Trade of Quinn appears unlikely

With Derek Anderson apparently entrenched as the Browns starting quarterback despite a two-completion performance, some folks in Cleveland are wondering if Brady Quinn could be dealt before next week’s trading deadline.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer writes that it “wouldn’t be surprising if Quinn went the way of Braylon Edwards” before October 20.  The paper notes that the rest of the league knows the Browns will listen to offers after they “took calls” regarding Quinn over the offseason.

The Browns may listen, but we’d be surprised if anything happened because there doesn’t figure to be a lot of interest in Quinn after his performance to start the year. 

And when looking at possible suitors, it’s hard to come up with many franchises that need a quarterback badly and would be willing to invest in Quinn during the middle of the season.

Any team that makes some sense on paper (St. Louis, Jacksonville, for example) didn’t aggressively go after Quinn in the offseason, and little has changed in the meantime except for Quinn’s unimpressive three starts.

Plus, as Jon Gruden pointed out Monday Night, this isn’t Major League Baseball.  Impact in-season trades are the exception, not the rule.

That Quinn has been unable to beat out Anderson for playing time doesn’t speak well for him.  Neither do some recent comments by Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson.

“D.A. brought that spark,” said Jackson. “He can make every throw on
that field. It’s good knowing as a defensive player if you get your
offense more than enough opportunities, they’ll move the ball and
create points.”

Imagine how grateful Jackson will be if the Browns actually score a touchdown this week.

29 responses to “Trade of Quinn appears unlikely

  1. Good. Now maybe those nutbags at will stop clamoring for a trade for Quinn.
    The kid is a bust. He has no talent and it is now apparent why he slid so far down in the first round. Too bad he didn’t slip into the later rounds. Maybe that would of helped his passionf or the game.

  2. This could get embarrassing for Quinn. He’s going to look like a bust when he’s traded for peanuts.

  3. I’d be surprised if the Browns got rid of him this season. If Derek Anderson plays good ball from now until the end of the season then yes I would think they would look to deal him. But to this point is Mangini sold that Derek Anderson is the solution for long-term? Or is he just the guy this year until he can get a QB of his choosing? It’s a very akward situation, but right now it’s Anderson’s job to lose. If he can play well, he’ll be the guy next season, if he stinks we might see Quinn again and we might see both gotten rid of at the end of the season.

  4. “D.A. brought that spark,” said Jackson. “He can make every throw on that field.
    Wow. I guess DA only attempted 2 passes on Sunday. Oh, thats right, he ONLY completed 2 passes on Sunday.

  5. Another poster child for another foolish holdout. Just imagine if Quinn had signed his contract and gotten into camp on time. The starting job was there for the taking, but by holding out, he gave DA a chance.

  6. I can name several teams that can use Brady’s services immediately – Buffalo and Oakland to name two. Brady can play, it’s just a matter of having the right system. Lest not forget that Brady Quinn shattered 36, countem 36 Notre Dame records during his 4 years there, won the Maxwell Award as the best college football player and the Johnny Unitas award as the best quarterback in the nation following the 2006 season. He also placed 3rd in the Heisman. When you have a talent like this, it is a coaches responsibility to cultivate and teach and I blame Phil Savage, Romeo Crennel and Manjerky for worrying about #1 instead of investing the time and interest in this kid. Get this kid a coach who gets it and watch him flourish…… You hear me Coach Gruden !!!!!

  7. Seems like the Browns have been getting the short end of trades, etc. lately. Truly ironic that the team agreed to the big trade that netted Mark Sanchez for the Jets, then the immediate impact they received from Braylon Edwards. The Brownies now find themselves in need of a franchise QB and a new #1 at wideout. That would have to make Browns management gunshy about anything between now and like, forever!
    Derek Anderson goes 2 for 17 and he is the entrenched starter? Ouch! I thought Jamarcus’ performances have been abysmal, but never thought I’d see a starter with a 15 rating!
    Is it too early to add Randy Lerner’s name alongside such greats as Al Davis and Dan Snyder? Probably not, if you’re from Cleveland.
    The Mangenius experiment is over. He can go back to being a career coordinator.

  8. The Browns COACHES suck. I don’t think anyone’s given Brady Quinn a fair shake with receivers that catch the ball consistently, behind an O-Line that blocks consistently to prove he does or doesn’t have it.

  9. All of you morons who keep ripping D.A. make it seem like the guy throws like horse shit and he wasn’t on target probably 75% of the time. It’s the receivers you can point the finger at who were almost solely responsible for D.A.’s poor numbers.
    Mangini would get rid of Quinn in a heartbeat if he could get more than @vicks failed drug test mom’s used douche bags for trade value. Remember, Mangini had nothing to do with bringing in Quinn to the Browns – he was only responsible for making it a secret that Quinn was going to start, and shortly thereafter, shit the bed.

  10. bleedgreen – It’s not a coincidence that Anderson hasn’t been sacked as much. He gets the ball out of his hand. Quinn eats too many sacks when he doesn’t have to. He was sacked 10 times in 3 games, Anderson has been sacked 4 times in 2 and a half games. It’s also not a coincidence that the running game is better with DA. The team rushed for less than 100 yards in all 3 of Quinn’s starts. Well over 100 as a team in Anderson’s 2 starts. Teams didn’t respect Quinn’s ability to throw deep and he played right into it by continuing to hit the check downs and quick routes….teams were daring him to throw deep and he just wouldn’t do it. He wasn’t giving us the best chance to win and was benched. Has he been given a fair shake…probably not….but he wasn’t Mangini’s draft pick. Rip on Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage for drafting him in ’07 and NEVER letting him play. Mangini has to do whats best for the team, not whats best for Quinn.

  11. NFC teams who should be interested……
    Redskins – because they need a young QB to draw Shanahan in next season.
    Cowboys – because Romo stinks, and they need to start over
    Vikings – Farve won’t last more than 2 years and Sage and T-Jack are not the answer
    49ers – Shaun Hill has been decent, but is he the long term answer?
    Seahawks – Hasselbeck is servicable but has lost a step (or 3)…and Seneca Wallace is a joke.
    Rams – because they don’t have one QB between Bulger and Boller.
    Panthers – The only thing consistent about Jake Delhomme is his inconsistency!
    AFC teams who should be interested….
    Bills – do I need to say more?
    Jaguars – big splash could draw people to the stadium…plus imagine Quinn, MJD and Tim Tebow in the same backfield next year?!? This could prevent the LA Jaguars.
    Raiders – what don’t they need? Then again, Quinn would be smart enough to not show up for the physical! I am guessing he is releived that he didn’t go #1….
    Plenty of teams SHOULD be interested…but if everything is quiet, then something may be in the works!

  12. I don’t care who you claim to be, if you complete only 2 passes, win or lose, you should be BENCHED!! For good. Quin was never that bad. I, mean, what are we saying here? That that was somehow justifyable because they happened to beat a team even worse than themselves? Bias seems to be the issue here. The very same type the Titans have shown Vince Young. He was snatched after two games last year. 0-5? Please!

  13. To all of you that clearly did not watch the game, Browns receivers dropped NINE balls. Derek made some really good throws but clearly the team wanted to pay tribute to Braylon.

  14. Quinn never got the chance here. I don’t think the browns could trade him without suffering a major backlash from the fans. DA is too spotty a QB to be taken seriously as a permanent starter.

  15. alewatcher – you are the only person that recognizes that fact!
    The job was wide open for the taking, WIDE open for the taking and he took his time gettting to camp!
    Talk about paying for your mistakes.

  16. JC hits it on the head. Drops all over the place including a sure touchdown to Royal. Edwards clearly had a plan to get out of Ceveland this year after he didn’t go to the Giants before the season started-drop everything thrown his way. Quin can’t complete a pass over 10 yards. All two+ starts this year all teams were play 8 in the box and we dare you to beat us long. Couldn’t do it; the guy is bust regardless of where he ends up.

  17. Anderson entrenched as the starter?
    2 out of 17? For 23 yards? That’s less than a 12% completion ratio folks. Say what you will about “Noodle Arm”, but he never turned in a performance like that. Is there anyway to check if this was the all-time low Browns record for completions, completion percentage, and passing yards?
    If Mangini is unwilling to bench DA and start Quinn after a game like that, he never will. I guess it’s time to trade Quinn, but they’ll get nothing for him now.
    What a complete and utter disaster the Browns are. Is anyone excited about beating the Bills 6-3? The only reason they won is that someone fumbles a kickoff at the end of the game and there is at least more than one horrendous team playing in the NFL.
    I really feel that Quinn has been done a great diservice by his team. He’s in his third season and has started all of 6 games. Last year 2 of them were with a broken finger, and this year he played 3 of the top defenses in the NFL, with a clueless offensive coordinator who calls run, run, pass, punt every series. Do you think Crennel and Mangini have done him many favors coaching wise? The receivers suck, the o-line is suspect, and the running game is pathetic.
    There are guys like Steve Young and Troy Aikman that looked horrible on bad teams before they started producing.
    By all accounts, he’s been a decent team mate. He participates in all the off-season stuff, spends extra time in the weight room, film room, etc. Keeps his mouth shut and never complains.
    This quote from the article by Mary Kay Cabot sums it up perfectly.
    “Quinn, on the other hand, can’t get on the field in place of a quarterback who now has one touchdown pass, five interceptions and a league-worst 39.0 rating. Quinn, who started against some of the best teams and defenses in the NFL — the 5-0 Vikings, 5-0 Broncos and 3-2 Ravens — has better numbers than Anderson with one touchdown, three interceptions, a 60.8 completion percentage to Anderson’s 46.4, and a 62.9 rating.”

  18. Leatherballs…
    You’re the moron if you think DA is anything but a practice squad QB.
    Who throws a 90 mph fastball to a receiver that is 5 yards away and ‘wide open’? DA does.
    Sure the WR’s are getting credited for the drops but the guy has NO clue about putting a soft touch on the short to middle range passes.
    A ball thrown down field is exciting but so is a QB that understands the game.
    And of course he is performing better (minus last week) because he knows the position is his.
    That idiot coach of ours should have traded DA before the season started if he really wanted Quinn to start. Who can play looking over their shoulder all the time? No ONE.
    How many teams out there talk about new systems and the importance of having their QB take as many snaps during training camp? Every team except the Browns.
    We can bash QB’s all we want but Man-gina put DA in just so we wouldn’t go 0-16. The man is already playing for his job and destroying this Franchise… Perhaps Rush should buy the Browns. It can’t be worse than current management!!!!

  19. Brady Quinn over Trent Edwards is absurd. He couldn’t beat out Tavares Jackson either. Now over LaMarcus Russell maybe… Quinn is an overrated college hero ala Matt Leinart. He’s going to bust.

  20. Quinn might not be able to stretch the field, but the first three losses of the season can hardly be blamed on him. He played the Vikings, Broncos and Ravens. Not exactly cupcake defenses. Combine that with a stagnant run game and a receiving corps with a perpetual case of the dropsies, and you’ve got a no-win situation for any quarterback.

  21. When I saw the stats, I couldn’t believe how disgusting DA’s numbers were yesterday. Then I read that there were somewhere between 8 and 11 drops by receivers. If you add those in, he didn’t have a bad game at all (plus he won the game). For all you morons that keep saying “how can Mangini not bench a guy who goes 2-17”, why don’t you learn to read through everything before commenting. The drops are a huge factor is his “terrible” performance. Quinn stinks, as I said before the first game. He is afraid or incapable of throwing the ball over 10 yards.

  22. Browns Coach Eric ManGINA is an abomination. He’s done nothing to bring the team ‘together’ and has only sowed strife and discord since his arrival; which, as far as I’m concerned is Lerner’s fault. He hired ManGINA in what, 3 days after the Jets dumped him for not being able to win with Bret Favre? Puhlease.
    If Lerner were smart, he’d tell ManGINA no more personnel moves; then he’d man-up and fire him and give the keys to the kingdom to Mike Shanahan, Jon Gruden, or hell, bring Jimmy & His Johnson out of retirement and promise him a case of hairspray.
    This team blows. I’ve never seen a fatter, more rotund out of shape defensive front in years. Anderson should be cut for signing his big contract after a fluke season and then tanking; and the ball should be handed to Quinn and he should be given time to develop, period. You don’t expect a kid to go through two coaches and then take over a starting job with a new coach who’s interpersonal skills resemble that of a frozen ham.
    Each week that I think the Fudgies can’t get any worse, they find new levels of incompetence and disgrace. ManGINA has got to go, and so does his Himmler-resembling President of Football operations…or in this case, Abominations.
    After growing up in Cleveland with ‘Wait til next year’ tatooed on my buttcheeks, I can only say Dear God Please Make It End Quickly for this year. What a complete and total turdbomb this team is.
    Glad to be in Miami with Ronnie, Ricky, and the Wildcat.

  23. i almost forgot: Schottenheimer is still out there. He’d turn this team around with both hands tied behind his back, a ball-gag in his mouth and a blindfold on.
    Just get Marty some vienerschnitzel from the Haufbrau House, some eastern european trim, a nice Browns hoodie and we’re good to go.
    While we’re at it, maybe we can wheel Mike Phipps, Kevin Mack, and Ernest Byner out in their wheelchairs.
    Or maybe Sam Rutigliano. Hey, has he trimmed his ear and nostril hair yet?!

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