Ravens cornerbacks not providing bang for the buck

There is something different about this year’s Ravens defense: they have a weakness.

Their pass defense, marked by questionable cornerback play, has been average at best. 

They rank seventh-worst in the league in yards allowed per game, and it’s not just because teams don’t bother running against them.  They give up eight yards per passing attempt, tied for fourth worst in the league.

Patience is being preached, and the team’s occasionally inconsistent pass rush hasn’t helped.

Some difficult opponents certainly hurt the numbers, but it can be argued that Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, and Philip Rivers all played their best games of the season against Baltimore.  Even Brodie Croyle had his moments against them in Week One.  (The Ravens couldn’t make Brady Quinn look good though.)

Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun says the Ravens should ask for a “refund or a rebate” after guaranteeing Domonique Foxworth $16.5 million and handing Chris Carr a two-year, $5 million contract over the offseason.

“Cincinnati left a lot of points on the field because the Ravens don’t have any cornerbacks who can cover man-to-man,” Preston writes before vivisecting the group:

“Nickel back Chris Carr? Too soft. Starting cornerback Domonique Foxworth? He has no physical presence and has lost his confidence. He can’t find himself or the ball. Fabian Washington? He might be the best on the roster after rookie Lardarius Webb, and that’s not saying a lot.”

Baltimore heads to Minnesota this week in a matchup of defenses that look fearsome on paper. Judging strictly on Baltimore’s performance thus far, however, Brett Favre should have opportunities to poke more holes in the Ravens secondary.

25 responses to “Ravens cornerbacks not providing bang for the buck

  1. How does it make sense that the Bengals left points on the field because the Ravens’ corners aren’t good?

  2. That’s what you get for signing two ex-Raiders and an ex-Donkey off the scrap heap…when you get let go by two crappy defenses that should be your first clue.

  3. Thanks Gregg for bringing up what I have been telling Viking bashers all along. Ravens gonna get ya’. Please. 26th pass d in the NFL. Come after AD Ravens,Favre will gut you. I used to be pretty critical of the Vikings receiving corp but not anymore. I think Rice,Berrian,Harvin shaping up to be a pretty tough bunch with Shiancoe at TE. Of course having a great qb helps. I look for the Ravens corners to get FARVED -up against the Vikes.

  4. Yeah, but Brett could Favre all over Ray Lewis, too. He is 40 years old, after all. People at that age tend to lose control of certain bodily functions.

  5. “How does it make sense that the Bengals left points on the field because the Ravens’ corners aren’t good?”
    Well Dan Coats 2 dropped passes 1 for a TD, Jeremi Johnson a dropped TD pass and Chad’s catch and run that woujld have been 1st and goal but Ed Reed caused a fumble…
    Dude Foxworth STOLE from Bmore and thats unexpected with Ozzie up there……

  6. Mr. Rosenthal,
    If you are going to gain credibility with anyone from Baltimore than you need to stop quoting Michael “where’s my Krispy Kreme” Preston in every Ravens post. The majority of Ravens fans wish that The Sun would come to their senses and drop Mr. Preston. He’s about as accurate as the weatherman in his “rumor” reporting and has had his b.s. called out frequently by members of the team (Suggs did so a couple of weeks ago). He runs so much garbage that The Sun created a blog for him to post some of his stuff since no of it can ever be substantiated.
    Perhaps the problem to anyone who actually watches the games isn’t the CBs, but the pass rush considering the opposing QBs are standing back there for 7-8 seconds and going over their reads with all the time in the world.

  7. Ravens have basically been a .500 team without Samari Rolle. Look it up.
    Him and McAlister were critical to their success. They can make do without one of them, but without both it will be tough for them.

  8. I love Mike Preston. He tells it straight up. He did not mention that Suggs is not worth the money they threw at him. He wasn’t worth it at the end of last season, and he sure hasn’t lived up to the $$$.
    As far as McAlister is concerned, he does not like authority. Him and Harbaugh did not get along. Guess who won that battle? Besides, if he was worth anything, don’t you think someone would have picked him up already? He is no cornerback, but could be a great nickle.
    Remember kids, don’t burn your bridges.

  9. I have said for a while the Ravens corners have always been marginal. They were so good because Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Suggs, and the other LBs were so good and got so much pressure or hawked the ball so well it masked the deficiencies at Corner. Their Corners dont stink, but when you get average to slightly above average pass rush (that had previously been SOOO DOMINANT) those deficiencies come out. I also bet McCallister would not look good back there now either….Who definitely benefited from the Pass Rush the Ravens could produce.

  10. CharmCity: I agree pass rush is a problem, but disagree on Preston.
    I’ve read all the Ravens coverage consistently the last 5-6 years. He’s got a lot of opinions, and will be wrong sometimes, but I think he has as good a feel for the game as any beat columnist type.
    Even if people don’t like what he says sometimes.

  11. SSSSSHHH!! Now EVERYONE will know that the Ravens can’t defend the pass! If the Vikings read this post, we’re dead.
    Seriously, we’re in trouble. Maybe Foxworth and Carr should just tackle guys at the line.
    In Ozzie I still trust. Here’s hoping Mattison figures it out. Go Ravens! The bandwagon hasn’t broken down yet.
    As far as McAllister is concerned…. Ever see the Bridge over the River Kwai? He won’t be back.

  12. We need more pass rush up front combined with better personel play calling to keep guys fresh, it’s really a team effort. More pressure = more picks, but you cant just let people run right by you, foxworth is a MD native, he needs to step up and do work. Even if they dont play physical they all run 4.2 4.3 40’s …. get to the ball…. faster than their guy.

  13. The Ravens cornerbacks have speed and no substance. They are missing a lockdown cornerback like McAlister used to be. Until they find that guy they will be torched by every team with a decent passing game.

  14. BEAR-A-HOLIC says:
    October 14, 2009 12:59 PM
    Our corners in Chicago are worst.
    ummm….Looks like english skills are as well.

  15. I find it funny this came after the Pats and Bengals beat them. Brady and Palmer are awesome qbs…Bengals ran for 100+ yds (which will open up the pass as they slide people in the box). Baltimore’s D has also been so good because they would force the issue and make a team 1 dimensional…even though they never used to score a lot teams had to throw because they knew they couldnt run. Pin your ears and get pressure…now pressure is lacking and the CBs need to be in coverage longer and they are struggling with that……I have always felt bad for the D because sucked so bad…put that D on any other playoff team the last 8-10 yrs and they would probably have multiple rings. Could you picture that D with Colts (ANY colts team since Peyton), Eagles (TO year or any of the NFC champ yrs), Rams (greatest show on turf), Seahawks (the good Robinson and Jackson yr)…..unreal.

  16. Nothing knew here. I hated the amount they paid Foxworth before the season even began.
    TheVillain112 is right, look at the Ravens games with CMac & Samari and you see dominant football. They totally destroyed PIT when they had those 2 guys in.
    Then, look at games when they had Walker or Martin or anyone and you see a HUGE drop off. More of a drop off than most teams would experience when losing their starting QB.
    The Rex Ryan scheme requires one shutdown corner at least and a great pass rush. My boys don’t have that type of corner and aren’t getting the same pass rush either.

  17. As a HUGE Ravens fan, I’d like to be able to talk smack… but I am also a realist — our cornerback are GARBAGE.
    Ed Reed can only help out so much. Whichever side of the field that Reed is on, the opposing QB simply throws to the other side. It’s not rocket science.
    The real question here is this… at this point in the season, what options do they have? S. Rolle MAY be back in a few weeks – but even then… will he be in tip-top football shape? Able to pick up the slack? I’m not too optimistic.
    Are there any available trades that could be made? Free agents? PLEASE someone give Ozzie some ideas, cause so far — the secondary is a HUGE FAIL.

  18. RayLewisIsGod – since the Ravens seem to like ex-Raider players I suggest next year’s 1st round pick along with JaBustus Russell and Nnamdi Asomugha for Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco…let me know what Ozzie thinks.
    Al Davis

  19. This is Hilarious really……Everytime the ravens have holes in their D…….the blame goes on everyone but Reed, Lewis, and Suggs……Cmon everyone, read between the lines, they are not doing thier jobs either. The whole defense is responsible for the yardage given up. If Ray would worry about stuffing the run and not killing people that are not looking, and reed would worry about coverages instead of making the perfect pick six all the time, and if Suggs did his job and hit the qb then maybe the corners would not have to cover half the freaking field. They are ALL at fault. Just because Ed Reed make a great play about once a game does not mean he doesnt blow coverage 5 times or more. I mean come on…..if palmer throws a pump fake on his TD there is NOBODY in the secondary to protect against a deep ball…..it works sometimes, but not all the time, and when it doesnt its a TD or alot of yards the other way.
    Face the facts, your stars are just as guilty for the yards given up as your new comers
    ITS ALL ABOUT DISCIPLINE IN B-MORE including their retarded penalties late in games

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