Chargers again scrambling to avoid blackout

The 5-0 Denver Broncos come to San Diego on Monday night for a showdown with the Chargers.

The home team, though struggling a bit at 2-2, is rested and ready to knock off the AFC West leaders.

We can feel the building excitement from more than 2,000 miles away.

And yet there are still 1,500 unsold tickets.

The team announced the shortfall today.  By rule, all non-premium seats must be sold by 72 hours before kickoff. 

Typically, the league will provide a 24-hours extension, if it appears that the requisite seats will be sold.

26 responses to “Chargers again scrambling to avoid blackout

  1. Closing in on Jacksonville for worst fans in the league. At least Jacksonville has the excuse of such a horrible team.

  2. Yeah, Eli really made a horrible mistake by passing up on such a great football town…
    Chargers and their fans are pathetic from top to bottom

  3. But,
    If San diego some how wins, fans will pop out of the ground.
    San diego has the most bandwagon fans in the NFL bar none.

  4. Ugh this happens every freaking time.
    San Diego fans don’t want to pay for crappy seats. Seats go unsold approaching the deadline. Florio writes up an article about it. Commenters go on their usual anti-Charger rants. Tickets end up being sold. Blackout avoided. Life goes on.

  5. i love how everyone says the charger fans are the worse when the last time they had a blackout was about 4 years ago.
    Florio just brings it up every week and every week they get sold.

  6. Its because the Chargers’ fair-weather fans prefer to stay home and engage in homosexual relations when their team is not in first place, and sometimes even when their team is in first place.

  7. I love how Charger fans consider some radio station buying up the last of their seats as a “true sellout”.

  8. Florio, when was the last time SD had a blackout during the regular season? Someone above stated 4 years. Maybe it’s time to stop posting about SD blackouts? Isn’t there any Favre injury report news?

  9. Hey Brat Favre,
    Did you get a diploma after you dropped out of school at the age of 12?
    That’s the best you can come up with for a response. Chargers fans are gay!
    Wow. Get back to me after you & your hillbilly freinds shoot a few pigs, drink some cheap port wine, and finish your teeth counting competition.
    I know it will take a while, as your dial-up connection is probably very slow.

  10. Charger fan says they always sell out, but the requisite tickets don’t get sold to fans, and the teams that honestly sell out every home game don’t need extensions. Chargers=pretenders.

  11. These pieces of journalistic sensationalism are getting old.
    Florio, if you visited Qualcomm stadium and sat in the seats that are still available (single seats with no view of the actual playing field), you would not be shocked that they have not been sold and would quit stirring up negative reactions toward Chargers’ fans.

  12. I love how prolly more like 1,000 seats left at the time the acrticle was posted = “scrambling”.
    These seats are the worst in the NFL… obstructed view seats that shouldn’t even count. It’s why they are trying to get a new stadium done.
    And yes… last blackout was many years ago and yet the haters keep typing on…

  13. Brat Favre,
    Your comment was…hilarious.
    Uncle Leo,
    Don’t hate just because your team is 2-2 and has no chance at a superbowl again…as usual.
    Oh and i’m gonna enjoy watching my team work them over on Monday night. Haha hope you dont have a blackout so you can watch it too!

  14. Sweet job Charger “fans”, nice to see the bandwagon moves slow enough for people to jump on and off without injury. Unfortunate that other AFC West fans probably follow the Chargers more closely than the so called fans of North Tijuana City.

  15. The seats available are not worth the $100 they’re trying to charge for them. But they’ll sell, and I’ll enjoy the game at home on my 61-inch.
    The Broncos luck ends Monday night in SD!

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