Limbaugh says Tuesday what he should have said Monday

Radio host Rush Limbaugh, who has joined with Dave Checketts in an effort to buy the St. Louis Rams, has begun to launch the kind of effort that he should have launched on Monday in response to a string of inflammatory quotes that have been attributed to him, and that he claims are not his words.

His reaction on Monday to the quotes, which has been reported in various places, was too restrained, in our view. 

On the Tuesday edition of his show, he said what we thought he should have said on Monday.

Regarding quotes assigned to him as to slavery and James Earl Ray, Limbaugh said, “They were never uttered. . . .  I never said them.”

More importantly, he said that he is now working to get apologies and retractions.

Limbaugh suggested that the phony quotes trace to a Wikipedia page.  There’s also a 2006 book, 101 People Who Really Are Screwing Up America by Jack Huberman; we don’t know whether Huberman relied on the Wikipedia page or the other way around.

Bottom line?  The issue has been joined by Limbaugh.  He says that his lawyers will be contacting the writers who have attributed the quotes to him, and seeking information as to their sources.  If the writers can’t show that Rush said the things he allegedly said, he’ll be seeking retractions.

So stay tuned.

53 responses to “Limbaugh says Tuesday what he should have said Monday

  1. A more accurate headline would be “Limbaugh waits one day for lawyers to give him the green light; former lawyer complains, milks story in new job.”

  2. Are you going to issue a retraction and apology now or just wait for his lawyers to call you?
    And why are you stating that Limbaugh “has joined with Dave Checketts in an effort to buy the St. Louis Rams”? I thought a few posts ago you and Whitlock uncovered that it was simply a P.R. stunt.

  3. You know what? Putting your left-wing agenda into your news items does not make me want to read your site. Leave that to idiots like Keith Olberman. I can’t even watch the halftime shows on NBC when he appears.

  4. There are tons of liberal watch groups that listen to Limbaugh every day solely for the express purpose to see if he says something they can JUMP on.
    Believe me, if Limbaugh had EVER said anything even remotely close to what Burwell said he did, it would have made national headlines INSTANTLY and the calls for his resignation would have began the same or next day. Gee Florio, I “wonder” why that never happened ??? Could it be that it never was said ???? Nahh, why let, you know, any F-A-C-T-S get in the way of “creating” a controversy ehh Olbermann, I mean Florio ???
    Fact is Florio knows if Limbaugh HAD said this there’d be sound bites of it everywhere – it’s not like you have to have some super secret password to listen to his show everyday – it’s on 600 + radio stations, is in every market of the country, and is on in the middle of the day, not 3 AM. DUHHHHHH
    Where are these sound bites if he said it Florio ??? Of course Florio is like 99.9 % of all liberals – he’s never listened to the show – but somehow he “magically” knows what’s said on it. So his opinion, like all liberals, comes from word of mouth of other liberals (who’ve also NEVER listened to the show) and by the time the story of what was said is repeated thousands of times, and is embellished a little more every time it’s retold, you get the ridiculous comment that Burwell and his “I hate Limbaugh” web site came up with … and then they just run with THAT comment, not the actual truth. The truth doesn’t sell newspapers, get ratings on TV, or clicks on a web site, but made up $hit sure does. This is called the Olbermann-ization of the news. When you have no viewers, just make crap up so that a few more folks will tune in. They all know Limbaugh never ACTUALLY said this, but let’s just say he did and the lemmings, I mean our liberal readers or viewers will just blindly believe it without any fact check or anything involved.
    This is why Florio is like Keith Olbermoron – he just makes $hit up. Same with his lame story that Favre (because of his rib injury, or shoulder problems) now has some sort of “built in excuse” if his play faulters this year. Geez, Florio, when exactly has Favre ever used an injury as an excuse ??? He never did during the season last year. He’s never missed a game in over 17 years you goof. Hell, he played 2003 with a broken thumb … on his throwing hand … and led the league in touchdown passes with 32. Played with a seperate shoulder, dislocated ankle, and god knows what else, and yet, Florio just “made up” that he’d have this so called “excuse” – because of his hatred for Favre, and to get a few more clicks on his web site.
    The same thing with Florio saying that if Limbaugh’s bid is turned down he’ll paint himself as some sort of a victim. Further proof that Florio has NEVER listened. Limbaugh has never painted him as a victim .. ever. But again, why let FACTS get in the way of a good bull$hit story story, right Keith, I mean Mike ???

  5. Hmmmm. Have you put a call to your lawyer? Didn’t you also attribute that quote about slavery to Limbaugh earlier today?
    I couldn’t care less who now owns the Rams or who might own them in the future. But since so many people have their panties in a knot over this, mabye a Political Correctness test should be administered to all 31 owners of the NFL teams and to all the stockholders of the Green Bay Packers to determine if they should continue to have an ownership interest in their respective teams.
    Maybe DeMaurice Smith can administer such a test. Or Jesse Jackson.
    It must be a slow Brett Favre-Michael Vick-TO news day.

  6. Well, I’ve heard Rush say that ACORN, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Obama were trying to poison young black kids’ minds to hate America.
    To me, it goes back to what Limbaugh has been preaching for years. He feels like many blacks play the “victim card.” What he doesn’t realize is that many black people are some of the most conservative people in the country.
    Also, we love this country. I have many people in my extended family who have served in the military. Jeremiah Wright, who many folks “hate”, served in the military.
    Lastly, blacks are no different than whites when it comes to working hard. Most of us don’t look for “handouts” are “quotas.” These views are generally espoused by so-called conservative talk shows.

  7. To all of PFT planet: Please work on your language and grammar skills before taking the plunge into politics.

  8. He said what is written below. He purposely stokes racial fears in order to demonize his ideological opponents. He has said health care reform is really just reparations. He has said liberals are stupid and evil. Do liberals not like football? You can’t sit there for 20 years and spout half truths and vitriolic hate for a living and not expect it to bite you in the butt. His apologists always say “it is satire” or “he was just kidding”. BS, the guy is in the business of inflammatory speech designed to make waves and get attention. You can’t now claim it is just an act. You same apologists of Limbaugh probably called your local radio station so they would never play a Dixie Chicks song again. What they said about W pales in comparison to what Limbaugh says about Obama daily. Right wingers are jokes and the culture has left ya’ll in the ’50s.
    LIMBAUGH: It’s Obama’s America, is it not? Obama’s America — white kids getting beat up on school buses now. I mean, you put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety, but in Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering.

  9. Can’t we just leave the conservative/liberal meatball crap off of this site? These are your OWN opinions! Let Florio post the report and take it for what it is! He posts an article like this and all the mouth breathers start banging a keyboard!

  10. I love all the hate on liberals by the pawns above in response to this article. This has nothing to do with right wing vs. left wing. It’s simply that Rush Limbaugh is a racist buffoon, and those of you the stick up for him in the manner above are even bigger mindless buffoons.

  11. “They were never uttered. . . . I never said them.”
    Given your penchant for omitting some of the most pertinent parts of a quote
    (namely, those that don’t always support whatever bullsh1t idea/conspiracy/image/theory/agenda it is that YOU happen to be pushing or peddling), I’d love to know what was in the ellipsis (…)
    Probably something you didn’t like or didn’t agree with, no doubt.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Rush gave a litigious/sue-happy know-it-all self-righteous liberal like you a taste of your own medicine–by taking you to court for slander/misattributing quotes to him?

  12. @ PhillyHouse says:
    Yeah. There is nothing better than a conservative like Limbaugh telling me what a liberal is “really like”. That guy has no idea what being a Democrat means to me. And getting a hand out or making an easy buck is not a value I have. Despite what Limbaugh claims.

  13. @PhillyHouse
    “Jeremiah Wright, who many folks “hate”, served in the military.”
    The only hate surrounding Jeremiah Wright is of his own making. Serving in the military does not automatically counterbalance the junk he’s said for decades.

  14. Florio: “On the Tuesday edition of his show, he said what we thought he should have said on Monday”
    Good lord Florio, on Monday he said “”There is not even an inkling that any words in this quote are accurate.”
    How much more of a denial can there possibly be than that Florio ??? Can your head out of your a$$ Florio. good grief.
    By the way Olbermann, I mean Florio, why hasn’t anyone been able to produce a sound bite of what Limbaugh supposedly said, hmmm ???
    Oh, you mean because he never said it ??? This is just so sad and pathetic Florio.

  15. @ PhillyHouse
    Well said my friend. Unfortunately what makes white people angry, or me angry since I can only speak for myself are the few African Americans who speak out the way they do. People like you for the most part, I am assuming someone like a Michale Steele or Allan Keyes (I may have mispelled that) don’t get a chance in the media like an Al Sharpton or a Jesse Jackson. As a result the ideas of a vast majority are skewed. It isn’t fair nor accurate but that’s what gets displayed on TV.
    Conservative talk radio never bashes “blacks” in general. They are usually bashing those race baiters like Sharpton or Jackson who make race an excuse for everything. They aren’t attacking an entire group of people. Just their representatives as the media portrays them. It is a common misunderstanding that will never get corrected.
    Trust me, not one white person is proud of slavery or groups like the KKK, at least that I know. Its a skid mark on our patricular group of people.

  16. Limbaugh takes the time to pursue an approach that protects his assets and you still post a headline that makes it seem like he committed the original sin. I’ve always figured you to be a narccissist.
    You should issue a retraction of your first article.
    I need to find a new football blog.

  17. Rush is getting the blowback he deserves. He makes comments to stoke the emotions of his listeners so he can earn more cash. The more inflamatory, the better. Do I care if he said these things or not, no… do I listen to this worthless windbag… no, do I believe he should be able to buy a football team, yes. Regardless of the fact that this guy cheers when American fails, it is his point of view to spew and if he can get people to listen to him and get paid to do it… more power to him. I choose to spend my time listening to facts, not talking point and hatred. When you constantly smack the hornet’s nest, you need to expect that you’re going to get stung once in awhile. This is a total PR stunt by Rush and it cracks me up that his little lemming followers are out defending him.

  18. @ chapnasty
    I posted this in another thread, but I decided you’re too stupid for me to let this go unread. I’m fairly confident that you don’t know how to use the word “sarcasm” properly. I’ll make the introduction for you.
    sar·casm> noun.
    1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
    2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark
    If you were, in fact, being sarcastic when you said,
    “You my friend are an idiot. The difference between Conservatives and Liberals is that when Conservatives graduate college they get jobs and see how much money we lose in our paychecks because of Liberal policies and tax hikes. While Liberals go out and community organize, take pictures of things and then make them black and white, act in plays, try to save trees and smoke your weed. Basically providing nothing of use to the well being of the country.”
    Then you do not actually believe what you just wrote. By definition, you actually believe the opposite. You did mention you had a college degree. Did you keep your receipt?

  19. I hope Limbaugh’s lawyers sue Florio for slander, and THEN let’s see who it is that plays the poor little “victim” here.
    Florio is like most liberals – they think they can just talk $hit all day long, and make up crap no matter what (even in a public forum such as this web site) and then when someone calls them on it, they curl up and play the victim card all day long.
    Can’t wait to see when that happens. It would serve Olbermann i.e. Florio right.

  20. If he never said them he should be asked whether or not he agrees with the sentiments!

  21. this all doesn’t matter. the damage has been done. less than 10% of people who heard or saw those quotes will see the retraction or fight about them.
    the point is he won’t own a team. this is all for publicity. why give him the publicity?
    i don’t think his political positions should have any affect on him owning a team, but it isn’t going to happen, so why talk about it?

  22. All hail Rush the voice of truth!!! He sayeth the FACTS! Like how Donovan McNabb was created by the media because they wanted to FORCE a black QB on us! The media made Mcnabb throw 3 TD’s and no int’s yesterday! Rush is a rrrrracist!

  23. PackFaninPackLand- What exactly has Florio done here that can be considered slander? You really need to get that cheese out of your ears and eyes.

  24. “I hope Limbaugh’s lawyers sue Florio for slander, and THEN let’s see who it is that plays the poor little “victim” here.”
    Slander = Spoken
    Libel = Written, pictures, etc.

  25. It is somewhat foolish to focus on the “did he or didn’t he” nature of the slavery quote, when it’s documented that he did in fact tell an African American caller to his radio show “take that bone out of your nose and call me back.” For the record, Limbaugh admitted to the quote in an interview (Newsday 8 October 1990 edition).
    As for some of the comments on this item, it’s really sad to think that concern about racism is now labeled “a left wing agenda.” This type of backward thinking is truly Limbaugh’s legacy. You dittoheads must be so proud.

  26. @PackFaninPackLand
    You are 100% correct.
    It is also 100% accurate, that if you listen to ANY radio personality (left, right, etc.) and take them seriously, you are a simpleton.

  27. Check out for their take on the validity of Limbaugh’s insensitive remarks. He admits to telling a caller, “…take the bone out of your nose…”
    As you have said, Limbaugh can be entertaining at times but he is also a divisive force. If he can afford a team, I think he should be allowed to bid for one. But, I would hate to see it happen. He would become a side show, shifting attention away from the wonderful game that we all love.

  28. It’s hilarious seeing all the dittoheads melt down in the comments. Rush has been race-baiting for years and now people want to defend him like some kind of misunderstood defender of equality.
    Florio never attributed the quote to Rush; he reported what others were saying and specified who was attributing it to Rush. He has no liability. You guys know Florio’s a lawyer, right? If he’s talking about Rush suing others for slander, isn’t it obvious Florio himself would be careful?
    And way to generalize about liberals and bash Olbermann, dittoheads, especially since Olbermann said Rush shouldn’t be blocked from buying the team. Way to be informed!

  29. See you later Florio. I don’t check this site to hear your politics and therefore won’t checking this site any longer. Peace out brother…

  30. Is it a rule that all right wingers have to be crazy assholes? Because that’s what it seems like.

  31. Florio is a damn idiot and a racist hustler. Both required by his ew masters at NBC. F you, Florio.

  32. The main stream media work for the Democratic party and all the marxists’ groups that support them. The main stream media lie and spread mis-information 24/7, 365. Only a brain dead moron would actually believe most of what the main stream media reports. The main stream media is the propaganda machine for the Marxists we have running the Democratic party. None of these people ever really listen to Limbaugh’s show. They all get their news from the Marxist media and mindlessly repeat the lies and mis-info. They are just mindless robots. As Lenin said, “useful idiots”. I listen to Limbaugh almost everyday that he’s on the radio. I listen to him because he is one of the only people in the media who actually informs the American citizen on what the government and politicians are actually doing to screw us and the nation. The details that the government doesn’t want it’s citizens to know about and the main stream media helps to keep secret by not reporting on it. As far as Limbaugh and his associates purchasing the Rams, it’s still a free counrty. He has the right to be able to purchase whatever he can afford. It’s nobody else’s business. With the Democratic party and the President and his administration in control right now we won’t be a free country for long.

  33. I dont understand how this article is liberal and biased, this whole story is a joke, limbaugh should have a right to own a team. I find it hilarious that people are offended, football is a brutal sport, guys brains get bruised, guys get paralyzed, guys have even died in prqctice, it is the most brutal sport, and people are offended by words? It is amazing. If you do hate this guy isnt owning the rams a good punishiment?

  34. Bludukedevil- Where in this article did Florio relate his politics?!? My goodness, the level of idiocy in some of these comments is unbelievable.

  35. Are you people serious? This has nothing to do with Limpdicbaugh’s politics and everything to do with how Limpdicbaugh views black people. He has no clue how black people are treated in white America. He is as blind as a bat if he doesn’t think what he has said about minorities in this country is right in any way! Does he even recognize how African Americans have been discriminated throughout American History? I mean seriously! He probably thinks that there was always equality for Blacks since they were released from slavery and they are to blame if they are unable to prosper in America. Between agreeing with the Donavon comment and saying that the NFL is like Bloods & Crypts without the weapons, should tell you all you need to know about his ideology about how America should be run. Would you really be that shocked if you found out that Limpdicbaugh actually said what he is accused of? I didn’t think so. The way he speaks about minorities is like what the US is doing to the middle east. The US is telling the middle east you are better off with our government in place, (which is not working), and Limpdicky is saying to minorities, this is how you should live your life because it will be good for you. Don’t act like you are being discriminated and you won’t be discriminated. I mean, I don’t see it so it must not be there. Pathetic!

  36. Florio you do not have the GUTS to pick up the phone and call Rush and ask him of made those comments. If you ever get the Cojones to do so please let us know what Rush says. Until I am sure you will continue to print the slanderous lies and libel.

  37. Bunyan:
    You really aren’t that dumb are you? Why does Limbaugh want to own a team in a country that has a Marxist president? Wouldn’t Obama just take over the Rams like the good Fascist you and Limpy think he is?

  38. So what I’m hearing here is that a private citizen, who has made his money legally cannot spend that money to buy private property because his politics are “wrong” and that he is unworthy to have the same rights as other citizens because his politics are “wrong.” Hmmm…not being allowed to do business because someone is not favored by the government; wrong politics, wrong ethnicity…say, when do you libs plan on blowing up the Reichstag and will it be televised? Got your political prisons built yet or is that part of the next stimulus package? Can I get loge seats for the second performance of Kristallnacht?
    Way to lift your leg on personal freedom, folks. Carry on.

  39. Let’s go further…because some people don’t like Limbaugh’s use of his First Amendment rights, is he going to be thus denied the right to invest in any other business? Can he no longer purchase stock in say, General Electric because his opinions are unpopular with certain political parties and segments of society? Is it no longer acceptable for Mr. Limbaugh to invest in say, green businesses because his is conservative money rather than politically-acceptable liberal money? And you better believe Rush would put money in green technology if it would bring a reasonable rate-of-return. Logic rather than emotion; and that’s all the objection to his interest in the Rams is. Money is money. There is no place on any denomination of currency that says “conservative” or “liberal.”
    St. Louis’ last team just played for a Super Bowl nine months ago under the Arizona state flag. Will Rams fans be oh-so-much-happier with a second team leaving town rather than having it possibly saved for the city by someone who some people don’t like? Leave it to an Irsay to believe in moving franchises instead of saving the current franchise in the current city.

  40. @ mattitude
    Sorry bro, left work, went to the gym and just got home so I can comment back.
    What I was referring to as being sarcastic was that all liberals sit around and smoke weed and do nothing. Sarcastic may not have been the right term and I assume you went to to get the definition because you get all of your information from the internet. I apologize for the delay. I guess I should have been more specific.
    On a side note, Florio you might want to apologize after listening to Rush he is giving people time to retract the statement or he is going to sue you. HAHA

  41. elite, the left is very racist. blacks are very leftish and they commit all interracial crime between blacks and whites.
    glenn beck is right that osamabama is racist.
    there are lots of conservatives / republicand who are in college or went to college AND graduated.
    they have technical degrees, of course u wouldnt know that.
    and doomsday, liberals are sane? guess again, damn fool.

  42. @SoupSandwich
    I’m leaving all politics out of this post. What I’m going to say is entirely politically neutral.
    No one is being denied any constitutional rights. The best analogy I have for you is a country club. Some country clubs are extremely selective about who they admit as members. And it is the club who has the right to make the final decision who it accepts as a member. It doesn’t matter if a person can afford to become a member or not, what matters is if the club wants that person to become a member.
    In this instance the said prospective buyer has rights, but so does the league he is interested in.
    If they so think that a prospective buyer would not have a positive effect on their league, they have the right to deny ownership.

  43. Abe, I can’t agree because “private” clubs have been under tremendous assault over the last few years…i.e. Martha Burke at Augusta National, et. al. How many golf clubs have been denied PGA tournaments because they have no members of color? Or women members?
    I don’t know how often “private” clubs have been targets of litigation for maintaining their rights to choose their fellow members, but I would imagine it’s happened more than once.
    One other point, how many NFL teams play in government-subsidized stadia? Can NFL teams taking government money “choose” their membership without falling afoul of quite a few laws? Certainly individual teams cannot do this for their individual “private” clubs. It’s called the “Rooney Rule.”
    While on its face, a mega-successful, mega-rich white guy claiming discrimination is the height of absurd, if Limbaugh’s bid is denied for any reason other than economics, he MIGHT (note emphasis, please) a valid point. And wouldn’t that lead to some interesting, thought-provoking, sober and reflective debate?
    Yeah, I don’t think so either.

  44. @slipkid
    Wow, in one poorly-written, punctuation-challenged post, you mangaged to make four generalizations, while likely offending blacks, white, and and those on both the left and right.
    You stated that
    “the left is very racist.” – I’m pretty sure there are at least some of us who aren’t
    “blacks are very leftish” – uhhuh, like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes – look them up
    “and they commit all interracial crime between blacks and whites” – Really? All interracial crime between blacks and whites? All of it? No white person has ever committed a crime against a black person? Never? Those murders in Selma…that was just the filthy librul media makin’ stuff up, huh?
    “there are lots of conservatives / republicand who are in college or went to college AND graduated.
    they have technical degrees, of course u wouldnt know that.” – No, I wouldn’t know that, because not all conservatives who’ve gone to college got technical degrees. Some get degrees in history, medicine, law, even theatre. Yes, theatre. Ouch, huh.
    I’ll close with a statement that is not a generalization: you are stupid.

  45. First I want to thank you for replying decently and respectfully and allowing us to have this discourse with any insults or derisive statements. It seems too often that people merely want to shout at each other rather than talk. With that said…
    Your original assertion was that the prospective buyer in question was being denied his rights as an American.
    The two examples you provided are not examples of entities being denied those rights.
    Golf courses do not have a constitutionally guaranteed right to be selected by the PGA. The PGA selects which golf courses it wants to hold events at, and they are not bound by law to any specific condition on which locations they must choose. In fact it is the PGA who has the right to select any course it wants to on any criteria it chooses to. If the PGA has problems with the way a course conducts any manner of its business, it is the right of the PGA not engage in business there.
    Individual NFL teams agree operate under the umbrella of the NFL and its rules as a stipulation of membership. It is the NFL who has the ultimate legal authority to make decisions on the hiring practices of the teams as decided by the owners’ agreement . The constitutional rights of the teams are not being denied by the NFL instituting rules.
    That the stadiums have public funding, or that the NFL has a trust exception are not constitutionally relevant to this issue.
    There is a discrimination law in place which states you can’t deny someone on the basis of their race, religion, gender or sexuality. But that is the extent of the law.
    Now what would be really funny is if the certain someone we’re talking who is so against the government’s “intrusion” into his life wanted the federal government to step in and expand that law to include political views when it’s now convenient for him.
    And even if they did amend the law and include whatever language would somehow cover that idea, he would still lose in court, as it is his clear that the NFL does not want him because they (rightly or wrongly) believe it would be bad for business.
    Anyway, the gist of the matter is that the prospective buyer would not have been denied any of his rights should his bid be denied because it is the NFL’s right to choose its owners on the business merits they deem necessary.

  46. “All hail Rush the voice of truth!!! He sayeth the FACTS! Like how Donovan McNabb was created by the media because they wanted to FORCE a black QB on us! The media made Mcnabb throw 3 TD’s and no int’s yesterday! Rush is a rrrrracist!”
    Haha, I know right! And the way the media just made poor Rex Grossman play so badly because he was white!

  47. @ Alvys, watched it, didn’t see anything about the slavery comments.
    Mercury Morris agreed with Rush after he made the blood and crypt comment.

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