Goodell said league will be "very engaged" on Cable

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he’s going to let the Napa Valley District Attorney’s Office do their work on the Tom Cable case before wading in.

“They will  make some determination in the next couple of weeks what their findings are,” Goodell said at the NFL Owners Meetings in Boston. “At that stage, we’ll make a determination on what our next step is. I’ve made it clear that everyone is held to that personal conduct policy. We want to make sure the same standard is being held for everybody including Coach Cable.”

Goodell explained the reason the league hasn’t made a move on Cable is that, in the case of first-time offenders [or possible offenders], the legal process is allowed to play out. Only with repeat offenders does the league step in before the law’s done.   

The league’s security department has been in contact with the Raiders. “We’re allowing the criminal process to go forward for some time and then at some stage we will be very engaged.”

Goodell also took a side trip into the workplace violence aspects of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy which, with apologies to Randy Hanson’s busted face, drips with irony given what transpires on the field from 1 p.m. to midnight every Sunday in the fall.  

“We’ve specifically identified in our policy workplace violence,” said Goodell. “That’s something that’s very important for us.”

18 responses to “Goodell said league will be "very engaged" on Cable

  1. All jokes on Raider Nation aside, you really have to feel bad for fans of this hopelessly dysfunctional team. I can’t imagine what it must be like to know that any news about your team is going to be bad, embarrassing news.
    Just jump ship now and come back when Al Davis is dead.

  2. cable will be alright. he hasnt ever been on conservative talk radio so the lefties will give him a pass.

  3. I really don’t think this should be a big deal. Way too many people in this world are complete pansies nowadays (with Goodell & Florio at the top of the list). This is a football situation, not a situation in a normal corporate environment. football is a sport played and coached by mostly tough guys and with respect to their conduct, they are routinely allowed more leeway within the context of participating in the sport. for example, training camp fights on the field happen daily across the league when people act macho and lose their cool. that is all that happened here too. let it go and stop making it seem like it is some horrible crime.

  4. Why is it these comments are constantly being made?
    “lefties will give him a pass.”
    Why do ppl feel this is important? Get a life

  5. “then at some stage we will be very engaged.”
    Until then Goodell will just keep on wearing his Jonas Brothers style Purity Ring.

  6. i don’t think this is appropriate action by the NFL. The legal process is obviously taking their time (since this wasn’t a homicide or grand theft it’s probably low on the priority list).
    the fact is Cable assaulted a fellow employee. people could be at risk if this guy is as loose as it seems. the NFL should take instant action that would stand until the legal process finishes. By the time the legal process unfolds, the season will be over.
    the message? You can assault a coach in the NFL and not have to deal with it until it is convenient. yes, good message.
    if you or i had assaulted someone, we’d be in jail right now. awesome double-standard.

  7. Napoleon Florio, Attorney-at-Law, can tell you: the wheels of justice turn (grind) slowly. It takes as long as it takes. But when all is said and done, the NFL better take action.
    Further, by denying the incident altogether, I believe this implicates Skelator (Al Davis) as a co-conspirator. Goddell should take this non-cooperation (denial) into account when determining punishment.

  8. I’m just glad that Cable isn’t coaching a MLB team….. with all those baseball bats laying around someone would have been killed!

  9. I think this is the first thing Goodell has messed up on since taking the position.
    Cable should have been suspended when this news first came out.
    The “legal process” is separate from what the NFL does.

  10. @the mooster : are you serious? The Raiders may be a joke, but the NFL isn’t. Cable broke an employee’s jaw. I can’t think of any business where that’s okay, further I can’t even think that would fly in most beer leagues.
    I like Cable and think Hanson had this coming for a long time, but even I can’t see how Cable is still going into work after assaulting a coworker.

  11. Whether charges were filed or not it took place at a team facility during working hours. Other witnesses were present. NFL can get a statement from the witnesses and go from there.
    If it was players in the weight room or on the field, ala Steve Smith, it is a different standard. Coaches in the film room are normal business employees and should be treated so. Waiting for Cal OSHA to step in with a fine, although they might wait for DA report as well.

  12. Cable is not a loose cannon, but Hanson is a total douchebag and I’m not surprised someone would want to beat his ass.
    But even so, the best thing that could happen to the Raiders is for Cable either get suspended or get fired…because he certainly is nowhere near a quality head coach.

  13. goodell suspending cable immediately makes no sense. has he done that previously? no seems to me that he is following the process he does every time. let the legal system do its thing then act/respond after the justice system has done its thing.
    secondly as stated before fights happen often especially in training camp. so i guess that any one that gets in a fight/tussle gets suspended? didn’t brady quinn and shaun smith get into a locker room fight last year? no one was suspended. didn’t a coach (lovie smith?) and a player get into a fight a season or two ago? no one was suspended there either.
    as to goodell and the league doing something or pushing al davis out, don’t you think that al davis would sue the nfl so fast that goodell’s head would spin? it is not like he hasn’t done it before. that being said as a diehard raiders fan i wished that goodell or the other owners or some one would step in and do something about al. i just don’t see it happening.

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