Lance Louis faces review under Personal Conduct Policy

Bears rookie lineman Lance Louis allegedly beat up a former teammate at San Diego State University while the two men were still Aztecs, months before he joined the NFL.  The fact that he has been charged recently with misdemeanor assault pulls the matter within the purview of the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

“Even though incident happened in college, it falls under policy because the charges were filed following his entry in the League,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told us Wednesday via e-mail.

Whether Louis ultimately receives discipline remains to be seen.  For now, the point is that the situation will be reviewed under the Personal Conduct Policy, even though the conduct occurred before his name was called on draft day.

8 responses to “Lance Louis faces review under Personal Conduct Policy

  1. Hell if I was Lance Louis I would contact Donte’ Stallworth and ask him who his lawer is,, You’ll get away with murder with that attorney ,,,Literally.

  2. I just don’t understand how this falls under NFL purview. The incident itself happened long before he was even a draft pick, let alone a member of an NFL team. Discipline will not matter as he is only an inactive player and will not see the field anyway. It just seems that the league should worry more about current issue(i.e the poor officiating league wide) than worry about something like this. This sport has really changed for the worse the last few years.

  3. Unless he was a white guy named Tom Cable…then Racist Roger Goodell would not say anything to him until the legal system ran its course. Instead, if he gets a slap on the wrist, he will get a 4 game suspension…2 because he is a black guy and 2 more because he beat up a white guy. Disgraceful double-standard NFL. Disgraceful.

  4. Amazing how warped people can be when it comes to understanding racism. Roger Goodell as a racist, you guys crack me up. Goodell was combating Limbaugh’s comments about McNabb. It wasn’t blatant racism, but it was an inaccurate comment. McNabb had come close but not sealed the deal, 4 years in a row. He didn’t come quite as close as Jim Kelley did for 4 years, but he’s done a lot better than Romo when it comes to the playoffs for 4 years.
    You tell me, who is propped up more by the media, Romo or McNabb? McNabb faces constant speculation that Phily might want to get rid of him. Drafting Kolb, benching McNabb, signing Vick, etc. Of course 2 of the biggest-market teams are going to have their QBs glorified, exaggerated, ridiculed, or whatever by the media, it’s the most popular position on the most popular teams that are most likely to exaggerated.

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