Report: Louisville wants Gruden

The University of Louisville currently has a head coach.  But, like many football programs that are struggling, consideration reportedly is being given to the identity of the next head coach, in the event that the current head coach gets the boot.

According to Michael Lombardi of NFL Network, the powers-that-be at Louisville have put former Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden at the top of their wish list.

But with all due respect to the powers-that-be at Louisville, why in the hell do they think that Gruden would want the job?  Gruden’s only connection to the school is that his brother, Jay, played there from 1985 through 1988.  Besides, Louisville is currently a mid-level Big East program.  If Gruden were to dip his toe into the college waters, he’d go to the Big Ten or the SEC or Notre Dame.

Besides, Gruden has a damn good job right now with ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and Gruden will be on the “A” list for NFL jobs until he decides to take one.

So while Gruden might indeed be the first man Louisville targets, they’d might as well add Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, and Vince Lombardi to the list, too.  All men have an equal chance, in our view, of becoming the next head coach of the Cardinals.
The bigger question is whether Gruden will jump into the January 2010 game of musical chairs at the NFL level.  His success as an analyst flows from his passion for the game, and that passion will cause him to take his trademark scowl and “Super Fans” accent back to the sidelines, eventually.

But he’ll likely wait for the right opportunity.  And unless Louisville plans to offer eight figures annually, we can’t imagine Gruden settling for that specific job.

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  1. I think Gruden’s a good coach who can have an immediate impact…..but I think he’s one of those guys who just won’t have long term success in one place.
    He should take a page out of Bill Parcells playbook. No one realizes just how pedestrian a coach Bill is because he builds a good team, but always leaves right after it plateaus.

  2. Thank God! Finally someone besides myself with some sense. I live in Louisville and there are all these “reports” (with no sources I might add) that say Gruden is coming and I am thinking, why does he want this sub-par college job?

  3. I’d think it would take a huge offer to get him back to coaching anytime soon, considering the Bucs are still on the hook for his contract through the 2011 season. Unless somebody throws ridiculous money at him, why not stay on MNF for 2 more years and happily collect 2 salaries?

  4. I’ll agree to that. I love the current MNF team! Likely will have to be broken up after this season or next, but I really enjoy Gruden in the booth with the guys.

  5. @leatherneck
    This is a fair crew. Gruden’s entry was a breath of fresh air; couldn’t stand Kornheiser.
    However, my favorite ESPN crew was Patrick, Thiesmann, and Maguire.

  6. Rumor has it he’s interested in Cleveland because they already have an established QB problem.
    Efficiency people. Line em up and knock em down.

  7. Gruden does a great job on MNF. Plus if he leaves, there’s a chance Trent focking Dilfer would take his place. I’d kill myself.

  8. How about Illinois ? If you’re going to start rumors about Chucky’s destination, let’s get the Illini out there. The Zookster is on life support in Champaign, and he should be.

  9. Louisville can pay him to come down and interview to build some hype, leverage or whatever you might want to call it to pull in a Grade B or C coach.

  10. Gruden is at the top of my high school team’s list too. But I’m really hoping to get him to run my fantasy team. I’ll maintain final say on the roster, but he coaches and decides who starts.

  11. I agree … I’m enjoying listening to Gruden on MNF, he could cut down on the praising though, starts ringing praises of everybody & overdoes that a wee bit

  12. And in other news, the North Dakota State University Bison football program has expressed interest in Bill Belichick. Although Belichick has never coached any football program outside known civilization, his mother’s aunt’s gynecologist’s dog once took a dump in Fargo while the family was headed to Yellowstone for a vacation.

  13. Any other vikings fans worried this could be our new head coach if chilly flops and that he may win one superbowl with this team before he manages to blow it all to hell…? Would probably trade kevin williams for a ham sammich.

  14. Debacled, you cannot be serious. That old Sunday Night ESPN crew was atrocious.
    This is the best Monday night crew I have ever seen. Gruden blows Cosell’s and Madden’s socks off. I hate to think Gruden will take a new job and leave the booth. And with the Sunday night crew being very good with Michaels and Collinsworth, we have the best two sets of broadcasters to broadcast at the same time. Now if CBS and FOX could get some good announcers we would be set!

  15. Since it’s been mentioned, the MNF crew will not be the best at anything until that hack Jaws is fired.
    And Florio, when you consider one of his options is going to be the Redskins, Louisville doesn’t seem so bad.

  16. There are and will be good coaches, but there are not many good announcers. MNF finally has become less of a circus and embarrassment and more about football – in part, thanks to Gruden.
    I don’t know about everyone else, but Gruden keeps watching MNF with sound instead of muting everytime Kornhead spoke.

  17. If Gruden would take any college coaching job at all, it would be at Notre Dame. I like him on MNF, can’t stand Jaws.

    Worst announcer ever.

  19. I’ll sum up Gruden on MNF:
    “Farve, wildcat, *insertplayername* is a great player and one of the best at his position in the NFL.”
    Honestly, would it kill Gruden to be critical of a single player, just once? He even said Jamarcus Russell can be a great NFL QB.
    I don’t understand why he’s on the “A” level of NFL coaching jobs either. He took Tony Dungy’s team in Tampa and won the SB then DROVE THE BUCS INTO THE GROUND. The supposed QB guru than Gruden is had about 673 QB’s on the roster and could never get anything out of them.

  20. i think gruden is the best color guy i’ve heard in awhile.
    especially for monday night when the third wheel has been filled by the likes of dennis ‘let me me make esoteric jokes to try and impress the lowly blue collar football fans’ miller or tony ‘i’m going to summarize the entire socioeconomic footprint of a city by comparing its make up to their football team in a contrived pregame vignette’ kornheiser.
    seriously though gruden is extremely insightful, passionate, positive (a little too much so, but better than collinsworth and the like who slam everyone for trivial crap), and most importantly seems to have a good report with his colleagues. its nice to finally have 1 play by play guy paired with two “football” guys instead of trying to make MNF an entertainment program with celeb interviews and late night talk show flavor. hope gruden stays awhile.

  21. Good and not so good….
    Good for Gruden because he can pluck a new toy out of the 200 hundred dressed out on the sideline whenever he needs an excuse why he can’t create offense…
    Bad for the athletes because his leadership sucks and will find themselves always outside of Gruden’s narcissistic bubble of lies…
    This will NEVER happen….

  22. i think he’ll go to notre dame if the occasion arises,he’ll turn himself into a god there.

  23. Gruden and Pitino on the same campus? I’d like to be there when they argue over who gets the bigger office!

  24. Leatherneck, I disagree the very first team of Howard Cosell, combined with Dandy Don Meridieth, and one name that escapes me right now was twice as good as these, BUT they are the best of recent.

  25. “Since it’s been mentioned, the MNF crew will not be the best at anything until that hack Jaws is fired.”
    “I like him on MNF, can’t stand Jaws.”
    Thank you! I thought I was the only one that could see what an annoying bitch jaworski is.

  26. Why Louisville? Good question.
    1. They definately have the easiest road to a national championship in college, as the Big East is up for the taking.
    2. Talk about buying your own groceries. He’ll have complete control, choosing his staff and players. (try getting that from Washington)
    3. NCC? Hmm is that a No Compete Clause in his Tampa Contract.. Does that mean he’ll make 5 million for NOT coaching in the NFL? (sounds like someone needs to join the College party for a few years)
    4. Facilities – Everyone knows about UofLs great practice, medical and conditioning compounds. (thanks Patrino)
    5. Oh yeah Notre Dame is about over destroying Charlie Wiess’ reputation. Thats a butter job. No pressure there. Not to mention the difference in requirements to go to either school. Jon’s dad went there right? Yep. He passed on thier full tuition offer as a young adult, Im sure he can still see the problems with working on the island of Notre Dame today.
    6. Louisville can compete with any NCAA school money wise. (and the NFL since he is gettin 5m for just being himself out of the NFL) so 3.5m/yr sounds more like 8.5m to me. (Snyder’s got 10m a year to blow right?)
    7. They definately need to sell some tickets next year with that stadium expantion. A name like Jon Gruden would explode the Louisville development even further.

  27. I think writers for NBCsports are just mad that Charlie Weis is doing just good enough not to get canned and just bad enough that you wish you thought of Gruden first. I don’t think UofL has a real shot at him, however I think it’s pretty ignorant and naive to think “awww the poor little University of Louisville thinks it has a shot. How cute?!” People said the same thing about Pitino in basketball. They also said the same thing about Howard Schnellenberger (who won a national title and built a powerhouse at Miami) before he came here and let Jon’s little brother Jay start 4 years. You’re telling me Chucky wasn’t wearing a UofL t-shirt or two? People confuse the Cardinal TEAM with the Cardinal PROGRAM. The Cardinal football team blows big time but the Cardinal program is VERY profitable. The city is nicer to live in than South Bend, let’s face it the academic road blocks aren’t there, there is no blood-thirsty media and no “best friend GM” like Washington. I’m not saying Gruden to UofL is likely, but to say “why in the hell do they think that Gruden would want the job?” is ignorant. It’s that holier-than-thou attitude that has the Irish getting their butts kicked year in and year out.

  28. Jon Gruden Will Be, the next University of Louisville head football coach!…….you heard it here first…………

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