The best sports video mash-up we've ever seen

We mentioned this briefly earlier today, but we need to mention it again.

It’s the single best video based on sports sound bites that we have ever seen.

Many of you have likely already seen it.  We’re not sure how we missed it.

Watch it.  And then watch it again.  And then, like we have, watch it 10 more times.

We dare you to not dance, sway, shimmy, or clap your hands while doing so.

46 responses to “The best sports video mash-up we've ever seen

  1. that is good. florio, you have more time on your hands than i thought if you are finding random youtube posts.

  2. Yeah, Mike, there’s a lot of older white guys jumping on the hip-hop band wagon, so I’m not surprised you are.
    But, I’ve kept my integrity and won’t lower myself to even play that ugly hate “music”.
    I’m sure this post will get you a higher popularity rating, though, since most young persons are into this toilet-worthy genre.

  3. That is the epitome of laziness Wishbone.
    Iverson wishes he could rap like that, this is absolutely brilliant!

  4. Awesome but waaaay too heavy on the Iverson practice – Lot of great stuff he missed or under utilized.

  5. That was pretty sweet. Love the fact that the video is in sync for the Mora parts especially. Very catchy.
    @ Paul_R.:
    Tell us what you really think.

  6. Nice find! Never thought I’d relate “auto-tune” with “Jim Mora”, but God bless the internet huh?

  7. Wow, you just heard about this video? The Powertrip Morning show pimped this via back in June. Little late to the party, Florio.

  8. The Wishbone says:
    October 13, 2009 8:15 PM
    Why the f–k do I need to click it? How can you not post it within the f–king post?
    Why the f–k do I have to watch it?
    How can you not describe the entire f–king 4 minutes and 16 seconds to me word by word?
    Why do I have to watch it with my own f–king eyes ?

  9. @WeMissYouDan
    What I really think is that the genre promotes ugliness in everything, from how to treat a “ho” to how to show your ass in public to how to mistreat everyone on the planet and how to hate yourself.
    But, if losing any sort of moral sense is your thing, it’s your thing. And, maybe it’s Florio’s thing, since he thinks it’s the “best sports video mash-up we’ve ever seen.”
    It was about 40 years ago when calling someone “bad” somehow meant they were “good”. Evolution of ideas and now everything that really is bad is now good.
    So, go slap your “ho bitch” around just to prove you love her while the music is playing and then rape her. After all, she’ll love it since she’s a “ho”.

  10. Good job finding this a year after the rest of the world Florio.
    Paul_R you might have posted the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. In fact it was so moronic that you inspired me to re-register just to let you know how f–king weak you are.

  11. Your moral stands are priceless Paul_R – do you ever watch TV or movies then cause it promotes violence? Do other genres of music also not have its bad apples? Keep painting with a broad brush, you’re only showing how ignorant you are.

  12. Kool Herc, no, I do not watch television aside from football on Sundays. I do not watch anything else on television. If there’s any kind of noise in the background, it’s music, but not your kind of “music”.
    Have you ever heard Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov?
    Or, maybe Midori playing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto?
    Or, how about Spyro Gyra and their jazz? Or, Keiko Matsui?
    No, you wouldn’t listen to that sort of music, you’ve got your ugly “music” genre, the music that best describes your hate and anger, your inner violence. You want to be a violent beast like those who record the “music”. That’s what it promotes and it shows everywhere. So, you can keep it and you won’t see me anywhere near it.

  13. @Paul_R.,
    You commenting on something that you know nothing about, but are making yourself look like you know something about it. In other words, you’re misinformed and judging a genre based on your false knowledge.

  14. Kidekk, what do I need to know about the genre? It’s everywhere and it’s easy to see. It’s not like someone actually has to look hard to find it. And it is ugliness at its worst.

  15. By the way, Florio, you don’t mind if I stir up some crap, do you? Hey, it’ll generate page views for you! You know, cha-CHING!

  16. By the way, Kidekk, a few decades ago, when bands like the Beatles started wearing their hair long (in defiance of “The Establishment”) and other bands sang about “free sex”, society was, for the most part, up in arms about the decay of societal norms and decency. Prior to those “revolutionary” days, there were norms and decency. But, the children of the world had to grab hold of the “new morality” and “society” changed and accepted these new “norms” and indecency.
    Hip-hop just drags that indecency to new lows and you embrace it. Don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re just so caught up in it that you think it is “normal” and “decent” when it’s not.

  17. Paul_R – Yes, I’ve heard of all of them. Appreciating one form of music doesn’t preclude me from appreciating others. The only thing ugly on this post is you and your ignorant stereotypes.
    As Kidekk says you know nothing about the genre and are insinuating that the small portion that you insist on stereotyping is true of the whole genre. I don’t listen to the fraction of the genre that portrays society as such.
    PS: you better get off the internet too choir boy – I’ve heard there’s violence and nekkid wimmin on here, shock!

  18. Paul_R get off your high horse. Do you know how many murderers and just all around bad people there are or have been in the NFL? Every time you turn around there is an alcohol add during those football games and everything else that isn’t “decent”. Yet you still watch. Players and coaches are screaming the f word 10 times in a sentence, but that’s ok? Come on man, just move on.

  19. Obviously Paul’s never heard of Mos Def or Talib Kwali.
    But that’s okay. Let the old man shake his cane and rage against all that “new music”
    I’m pretty sure he called the Beatles degenerates in a post above this. You can’t reason with that kind of old-fashioned.

  20. “Kool Herc, no, I do not watch television aside from football on Sundays.”
    Damn, you miss a lot of good football.
    “No, you wouldn’t listen to that sort of music, you’ve got your ugly “music” genre, the music that best describes your hate and anger, your inner violence.”
    People often listen to music that feeds their psyche. Some are indeed feeding their inner feelings of anger and violence with certain genres. And other are feeding other inner things. So how long have you been a homosexual, Paul? Did your parents name you Paul as a joke or did you pick it because it’s a common name for homosexuals? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just interested in the psychology behind your choice of music and name, if you did in fact choose your name. It’s a chicken/egg thing. “Did you pick that music because you are a homosexual or did your choice of music make you a homosexual”, sort of.

  21. Jesus Christ people! Don’t feed the troll. Either he’s saying absurd contrarian garbage to get a reaction, or he’s so stupid it’s amazing he could log onto the internet. Either way, it’s not worth indulging him.
    And this video is awesome, but VERY OLD. Check out the youtube page of the guy that made it, he has some other funny videos in the same vein.

  22. Sighhh…please don’t let anyone on the Cowboys see this video.
    Got ’nuff problems as it is. PRACTICE!

  23. Please allow me to jump into the “what is Paul_R talking about” fray.
    Paul, the “lyrics” to this video/song/whatever you want to call it are EXCLUSIVELY from these different press conferences. So if anyone says anything objectionable, it is an athlete, not a hip hop artist. Add to that, I’m pretty sure that the only two swear words are Iverson saying “hell” and Denny Green saying “asses”. Maybe Mike Gundy said something, as well. Either way, there is nothing about rape or hoes or anything like you say.
    What if these press conferences had somehow been mixed into one of the songs that you mentioned. Would it still be hateful ugliness? It would be the same words, over a tune that you find more appealing. If you find the words objectionable, then make your complaints about the athletes and coaches, not the music.
    If your problem is solely with the music, then you are painting too broad a brush. I am a fan of hip hop. I have not heard the beat that was used for this video. It is entirely possible that it is unique, and was made by DJ Steve Porter for the sole purpose of the creation of this video. Even if it was used for a different song, I don’t know that that particular song had any profanity in it, and if I don’t know, I’m sure you don’t, either.
    Listen to whatever music you like, but don’t come to this board insulting the rest of us for our choices, especially if you are going to make generalizations about music outside of your taste.

  24. Congratulations on being so hip, florio. You’ve used the term “mash-up” twice in the last few posts. Keep it up. A nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

  25. Paul R
    You sir, are a moron. And to prove it you speak in absolutes about a genre of music that you clearly have no knowledge of. Hip hop IS NOT about hoes and money. Go back under the bridge troll.

  26. it’s alright. too many repeats of the same lines/quotes.
    the AI “practice” quote is wayyyy overused. tune is cool and i love the concept, but seriously, use more/different clips instead of the same ones over and over again.

  27. The Jim Mora bobblehead was pretty cool. Kinda looked like he was a Canadian on South Park.

  28. Ocelot138 says:
    “I’m pretty sure he called the Beatles degenerates in a post above this. You can’t reason with that kind of old-fashioned.”
    Let me ask you a sincere question: Are you married?
    I ask that because if you are, I would like you to ask your wife if it is ok for you to go on a trip without her and have sex with another woman while you’re away.
    You know, there was a song with lyrics that said, “And if you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with.” Yes, I’m sure there are many wives who would love the idea. Girlfriends would obviously love it, too.
    But, I’m not talking just about “lyrics”, but also the culture associated with the music genre. And, even if the 60’s “revolution” promoted some indecency, hip-hop glorifies it. And, what can you say, that it doesn’t? Maybe you grew up with it and it’s all you know. It doesn’t matter. It still demeans you, women, everyone associated with the culture.

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