utterly pathetic to be better on paper than they were last year, by a lot, and be looking down the barrell of an 0-5 start with the distinct possibility to be 0-16 if they can’t find a way to beat Carolina.

  8. You know guys, there are people that were addicted to drugs that were far less talented than Matt Jones that got cut and went to a new team and ended up being a star. Cris Carter. Matt Jones is 6’6 240 and ran a 4.38 at the combine. With all of this wildcat stuff teams are doing, he should be an enticing commodity… considering he is the SEC’s all-time leading rushers among QBs.
    He looked to have been finally coming into his own last season as a receiver and it is baffling how he has not gotten another chance. I think if he can get with the right team, running the right scheme that would make use of his talents he could still be a star.

  9. You really should have put in here that he was already cut by the LIONS this year. That gives you an idea of how bad he is.

  10. brasho:
    Matt Jones was a combine stud, no doubt. But, he can’t hang on to the ball and definitely has many off-the-field issues. His talents are size and speed, but you have to be able to catch to be a WR in this league (unless you’re TO). And if you can’t catch and have drug/drinking problems, it’s unlikely you’ll get a job. C.C. had substance issues, but the man had stickum for hands, that’s why he got extra opportunities. As for the wildcat, he’s too big (see Ronnie Brown fitting through those tight holes), and can’t cut quick enough to make DLinemen and LBs miss. Straight-line speed does not equal quickness.

  11. Eagles don’t want him?? I thought Andy “I cannot fix my family but CAN fix sadistic Mike Vick” Reid would “love” to be the one to give him his shot at rehabilitation. After all, helping Jones with his drug issues would be much closer to helping his own sons than helping rehabilitate a serial animal torturer & killer. Seriously, if your kid(s) are in jail for drugs and due to feelings of guilt want to help others/players with the same issues, that makes sense. But to not help a Matt Jones & to embrace someone that for sport, with his bare hands was so cruel to defenseless creatures… Andy Reid is full of shit.

  12. “It’s the coaching!!! The only real difference is the coaching. Terrible play calling on both sides of the ball. ”
    That sums up what’s wrong in Tampa right now SS.
    Bucs could be 30 billion under the cap and win with the players we’ve got on this roster. There’s real talent there and they’re playing their guts out.
    Current coordinators (shaky to start with) were given a chance….and have proven beyond doubt, that they’re not qualified to lead these men.
    This isn’t like any other Bucs team ever. In the bad old days, things were opposite. We had decent coaching with not much talent on the player end.
    This is beyond depressing for fans. Can only imagine how the players feel.
    Best hope now is Dungy dusting off the superman cape and setting up in the front office to sort this mess out.

  13. @ KILLER FIN: You won’t see Freeman until Faine returns. Raheem wouldn’t risk his pet to a crappy O-Line. He said that already, that, Johnson gives them the best chance at the moment, because the O-Line is not solid. My prediction? Green Bay is Freeman’s first start. That way, he has a Bye Week to prepare.

  14. brasho – tebow has more rushing yards than matt jones, fyi (in regards to your comment about most SEC rushing yards by QB)

  15. ‘I dare you to write something about Michael Clayton. I DARE YOU!’ Okay Coach, here it is. Michael Clayton sucks, but I guess you just figured it out

  16. The Bucs need speed on offense…Clayhands and Bryant don’t have that. If anything, he can clear out the DB’s and allow their other overpaid receiver to work underneath. Not to mention JJ has a strong arm and could use the weapon if not someone willing to work back towards the ball when he rolls out…
    Who knows, at least they’re trying. You know it’s real easy to get on this board and continue saying “the Bucs suck…”the Bucs suck…”. tell us something we don’t know genius’. If you can’t handle the rebuilding, bail out. Take your a55es outside and get some exercise on Sunday. Otherwise shut up! Your parroting takes are booooorrrriiiinnnngggg….

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