Chargers cut starting safety Hart

PFT wrote last week that Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith was determined to make some changes to his team during its bye week and in advance of the trading deadline.

The changes have begun. 

The team released safety Clinton Hart Wednesday, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune and Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Hart doesn’t have a big name, but he’s started 33 out of the 34 games he’s played since 2007, so the move should resonate on a defense where there are a number of jobs reportedly up for grabs.

18 responses to “Chargers cut starting safety Hart

  1. Cutting a starter is definitely making a statement. Sounds like Smitty is putting everybody on high alert. Can’t wait to hear Merriman’s comments on this. Ya know he’s not smart enough to just shut up and play.

  2. Haven’t got to see a ton of Chargers games so I dunno if the guy was actually stinking it up or not. Their defense wasn’t exactly performing at a high level though.

  3. Clinton Hart knocked the breath out of me and the ball out my hands in a playoff game in High School about 15 years ago. Out and up route down the left sideline and my QB hung it up and I went for the ball and Mr Hart went for my midsection. I vomitted on the field but returned later in the game and made a few catches. Bushnell South Sumpter routed us that night.

  4. Hart was on the bubble to make the team this year before training camp. But after watching Hart through 4 weeks, its enough to make me vomit.

  5. BIG mistake, Hart was the only stable thing NOT giving up big plays the last few years.
    Damn, you Chargahs are going down the shittah.

  6. Do you watch Chargers games? Big mistake? Start paying attention! Game 1 Hart gives up a TD (remember when Cro & Hart were pointing at each other), plus numerous other times this season AND last season. Hart is an ex-arena league player and he plays like it. He’s a backup at best.
    I, as someone who actually watches Chargers games, am stoked he is no longer on the team.

  7. Dear Josh: Pick him up. Even just for a week. He was just there. Do everything you can to beat the Deadbolts.
    Oh, wait. It appears you already know how to do that. And beating Hoodie is ALWAYS a good thing.
    Just one question: I saw the interview the other night and though the interviewer didn’t see fit to ask you about it, what’s with the hair? Not the haircut, the color. Was it a bet? Dude, I’m just sayin’…

  8. This move was way overdue. Hart couldn’t cover Stephen Hawking in a phone booth. Now they need D-line help. Can’t wait to see what Merriman has to say. He may also punch his ticket out of town.

  9. Yo Seeryer, thanks for the “Uncle Rico” moment. Did you throw the football over the mountain after the game?

  10. So glad to see Hart of the team. He has been terrible for years. The real shame is the fact that AJ Smith didn’t address this GLARING need any time over the last two offseasons. While the Donkeys grabbed Dawkins, we just sat on our hands…

  11. Edman13,
    No. I jumped on a bus back home. Watched my Tide lose to UF in the SEC Championship game the next day. It was a crappy weekend but since the thread was about Clinton Hart I figured I’d throw out my story. By the way, I was a sophomore at the time but ended up signing a scholly with the D-1 school of my choice two years later. Thanks for asking!!

  12. haha Edman13, made me laugh man…hey Seeryer i remember when I could throw a pigskin a quarter mile…

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