Moonshine gets a look in Tampa

Though it remains to be seen whether Tony Dungy will be returning to the Bucs, a free-agent wideout who has been languishing on the shelf could be joining the team.

According to Pewter Report, former Jaguars wideout Matt Jones will work out for the team on Tuesday, along with four other receivers.

The others are David Tyree, Yamon Figurs, Chris Davis, and Jordan Kent.

Though Jones entered the league with more fanfare, as a converted quarterback drafted in round one four years ago by Jacksonville, Tyree has the more impressive accomplishment on his resume — the pinning of a ball against his helmet to help deliver an unlikely win over the previously 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Jones previously worked out for the Titans, but he has gotten no offers.

The move is likely a shot across the bow at Michael Clayton, who lobbied for more balls to be thrown his way — and then had trouble catching them on Sunday. 

“You have to be accountable for what you ask for, be careful what you ask for, be careful what you wish for,” coach Raheem Morris said of Clayton on Monday.

To reinforce that point, Morris apparently will spend part of the day Tuesday figuring out whether the five men who have been wishing for another chance in the NFL will seize the moment.
And catch the ball.

13 responses to “Moonshine gets a look in Tampa

  1. Michael Clayton is stealing money from the Bucs. This guy thinks he’s T.O. But, Hands-of-Stone Clayton only knows how to drop easy passes. Get rid of him. And, take Gaines Adams with you.

  2. Any one of those will beat out Clayton. If Morris cuts Clayton I will have a sliver of respect for him. I will still want his incompetent butt fired, however.

  3. Considering the fact that Michael Clayton couldn’t catch swine flu in mexico city, I think s these tryouts are long overdue. Can our coaching staff also stop the bleeding on the big plays our defense is giving up.
    Here’s a math problem for the Glazers:
    If a plane leaves Tampa for Manchester, England, full of money at 450 miles per hour.
    And, a bus carrying the team with the biggest salary cap gap in the NFL, leaves philly for Tampa at 70 miles per hour…
    What does my ass taste like?
    Please show work…

  4. Jones should take whatever offer he gets. After Miles Austin’s performance in KC Sunday there is NO chance he will even get a sniff from Dallas. Prior to Sunday I thought Jerry might bring him in during Dallas’ bye week because none of the WRs were showing much. Not anymore.

  5. I am a buccaneers fan that teared up a little while i was reading this article. I hate Clayton with a passion and just seeing a possibility of him sitting on the bench is equivalent of seeing the buccaneers get a win. Not to switch the subject but this will also help me out tremendously in Madden. When I play people online they leave clayton wide open because he drops the ball 80% of the time. I actually like Matt and, Tyree, but Yamon Figurs is fast as hell but I would like to see us get Matt or Tyree. Jeff Faine is coming out the telephone booth, and the green king Tanard Jackson is back, so hopefully we can go out and get our first win of the season against the Carolina Panthers. (P.S: Florio can you do us Buccaneer fans a favor and start a rumor of how were going to trade for Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson Thanx)

  6. I dispute Florio’s claim that Tyree:
    “has the more impressive accomplishment on his resume — the pinning of a ball against his helmet to help deliver an unlikely win over the previously 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.”
    That was one flukey catch in an otherwise worthless career. Jones had 63 catches in only 12 games last year- clearly a much more impressive achievement to a team looking for help at the position.

  7. @wakeupto Realitypolice
    “That was one flukey catch in an otherwise worthless career.”
    That was one of the most professional, clutch catches in SB history. For a so-called worthless player his name will live forever in the annals of the game. How exciting for a player with average skills to grab the brass ring and become a household name. That catch alone has made his career noteworthy of respect. Unfortunately, he has been injured most of the time since that amazing day. People forget he made the team for his exceptional special teams skills and not his receiving ability. The Giants anguished over having to release him this summer. He took it with the class and dignity he has always shown. He is a decent man on and off the field.

  8. THat was one extremely flukey catch.
    Matt Jones’s resume blows Tyree’s out of the water. Matt Jones was on the upswing of his career and he may have finally learned his lesson and with the time off may put even more effort into being a good player in the NFL. Jones has far more potential AND would be more likely to give help in the short-term as well…. and ANYBODY is better than Clayton.

  9. Matt Jones could actually be the best WR and QB on the Bucs roster. More cost savings for the Bucs….dump their 3rd QB.

  10. @ brasho
    You call the catch flukey and I call it great. No matter what adjectives are used the key word is ‘catch.’ We can all agree on that. Mr. Jones may have more potential, but he may never have Tyree’s recognition. I know that is hard for you and that guy out of touch with reality. Failure to give credit only makes you both look like sore losers.

  11. Fanamine says:
    October 13, 2009 12:56 PM
    That was one of the most professional, clutch catches in SB history.
    Listen, I love David Tyree- a stand up guy and a good man. But that catch was a f-l-u-k-e fluke. If he tried that 100 times, he would not be able to do it again. Maybe “worthless” was a little strong. My point was, if you are a team that desperately needs reciever help, a guy with 63 catches the season before is worth more than one who didn’t play.

  12. Fanamine totally misses the argument. Brasho and I are trying to figure out who would help the bucs the most, not the one with the most name recognition curried by making a game saving, yet extremely flukey, catch in a super bowl.
    Fanamine is obviously a Giants fan. No one is trying to take away your super bowl, big guy, just saying who would be a better RECIEVER for the BUCANEERS.
    And the reality is Matt Jones is a far far better option than David Tyree- who by the way, just signed with the Ravens so the whole argument about the Bucs is moot.

  13. Michael Clayton should be cellmates with Bernie Maddoff for how much money he has stolen from the bucs. I bet if he got paid per catch instead of a FAT SALARY, he would find a way to catch the ball.

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