Sims-Walker apologizes, but won't talk about why he didn't play

A day after an embarrassing 41-0 loss to the Seahawks, two Jaguars players who provided unwanted distractions apologized for their actions.

Receiver Mike Sims-Walker was deactivated after violating the team itinerary, whatever that means. 

I made a mistake in judgment,” Sims-Walker said, according to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.  Sims-Walker declined to identify the specific reason for the surprise scratch.  “I apologize to everybody for the team,
the owners, Jack [Del Rio], Gene [Smith], the fans.  I’m sorry.  It’ll
never happen again.  It was a bad mistake on my part.”

Sims-Walker addressed the team at a Monday meeting.

“They felt my pain,” he said.  “They saw before the game how sick I was. 
I couldn’t look anybody in the eyes.  I knew it was my fault.  I put them
in a bad situation.  I’ve never been a character-issue guy or been in
the media for the wrong reasons.”

The incident reportedly occurred on Friday night.  There were no team meetings that evening; Sims-Walker’s only obligation was to comply with curfew.

“It’s nobody’s business but ours,” Sims-Walker said.  “We all know what happened.  All that
matters is that we’re done with it.  We’re moving on.”

One of Sims-Walker’s teammates has privately disclosed the reason for the deactivation, and it sure sounds to us as if the team possibly overreacted.  Sims-Walker’s agent, Adisa Bakari, did not respond to a Monday e-mail or a Monday phone call seeking confirmation or denial of the information suppled by the teammate.

Defensive end Quentin Groves also apologized for missing the team flight due to an automobile accident.  Groves has been accused by one of the other drivers of trying to flee the scene, and of receiving special treatment from the police who arrived on the scene.

“I personally want to say I’m sorry to the Jacksonville community,
especially Jaguar fans, coach Del Rio, Mr. Weaver, our whole family up
here in the organization,” Groves said.  “I especially want to extend my condolences to
the family that was involved in the accident.  I’m sorry about what
happened and it won’t happen again.”

Jack Del Rio, who likewise did not elaborate on the reason for the discipline of Sims-Walker, said that the two incidents are not a sign that the Jaguars are in the early stages of a new rash of bad conduct.

“I think you’re talking about a traffic citation and a guy that used
poor judgment.  To have to be lumped in with past dealings would be
unfair and inaccurate,” Del Rio said.

It’s impossible to completely accept that representation from Del Rio, given that no one is saying what Sims-Walker did.  But if what at least one of his teammates has privately said is accurate, then we agree with Del Rio — it’s no big deal.

Apart from the fact that it was a big enough deal for the Jaguars to sit their best receiver down for a full game.

18 responses to “Sims-Walker apologizes, but won't talk about why he didn't play

  1. Kudos to Del Rio and the Jags for standing on principle and sitting their best receiver for a game that could have gone a long way to re-establishing the Jaguars as a team moving in the right direction.
    Sounds like the guy missed curfew. Great. He screwed up. Fine him. Make him run gassers ’til he pukes. Make him sing his college fight song in his jock strap. Do all 3 – but don’t sit him and effect the rest of the team during a time when they are admittedly teetering on the edge over their future in Jacksonville.
    Win this game and follow it up with a should-win game next week over St. Louis and the Jags are 4-2, riding a 4 game winning streak going into the bye – solidly in second place in the division and right in the thick of things for a playoff run. These are the things that turn public opinion and put people in the seats. Lose and its back to the same-old Jags and they (hopefully) limp into the bye at .500.
    Itis entirely possible that the Jags would have come out as flat as they did even with Sims-Walker playing. But the fact that they did and he wasn’t could lead a reasonable observer to develop a causal relationship between the two. The Jaguars are simply a different offensive team without him.
    Standing on principle is a great thing – and serves as a good lesson to our kids. In that vein, I’m sure the Jags won’t mind if the fans continue to stand on principle and hold hold onto their money until they see a better product on the field.

  2. Sitting the best weapon in the passing game for the entire game becuase he stayed out past curfew? I could see sitting him for a series or two, but the entire game is just stupid. What should have been a punishment for the player ended up being a punishment for the team. I understand that after the Matt Jones experiment Del Rio wants to keep the team on a more disiplined path, but the idea of punishing the team for a single player’s mistake is ridiculous.

  3. As a rule, coaches try to divulge as little info as possible in an effort to not help the opposing team’s preparation. In this case, it really didn’t make a difference (see 41-0 score). Del Rio knew MS-W wasn’t going to play on Sat. AM, but he does not show up on the inactive list until an hour before kickoff for a late afternoon game. This move absolutely killed my chances of knocking off the best team in the FFL that I belong to. My other WR options were either on a bye week or already playing in the early games. My league only allows pickups on Thu AM, Sat AM & Sun AM. It sounds like Del Rio must have been up against someone who was starting MS-W in his FFL. I wish my boss would tell that I could not work today because I was late.

  4. I truly hope he did something bad. Otherwise nothing else justifies the sitting. Missing curfew, are you kidding me??? Can’t be it. I personally want to kill someone. I traded for Sims Walker and Gerard to start them in such a juicy matchup against Seattle in my fantasy, and look what happened. I was pissed. But Jacksonville fans should be far more upset. They only get so many games to watch that team with the blackouts, and they got to see a spanking. Sad, truly sad…

  5. FLORIO!!!! What the heck, this is called RUMOR CENTRAL!!! Now lay down the rumor you heard……. Why do you need to check with an agent when this is called a rumor page!!
    Didn’t need a source about the ridiculous story saying Moss is dogging it to go to Minnesota as stupid and out there as that stor seemed!!
    What the heck happened???? who cares if you are wrong all you have to write is ALLEGEDLY!
    now come on! send me a book

  6. When did Gerard Butler start playing football?
    The killer in the whole sitting for not making curfew is this: IT WAS FRIDAY NIGHT CURFEW.
    It wasn’t even the night before the game.

  7. Here’s the problem. What has been our problem since Mccardell and Jimmy Smith? WIDE RECIEVER! The organization has hyped up Mike Walker for the past 3 years since we’ve drafted him. Now since he’s had season ending injuries the past 2 years, we finally see what seems to be a glimmering of hope in our passing attack.
    With Sims-Walker so far seeming to be a solid #1 reciever and Holt a solid#2 we can actually spread the field for a change instead of the usually RUN, RUN, INCOMLETE PASS, PUNT.
    I understand the disipline aspect of Del Rio, but what seems to be just a sneaking out of the hotel in Seattle to take a tour of the space needle or something and to inactivate him for the whole game is ridiculous.
    Not that Sims-Walker is Randy Moss or Larry Fitzgerald(maybe soon) Belichik or Wisenhunt would never do this. There’s a thin line b/t smart and dumb and this was obviously DUMB. You have to demolish the RAMS this Sunday and I mean HAVE TO.

  8. To Mr. Sims-Walker: Just as last week I sent a note in the direction of Mr. Cabrera in Detroit, your situation is no just a personal matter. People spend a lot of time and money on professional sports, and by extension, to professional athletes. So what you do in your spare time is not just your business, because it affects a lot of people you obviously don’t consider. Where do you guys ever develop the impression you are not subject to public scrutiny? Grow up!

  9. The players are paid millions of dollars to play, practice, attend meetings, and follow training and preparation rules. The team has every right to set the punishment. Sitting out a game most likely jeopardizes his ability to reach incentives. If the rule is that you sit out the game then it needs to be enforced on every player (except Lord Favre) or you open your team to more issues.

  10. So the partner ship with NBC wont change anything, huh?
    “One of MSW team mates has PRIVATELY privately disclosed the reason for the deactivation”.
    If it is privately disclosed, why the hell is he telling you Florio? You “best pal” with this dude in such a way that he spills the beans to you an all Jags turmoil related issues – yet you are in a “listen-but-cant-tell” relationship?
    1000s of true visitors come to this site hourly for rumors and gossip on the NFL. How about delivering on every “play”?
    Grow some hair on your onions Florio and update this article:
    “According to a team mate, MSW ALLEGEDLY did so and so” end of story.
    Everyone in the NFL gets thrown under the bus on this site from the slightest rumor – WHY DOES MSW GET A PASS?

  11. If this had been the Eagles, you would’ve gone ahead w/the alleged confirmation from an unknown source (teammate) and posted the alleged infraction………
    Don’t play favorites (okay, so this is a little over the top)……

  12. Del Rio did the right thing to sit Sims-Walker down. You people who are saying he should have played are probably the same people who said last year that he ran too loose a ship. For all we know, Sims-Walker was out drinking late the night before the game.
    If the coach doesn’t enforce the reasonable rules he sets (and I doubt Del Rio required Sims-Walker to wear a tie on the airplane), the players won’t respect him. Now they know that Del Rio sticks to his word.
    The person who screwed up here is Sims-Walker. He seems like a good guy–hopefully his apology is sincere and he will dedicate himself to being the best player he can be.

  13. unless sims-walker was going to suit up for defense, i don’t see how he would have made *that* much of an impact.
    granted, he might have caught a TD or two (i wish he did as he was on my fantasy team), but that wouldn’t have stopped that seahawks offense.

  14. Hey Florio, I checked and is available.
    Thanks for leaving us out on a limb.

  15. Thanks funny, everyone is self-rightoeus all of a sudden. I personally don’t think Del-Rio ran a loose ship. These men are grown, regardless of what most of you think. He made a mistake, big deal. If it really was something serious don’t you think it would be known by public by now.
    Besides most of the coaches disipline rules are overated. Blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, WIN GAMES. I followed him in college and Sims-Walker is no trouble maker and has no history of it. Del-Rio supposedly got rid of the bad apples and wasted talent, now win.

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