Charges might not be coming in Cable case, after all

The story on the recent sit-down between Raiders defensive assistant Randy Hanson and Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports contained an interesting contention regarding the version of the events that three other assistant coaches who witnessed the interaction between Hanson and head coach Tom Cable provided to authorities.

Citing unnamed sources, Silver reported that the three men — defensive coordinator John Marshall, defensive backs coach Lionel Washington, and assistant defensive backs coach Willie Brown — corroborated Hanson’s claim of an intentional assault by Cable. 

But while we’re reluctant to disagree with Silver, in large part because he’s always been nice to us, we’re told by a source with knowledge of the investigation that the three assistants did not corroborate Hanson’s story, and that as a result charges are not expected to be filed against Cable.

As the source explained, lock-step corroboration of Hanson’s story by three witnesses having no natural incentive to corroborate Hanson’s version would have and should have triggered a much quicker decision on whether to charge Cable with assault.  Indeed, no deliberation would have been required.

Meanwhile, we’re told that Cable, his lawyer, and/or the Raiders will be launching an aggressive attempt to tell Cable’s story once the criminal case is concluded.  There’s even talk of Cable possibly taking legal action against Hanson — a bold move given the ability of Hanson to then file a counterclaim against Cable for the assault that Hanson claims Cable committed.

All that said, we continue to be troubled by the reality that Hanson suffered a broken jaw.  Apparently, however, Cable’s version will be that the injury occurred accidentally, and that there were no threats of murder or other violence.

So stay tuned on this one.  It’s already pretty interesting, but it apparently could become even more interesting if/when prosecutors announce that no charges will be filed.

35 responses to “Charges might not be coming in Cable case, after all

  1. Watch for those three assistants to get promotions, raises, or alllowed to leave Oakland anytime soon.
    As a lifelong fan of the Broncos, I should be loving the downfall of the Raiders. Instead, I find it sad that such a proud franchise has fallen THIS far. The league…and my favorite rivalry…is much better off when Oakland is an upper-level team.

  2. mrf47 says:
    October 14, 2009 11:10 PM
    “The Oakland Raiders could f-up a wet dream.”
    Sounds like a man speaking from experience.

  3. Even if he did not intend to break Hanson’s jaw, the jaw still got broken. If Cable behaved in a reckless manner without regard to safety, he is criminally liable. Short of just happening to be swinging his arm when Hanson walked into Cable’s fist, I don’t see how a crime was not committed.
    The deliberation could be whether the charges should be felony or misdemeanor. Not whether or not to file any charges at all. Clearly something happened. Jaws do not usually break themselves.

  4. Wish Al was as good with his team as he is with the legal system…
    Just stop f#@kn’ around baby!!
    R. Nation.

  5. Keep backpedaling Florio, you got a long way to go. I mentioned months ago that the odds of the other coaches siding with Hanson were very slim regardless of what really happened.
    And in keeping with what was said months ago, I hope Cable aggressively sues the sheep that flock together like you, Silver and Gay, for defamation of character if charges are not filed and he has been telling the truth.

  6. You will now learn what many on the west coast have knew for years. If Nancy Gay told you that it was raining outside get out the sun screen.
    No writer from the Bay Area has put more bull shit into print and claimed it as fact or that she got it from “sources than Nancy Gay with regards to the Raiders.
    As no charges are brought against Cable, his side comes out which shows Hanson to be some kind of wack and possible legal action taken against Hanson by Cable all you clowns that re-print what Nancy Gay writes as truth will see that you all built up a good story holding little if any truth.

  7. I find it pretty hard to believe Hanson broke his jaw in a room full of people by accident, and then knowing full well he was in a room full of people who saw exactly what happened, lie to the police, the media, the press, everyone, about the way it happened.
    That just doesn’t add up.

  8. “We’re told by a source with knowledge of the investigation that the three assistants did not corroborate Hanson’s story, and that as a result charges are not expected to be filed against Cable.”
    So… Randy Hanson “Magically” ended up with a broken jaw? WTF??? How do you “accidently” break someone’s jaw bone?
    The world is going to hell in a hand basket if Cable is not charged.

  9. Ha Ha, no kidding. Its all ridiculous, a horrible draft pick, they have garcia and he wants to leave, and this thug coach. the raiders, the whole organization, should be suspended for a season to get their sh*t together. seriously. Goodell should do it.

  10. Imagine that, Flowerio putting the cart before the horse. No wonder you don’t practice law anymore – disbarred, were we?

  11. I heard on KNBR ( San Francisco radio station and the 49ers flagship station )this morning that there are rumors of drug use by Hanson. Two sides to every story and only one side keeps getting all the attention. If Tom Cable gets cleared a lot of “journalists” should look for new careers.
    I still don’t see why Shawne Merriam got a pass and the media is all over Cable

  12. I’m not troubled he got a broken jaw. Based off of what I have read, the guy more than had it coming. And I am a Cowboy fan. As bad as we suck, I want to punch someone myself!

  13. If charges have not been filed already they probably wont be. I mean how long does it take if everyone in the room said cable punched him. This is all just taking way to long so something is up. Someone needs to bust Shamu A.K.A. Jamarcus Russell in the jaw so he misses the rest of the sesason.

  14. The injury corroborates the story. Not to mention the motive. Not to mention those coaches have reasons to take Cable’s side.

  15. Fire sale??? In Raider Nation???
    Sounds good….
    Trade you some walnuts for the peanuts in your brain Al…
    You drafted some talent…
    JaMarcus was expected by most..(hoping for CJ)
    Huff was a suprise but not a reach.
    S#!t go back to Gibson or Buchanon, Harris….
    They were’nt reaches at the time for where they were drafted… NOBODY ever knows.
    McFadden, Bush…..DHB….
    The common fold is coaching/ownership.
    Hell….. Nnamdi was a reach by ALL accounts….
    Just coach baby……Al’s f##kn’ up.
    It’s almost like we’re wasting talent like the Chargers do.
    Raider Nation.

  16. What is Cable going to say? That Hanson went all Edward Norton in Fight Club on his boss?

    He “accidentally” tripped and fell doesn’t do it for me.
    (Sorry for the low quality video. it was all that I could find)

  17. Hanson’s jaw didn’t break itself, but a few things have always seemed off in the story. He was gone from practice for a week or so before anyone noticed. When the story broke all accounts had players not knowing he hadn’t been around. Then the whole Cable, Bumaye! chants when they found out make it seem like he was a PIA and exaggerating his importance.
    Which leads to his lawyers original comments that Hanson was secretly meeting with players and coaching them. Really?? Even for the Raiders that’s beyond belief. If he lies about that, is he lying about what happened with Cable? Almost forgot. The Silver story has him as the only one who knew answers about the D when quizzed by Davis. Also has him giving secret hand signals to John Marshall so he would know the right answer about the defense. Again, too F’d even for the Raiders. Seems like he is delusional, and assigning himself a self important role that isn’t reality. IF he tells these fantastical stories, I have to wonder how credible his version is and how credible a witness he would be.

  18. Wow and double wow. An NFL blogger making up stories and embellishing with unnamed sources.
    Poor Florio’s in shock at such dastardly deeds.
    How dare Silver steal his idea! Surely grounds for a suit.
    Shiny of course.

  19. I told you, Florio, “no way no how Willie Brown corroborated the story”.
    Keep trusting bad sources though, like Nancy Gay.

  20. Al Davis is a true master in the court room.. Not worth a shit winning on the football field, but a master in the court room.. watch and see..

  21. Hanson does seem like a whack job.
    Kiffin tried to suspend Hanson last year before he was canned.
    Hanson was demoted to virtually go’fer status on the defense this year. Then, when his lawyer releases a statement about how Hanson was cooperating with the Napa PD, he includes stuff about how the Raiders played well vs. SD because Hanson was secretly coaching up the DBs. Aside from being strange for being completely irrelevant to the case, who believes that players are taking their cues from a former low-level assistant involved in a criminal entanglement with the head coach? Sounds pretty damn far fetched and makes you wonder about the rest of his story/psychological stability.

  22. I can’t believe this is a story. Broken jaws are the 2nd biggest injury in corporate office meeting rooms. You see it all the time in the private sector. A group is meeting, someone is showing a power point or writing on a whiteboard and then bam, someone breaks a jaw. Happens at least once a week here.
    Or as VoxUcker suggested, the Raiders coaching staff were hanging out in the showers together after a hard morning practice and Hanson slipped.

  23. I’m really dissapointed by the NFL and Goodell in that Cable has not been suspended.
    There better be a damn good reason for this otherwise it sure does come across as a different standard for coaches than for players.

  24. “# mike says: October 15, 2009 9:47 AM
    There better be a damn good reason for this otherwise it sure does come across as a different standard for coaches than for players.”
    Especially when it’s white coaches as opposed to black players.

  25. I live in Napa, and let me just say that the police here are not, how can I put this politely… they are not as adept at catching criminals as their big-city counterparts.
    No one here ever expected charges, even if Cable admitted to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.

  26. Yes cable will be charged don’t you worry!
    All Lies coming out of Raider camp. Cable has lied about so many things, but Yet the Raider nation still falls for the same ole crap!
    No offense to Raider fans who do not fit into this category.
    But My experience with Raider fans in Oakland (Just the Locals) Has been one of disbelief. These people fall for everything! Al Davis sticks it to them at every corner and these mooks still drink the Kool-Aid.
    If you don’t think Davis is sabataging this team so He can Move it again you are delusional! It only makes sense! Even The raiders couldn’t Be this bad on accident. The moves Davis has made this year alone (Seymour being the exception) Have been horrid. Garcia had to leave because he was told that an idiot was the starting QB and he had no chance to start. Garcia was told to stand up for Russell or he was gone!
    Starting 2 rookie WR’s, when you have 2 vets on the team? Suspicious!
    Starting a QB who clearly is the most unintelligent, and unpassionate in recent memory.
    Hiring a Defensive coordinator, but not let Him coach.
    Having a O-line as your HC, and if that wasn’t bad enough, let Him call the plays! Cable is as smart as Russell.
    It has been said cable had to dummy down the offense by 80% for Russell! Was for Russell alone? I doubt it. Cable doesn’t understand it either.
    Fire a coach (Kiffin) Because he didn’t want to Draft Russell. He wanted Peterson or Johnson! Kiffin was wrong? Hell No!
    This whole thing smells of sabotage!
    Sooner or later the league will have to step in and sort through this mess. As long as the Raider fans in Oakland continue to drink Davis’s poison things won’t change. Don’t give Al any of your money would stop a lot of this nonsense, but as I have stated before, the Raider nation does not get that equation.
    So when Philly comes to town and the black hole is filled with the faithful costumed fans, remeber davis is laughing all the way to the bank, and eventually out of Oakland on Your dime!
    Wake up!

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