Dolphins lose running back Cobbs for season

Third-string Dolphins running back Patrick Cobbs is one of coach Tony Sparano’s guys.

Cobbs is a player who is greater than the sum of his parts, someone who became impossible to cut despite his status as an undrafted player that was originally brought in by Nick Saban.

That’s why the news Tuesday that Cobbs will miss the season with a torn ACL seemed to hit Sparano hard.

“You guys know what I think of Pat Cobbs,” Sparano said. “This guy is a
tremendous, tremendous warrior. I think the world of this guy as a
player . . . But that’s how this game goes. The next guy gets a turn.”

The next guy in this case is 2008 sixth-round pick Lex Hilliard, a hard-charging runner that looked good in the preseason.

If Miami’s offensive line plays like it did Monday night for the rest of the season, the Dolphins could probably hand the ball off to Sparano and find success.

14 responses to “Dolphins lose running back Cobbs for season

  1. Well, Lex, it’s time to prove that you can do what you did in the preseason when it counts. You won’t be going up against 3rd string scrubbs now, so get your head in the game and earn your spot! Like I said in the preseason, the Fins are deep, and it’s proving its worth right now.

  2. I won’t miss him too much. He may be a warrior, but he sucks at kickoff returns and lacks the speed you would like to see from a back in the NFL. I don’t think Hilliard will be what the doctor ordered either though, since he is a power back, and we have two of those. We need a quick pass catching back in the mold of Mewelde Moore or Felix Jones.

  3. losing Cobbs is a huge loss. he’s the guy most NFL fans have never heard of that does all the work. He’s a great blocker, decoy, receiver, running back, and he’s a special teams maven.
    huge loss.
    hopefully hilliard can step up and shine right now. hilliard can’t replace cobbs, but maybe he can continue the path. thank god we have RB depth

  4. Look for the Phins to sign WR Jones who had a tryout today with the Bucs. They need a big WR and Jones is young enough and talented enough to make the Tuna take a chance. With the roster spot now available, expect it to happen within the next day or so.

  5. Losing Cobbs hurts! One third of the wildcat offense, but Lex is however a good runner. He busted some nuts in preseason

  6. “…despite his status as an undrafted player that was originally brought in by Nick Saban. ”
    I raise the BS flag. The Patriots signed him as an undrafted rookie and then traded him to the Steelers.

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