Maurice Jones-Drew sounds off about Jaguars offense

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is known for his usually funny, thoughtful disposition in addition to his versatile skills on the football field.

That’s why it’s so surprising to hear him rip into his offense, criticizing the direction of the team Wednesday.

Jones-Drew pointedly questioned the team’s play-calling, saying that he was the second-highest paid “decoy” in the league, behind Reggie Bush.  (Ouch.)

“It just seems like now if we don’t get 30 yards [rushing], we just go
away from it,” said Jones-Drew.  “I’ve never been a part of a team like that.”

We wanted to hear Jones-Drew’s tone to see if he said some things in jest, but the Associated Press made it pretty clear how frustrated MJD is. These are the types of things that happen after 41-0 losses. 

The team has used three different starting lineups on the offensive line in the last three weeks, often rotating first-round tackles Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton in and out of the lineup.

“That’s a big issue,” Jones-Drew said.  “How can you get continuity, how
can you get chemistry going on when guys are rotating in and out?  That
doesn’t happen.”

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio knows the outburst comes from one of Jones-Drew’s best qualities.

“He’s a supreme competitor, and we really love that about him,” Del Rio said.

Jones-Drew says the team is fighting for respect now.

“Right now, no one respects us.  We just got blown out.  We didn’t put up
no points . . . Who respects that?  What do you think St. Louis is going
to come in here and do?”

Most people would think that the Rams will come in and lose; they are ten-point underdogs.  The Jaguars play three straight winless teams, so Jones-Drew has an excellent opportunity to turn his frustration into victories.

15 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew sounds off about Jaguars offense

  1. they’ll beat the rams. but will lose one of the next two.
    the jags simply arent that good. and around week 7 or so, that’s when the winless dogs usually wake up for a week.

  2. Great. More good news.
    The problem with this young team, including MJD is they don’t know how to FORGET a win. One big win against the demonic Titans and we think we’re the NY Giants of Football. You got Sims-Walker acting like he’s on the Vikings. You got Groves thinking he’s actually going to play. They got one good win because they all did there jobs. Now shut-up, put your head down, practice and when you go on the road act like you’re on a freakin business trip not a weekend with a drug habit in Vegas.
    Last time I checked MJD was not a WR. I love you man, but shut the F up. What do you think you’re going to accomplish? You going to light a fire under your O-line, YOUR O-LINE by calling out Dirk. Buy them some freakin’ Rolexes already and be a team leader.
    Get a soap box, now put it on its end and yell at your boys. You are one of the only last few guys on that team that defeated Pittsburgh in the play-offs in 2007. Light a fire man, put a hat on and hit someone!

  3. Jones-Drew pointedly questioned the team’s play-calling, saying that he was the second-highest paid “decoy” in the league, behind Reggie Bush. (Ouch.)
    Speaking of Reggie Bush… Sean Payton needs to get him more involved as a receiver out of the backfield and into OPEN space.

  4. There is another team that abandons the run after one half of football, and they reside in Wisconsin. And you think YOUR offensive line sucks?

  5. Last I checked Reggie Bush played on a winning team in a market where the fans actually give a shit.

  6. I wish more players would have the balls to actually call out their team and/or coaches for their bad play and playcalling. I respect him for bringing it out, because he obviously cares about winning and not just a paycheck.
    There’s about 53 players on the Raiders roster who should take this to heart, get off their ass and voice their damn opinion – instead of getting your ass kicked week after week and not doing a frickin’ thing about it and taking it like the little bitches you are!

  7. @stadanko……It only took a cat 4 hurricane, 1,200 deaths, and the team threatening to move to San Antonio to get the folks in the NO market to give a shit.
    Maybe the Jags can muster that up and rally around it?
    You are an idiot.

  8. We still never had trouble filling HALF THE STADIUM!
    The Saints have always had a strong fan base for a smaller market team and that’s through A LOT of bad seasons, fans were just fed up with Tom Benson holding the state of Louisiana hostage, which he had been doing LONG before Katrina, and attendance went down. The hurricane and Pete Rozelle(The Commish who wasn’t trying to get his name in the paper every week) saying no to the move just helped galvanize the fan base. Do some research before you make off base comments and then call me the idiot.
    MJD should focus his frustration on winning a game instead of being the 1 millionth person to make Reggie Bush jokes(Florio’s got that covered).

  9. @midwest
    the difference between the 2004 saints attendance records and the 2008 saints attendances records are only a couple thousand…
    the saints weren’t exactly doing as badly as the jaguars are now, and i think it’s foolish to imply that they were. our fans have always been pretty damn loyal.
    we didn’t start filling up the superdome because the team threatened to leave. that doesn’t make sense. we started filling up the superdome because the team showed signs of improvement.
    even if the jags show that same improvement (and they actually did in 2007) they still probably won’t avoid blackouts.

  10. MJD must be getting sh*t from fantasy owners.
    Poo Flinging Monkey – You are so right. Rooting for the Jags and Brownies must be horrible…

  11. Stadanko:
    Who are you to say Jag fans don’t give a shit? You live in Jax? And don’t say coause the games are blacked out that nobody gives a shit. Games have been blackout of since this league has started the blackout rule and games will continue to be blacked out around the NFL many year to come. The doesn’t people don’t give a shit about thier team. Spoken like a true fair weather football fan.
    By you’re immature play on words I take it you’re a 49er fan. If that that is your team talk about horrible. You think b/c you have a winning record at week 5 you’re good. This ain’t the 80’s and early 90’s. You guys have sucked for 15 years and still are bad. You’re looking ok so far, but don’t let 5 weeks go to your head.
    Poo Flinging Monkey:
    Obviously, you like women who wear underwear with d@ckholes in the front.

  12. Well I have him in my fantasy football league. My first pick in the draft this year. I have to agree with him given his numbers from last year in comparison to this year. He has yet to live up to the numbers for fantasy football, let alone the team living up to anything for their fans!

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