Shockey vowed revenge on Giants while still a Giant

In June 2008, a month before he was traded to the Saints, Jeremy Shockey told a pack of kid reporters that the Giants would be sorry if they ever had to face him.

Well, as luck would have it, Shockey will face the Giants this weekend when his Saints host Big Blue. And as even greater luck would have it, Newsday’s Tom Rock remembered the interview and threw it up on his blog.

At the 1:20 mark of the video, Shockey says, “If the team trades me. I promise you I will make them pay when they trade me. If I ever get a chance to play against a team that did trade me, it’s not going to be a pretty sight.”

Remember that Shockey broke his leg in December of 2007 and missed the Giants final regular season game — a 38-35 epic against New England — and the Giants historic playoff run. This video was shot while Shockey was coming back from that injury and agitated about his role in the Giants offense. Speculation was rife that he would be dealt.

Even more intriguing is the moment where the kids ask Shockey who he would have liked to have been drafted by if not the Giants. His answer? The Saints.  

UPDATE: According to ESPN’s Wendi Nix, Shockey has today promised that he would have his best game of the season against the Giants. So I’m just curious, what does Shockey say when next week comes around? “I plan to have my second best game of the season this Sunday”?

41 responses to “Shockey vowed revenge on Giants while still a Giant

  1. Oh NO ! Oh my GOD ! The g’s have to face Shockey and The Saints ! Run and hide. Now they must face the wrath of Jeremy ! I am sure The g-men are scared to death. NOT. I would say the g’s relish the thought that JS will come across the middle and Drew will make him stretch out for a pass.

  2. Just another weapon for Brees!!!!! I’m sure he’s going to be jacked up out there Sunday…as did Vilma against the J-E-T-S 2 weeks ago…as did Jabarri Greer against the Bills.
    The article Monday morning will go either way in NY….”Great trade for the Giants” or “Shockey Kills his former team”…can’t wait.
    I just hope Reggie (insert Florio: “Reggie Sucks!!)can be a factor…right now he sucking it from a performance stand point but has been effective at times…not what a #2 overall pick should be doing, but then again (SEE: DumMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Glen Dorsey, Darius Heyward-Bay…wait!!! Thats not fair to list 2 horrible draft picks from one team…Oh Well!!!)
    Who Dat……gotta love Eli and Peyton but when it comes to the Dome and our Saints they are the enemy for 3hrs….should be a good one!!!!!

  3. You know what? I like this. I hope Brees targets him a lot. This way, every time he’s thrown a ball he’ll be so fired up to have a great game that he’ll revert to his old, looking upfield ways and drop … drop … drop …

  4. This type of attitude is what made Shockey such a great player. . . . . and an idiot too.

  5. I hope he does have a big week. He’s my TE in my fantasy league. I need him to put up big numbers this week.

  6. Shockey is a man who possessed great talent… but liked the booze and nose candy way too much. The Giants were wonderful to him. He lost his mind and forced a trade with destructive, immature behavior. It’s amazing that he feels such a victim.

  7. Shockey what an a-hole. Acts like a total turd the whole time he was in NY, and his response when they dump him is –
    WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAA the team that paid me millions and millions of dollars and put up with my retarded bullsh*t for years had the nerve to decide they didn’t want me to play there any more. I’m gonna get them and teach them a real lesson, yes I am.
    Hope he gets zero catches and the Saints get their asses kicked.

  8. He worries me, the giants have floundered and took a turn for the worse ever since he broke his leg, including the 07 playoff run and the season after when they had 12 wins. I miss shockey, especially his bad route running and causing numerous interceptions, or when he drops his 5th pass of the game and he waves his hand as if its someone elses fault, or yelling in the huddle to throw him the ball.
    I used to cringe when the giants played primetime because I was always guaranteed to hear Al Michaels say ” Manning drops back to throw, AND ITS DROPPED! BY A WIIIDE OPEN SHOCKEY” You still arent forgiven for dropping that easy td pass in SF during the playoffs.

  9. Shockey vowed revenge,,,HA HAHAHA this guy cant even catch a damn pass.. The only thing he’s going to do is be an extra blocker.

  10. I bought this bum’s #80 Giants jersey. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in how he tenure ended. Really his whole time as a Giants was disappointment. He only cared about himself and getting his face on tv and in magazines. He was always banged up and constantly dropping the easy passes. Had every chance of being a great Giant but couldn’t shut up long enough to realize it. The team has functioned sooooo much better without him.
    I hope he catches a ball or two and tries to make a play against the Big Blue wrecking crew. He will most likely step out of bounds or slide to the turf to avoid contact.

  11. One things for sure, even if he only catches one pass for 5 yards, you better believe he’ll be flexing his guns, and doing backflips, cartwheels and simulated first down signals like he does after every catch. Ya baby!

  12. Shockey is going to be relegated to blocking in order to protect Brees from the Giants pass rush. He’ll get frustrated and when he does make a catch, he’ll spike the ball in frustration. Typical Shockey.

  13. Well, the one thing Shock always did well was talk. He never backed any of it up, but he sure did talk and talk and talk…. New Orleans is perfect fit for him. It’s the one city where it’s considered perfectly normal to be hammered out of your skull at 8 AM. Drink up, Jeremy! It must have been brutual playing for the team that made you the highest paid TE in the League at the time. Nothing says disrespect more than 26.38 million!!! Damn Giants!

  14. Shockey’s like Joey Porter. If he played half the game he talked, he’d be a perennial All-Pro.

  15. Shockey is so far in the rear view mirror to Giants fans and to the fabric of the team that this game means nothing in that regards. It is such a meaningless storyline for everyone except him. And while I appreciated his fire and his passion, the on field performance never measured up to the potential and the off the field baggage. Let’s count how many promises and headlines the current Giants make this week and compare this to how many Shockey makes…somethings never change. He makes his statements off the field to the media while this team makes their statements on the field. #80 is not missed.

  16. I’m disappointed in how Shockey’s time with G-men ended. It wasn’t all bad. He gave up his body for us and was instrumental in showing the other tight ends on the team the ropes. He unfortunately couldn’t control his emotions as they got the best of him at times. I wish him well, just not this Sunday. This weekend is where we will miss Kenny Phillips in the secondary as he is the big hitter that could have laid out Shockey coming across the middle.
    Go G-Men!

  17. “If the team trades me. I promise you I will make them pay when they trade me. If I ever get a chance to play against a team that did trade me, it’s not going to be a pretty sight.”
    Or a pretty sound.
    I’m sure the Giants ears are going to be ringing with an annoying buzz — at least until the end of the first quarter.

  18. @BigEasy your an idiot for even putting DHB and Dorsey on that list. Evaluating a player as a draft selection before their third year basically is pointless, too many players to list have been solid draft picks that looked terribad in their first couple of years.

  19. Sounds like a baseball player promising to hit a homerun for a kid with cancer.
    2 to 1 odds he wiffs. Florio is backing the odds. (in Delaware)

  20. Shock is still my boy, even though he’s not a Giant anymore. Love the way he plays the game
    He ran himself out of town. The whole world knows it, and deep down, he knows it as well. How many bad drops can he be forgiven? How many bad headlines can be passed over? And how many damn injuries can be overlooked because he’s too stupid to take care of himself rather than raising hell every night? When you live your life recklessly, your body breaks down, and it was quite obvious that he loved the NY nightlife more than he’d ever admit. The guy couldn’t stay healthy, he ran his mouth entirely too much, and when he was actually on the field, he dropped at least half his passes….that is,when he wasn’t raising his arms in the air because he didn’t get the ball thrown to him.
    Too bad. I wish him the best, but not this weekend

  21. This is all assuming shockey doesnt get injured before the game.
    The guy is a great TE, but he needs to stop whining everytime he gets injured.
    At least shockey lasted longer than fragile fred this year. grats 2 that

  22. nato2424 says:
    October 14, 2009 3:58 PM
    hope he gets his head takin off by pierce!
    Sorry to break this to you but Pierce cannot catch anyone – even Shockey.

  23. east96street says:
    ” New Orleans is perfect fit for him. It’s the one city where it’s considered perfectly normal to be hammered out of your skull at 8 AM. Drink up, Jeremy”
    New York is a great town to stay out all night on Coke and Crack. Just ask your here LT.

  24. Shockey seems to have settled down a bit in New Orleans and is fitting in and playing better his second season here. Bad mouth whomever you want; but not our City — New Orleans is one of the most interesting, hospitable and lively cities in the country, and contrary to what some believe, we are not up and drinking at 8 in the morning — that is just an uninformed, silly thing to say. Geaux Saints!!!

  25. New York is a great place to go out all night and drink in your sweatpants, too.
    Just make sure the safety of the gun you have tucked into the waistband is set to ‘ON’.

  26. Smush Rodrigez says: “New York is a great town to stay out all night on Coke and Crack. Just ask your here LT”
    Ahh, Smush, making his typical ignorant comments on a Giants post and then cries when when we rip Philly on their posts. Fact, crack problem was resolved in NYC earlier than Philly by years. I can’t remember the last time I saw a crack vial in the street. ’90? ’91? Once that problem was resolved, NYC underwent a real estate boom unlike any other in US history. That’s why, even now, a crappy walk up studio apartment costs more than a three bedroom in Philly. People move to NYC, while they have been steadily leaving Philly. Why? One is major world city and the other is remenant of the Nation’s historical past. If it wasn’t for Detroit dying far faster than Philly, the next census would have shown Philly being knocked out of the top ten. Face it Smush, Philly’s time in the sun has come and gone. BTW- for a junkie, LT owned the Eagles. What does that say about your team? Ask Jaws what he remembers about 56. I’m amazed he can even speak all the times he got hit.

  27. Jaws is enjoying a wonderful career as a broadcaster on MNF.
    Where is LT? Dead? Who knows? Haven’t heard about him since his playing days.

  28. East96th,
    You are so damn funny. You make ignorant comments about a city (NOLA) and then about Shockey. OK, Shockey is a jerk and deserves it but do you have to insult a city and everyone in it?
    My point was, since you cannot read between the lines and are a little literal, that Shockey could do the same thing in New York. And everyone loved Shockey while he was there…until he got hurt. And, the Giants hero LT was a bigger loser (off the field) than Shockey. And because LT was a loser, that does not make the wole city of New York a crack cesspool. I can seperate things out and do not need to speak in absolutes like all of the ignorant people on this site who love to trash Philly…. aka you

  29. Smush Rodrigez says: “My point was, since you cannot read between the lines and are a little literal”
    Actually, Smush, here’s how I see your problems. 1) What I said about NO is absolutely true. People get hammered there 24/7. Are most of them tourists? Probably. But it doesn’t change the fact that a large portion of the NO tourist economy is based around alcohol. I like NO. I have had some great times there. Before my kids were born, I used to go there for JazzFest whenever I could. I have donated a nice chunk of change to charities designed to help it recover and I wish it well. What happened down there was criminal.
    2) LT did his job every Sunday. Shock didn’t. LT ran his mouth but was funny and he backed it up. Shock ran his mouth, was abusive, and then ended up on IR more times than not. Is LT a role model? Absolutely not. Neither is Shock. One was a HOF LB and the other is a slightly above average TE with injury issues.
    3) You get irate that I slam Philly. It begs the question, who started it? Is this a Philly post? Did I make the initial comment about Philly or did you make the initial comment about NY? You’re like the guy who goes into a bar, starts a fight, and then calls the cops because a guy who was in the bar and didn’t say one word to you, broke your nose. Don’t like broken noses? Stay out of the bar or, at least, come on in and have a drink and be civil. You Ocelot, AndyReid, and Kevin from Philly, troll Giants posts and make comments everytime. If you’re not looking for a fight, stop doing it. I know I’m NOT on every Philly post and I have been known to actually write nice things about the Eagles from time to time. When Kevin came onto the Giants vs. the Raiders post, he was a gentleman and said he hoped Oakland wouldn’t “wake up” this weekend. I told him the truth. The Philly practice squad could beat Oakland. Oakland has quit. It will be a rollover win for Philly. Be civil, get treated civilly. Start a fight, get one back. It’s pretty simple.

  30. east96street:
    I have also spent a lot of time in New Orleans and have been to many Jazzfest’s. I do not think saying that it is perfectly normal to be hammered at 8:00am is accurate. To say that they make a lot of money on alcohol – true.
    I am not irate about anyone saying anything about Philly. It is tiring and most people do not even know what they are talking about.
    I actually like New York. A lot of people around here have an inferiority complex about New York – I do not. I like Philly and I like New York.
    I have been civil about New York as well. I have called them a class organization and said that they and the Eagles are the only two in the NFC East.
    I do read all of the NFC East posts and will comment on them if I chose. If I see fans being idiots – I call them on it (even ones from Philly).
    I have been out until 8:00 in the morning in New Orleans and same with New York. Both cities also have a thriving “sex industry”. Not that I would partake but have been approached in both places. New Orleans has gotten really bad with that recently.

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