Bills dumping the no-huddle offense

The Bills entered the season running the no-huddle offense as their base attack.

Receiver Terrell Owens didn’t like it, but in the end he simply runs the plays that are called.

Rosenthal recently pointed out that he doesn’t like it, either.

And now coach Dick Jauron has decided that he doesn’t like it, either.

Per a league source, the no-huddle offense is being scuttled, and the team will be overhauling its attack going forward.

Whether it’s enough to turn things around for the 1-4 Bills remains to be seen. 

14 responses to “Bills dumping the no-huddle offense

  1. They’re going to the Northwestern offense. Shotgun, five wide.
    No, it’s about time the Bills dumped that. I could see if it was working for them, but like schism says, they’re on and off the field too quick. They’re not even given their defense a chance to rest.

  2. Hell yeah – it’s about time.
    So… when are they dumping the “no-scoring offense”, the “no-coaching” Dick Jauron, and the “no-deepthrow” QB?
    Can you tell us that?

  3. if there’s one thing worse than installing an offense none of the players like, gets the offensive coordinator fired on the cusp of the start of the regular season, and completely fails 5 games into the season, it’s changing your offensive philosophy in week 6 and expecting better results.

  4. Yeah, maybe when your O-line commits a historically high amount of false start penalties, it’s time to swallow your pride…

  5. Try converting a few 3rd downs. Its amazing how much longer the offense stays on the field.

  6. This really should have happened before the regular season, but at least they’re finally getting rid of the no huddle. Is it any wonder that thier LBs, who are on the field 40 mins or so (or more) a game, are wearing out faster than T.O.’s welcome?
    Way to pull your head out of your asses Buffalo coaching staff. Might as well plan for the worst from here on out, which would mean you’d all be unemployed come early 2010…. wait, is that really the worst thing?
    I feel bad for Bills fans.

  7. no huddle does not mean hurry up. Next to the Colts, the Billsran the slowest no huddle of the teams doing so. Whether you stand all close in a group hug, or on the line to call plays, the play clock doesn’t move any faster or slower.
    The Bills’ issue is they aren’t prepared, are undisciplined, poorly coached and can’t convert on 3rd down.

  8. The Bills’ issue is they aren’t prepared.
    Bingo, we have a winner!
    Start running game time situations in practice
    This team with Lynch and Freddy should pound the ball more.
    They should also start running 4 wide receiver sets more often!

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