Sims-Walker missed bed check

We recently mentioned that one of the teammates of Jags receiver Mike Sims-Walker has been talking privately about reason for the “violation of team itinerary” that resulted in his one-game deactivation.

We opted not to share the reason, for reasons we’ll address in a minute.

Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union has heard the reason, too.  And he reports that Sims-Walker missed bed check due to a late-night rendezvous with a lady friend

(We’re told that the rendezvous occurred somewhere in the team hotel other than Sims-Walker’s room.)

So why didn’t we blow the whistle?

For starters, we don’t know whether Sims-Walker is married, engaged, or has a steady girlfriend, and whether the woman in question was one or none of the above.  And it’s not that we wanted to keep him out of trouble — we just want to be sure not to say or do anything that might get us or NBC sued.  (After 18 years of practicing law, I have a pretty good idea as to where the hot spots might be.) 

Actually, the uncertainty created by the team and by Sims-Walker had some folks believing that the truth was worse than it actually has turned out to be, according to Wright’s report.  (In other words, sue the Times-Union, not us.)  So it’s probably better to have the truth out there.

Unless Sims-Walker has a wife, fiance, or steady girlfriend who wasn’t the person with whom he was having a rendezvous.

31 responses to “Sims-Walker missed bed check

  1. Wow,”Like I told a friend earlier. This makes about as much sense as Taking a bottle of water out of the wet bar , and your coach charging you 1701.00. STUPID.. so what if he was late..

  2. Where was his head at? Ha Ha Ha Ha! SO damn funny. What was he thinking…..I’m guessing that even if he played he wouldn’t have made a 41 point difference. Move on!

  3. Regardless of who she is/was/were, that was some expensive tang!
    If not for him, definitely for me…I lost out in my fantasy league because of that rendezvous.

  4. “So why didn’t we blow the whistle?”
    You’re heterosexual?
    She don’t need ID, she just came to drink.
    Short Dog esq.

  5. Bed Check!!!
    Del Rio is a f**king moron. A grown man chooses to get laid 2 nights before the game and he gets benched for a game. It’s wasn’t even the night before the game.

  6. I dunno, Mike, I think republication of a defamatory remark that originated elsewhere is also actionable in this state (Ohio)…
    And for Pete’s sake, will you PLEASE get those monkeys at NBC to fix the damn “Remember Me” feature on this site?!?!?!

  7. At least it was for a good reason. Ah, the life of a young man. He will be forever known now as “ladies’ man” or “Sims-Late night with a Lady Walker.” OK, I’ll stop now.

  8. WHOA. The grownups are f–king! Better call the cops. Who knows what this guy will do next? Drink a beer? Smoke a joint? He’s out of control!

  9. They have these rules in place for a reason.
    You don’t follow them you pay the consequences.
    If there were no rules, the “idiots will be running the asylum” quote comes into play.
    They don’t follow simple rules, they aren’t going to follow major ones.
    Then you wind up with a “love boat situation.
    I’m a Vikes fan and it still sickens me to have to listen to crap about it.
    The fact remains, under Green and Tice, there wasn’t a lot of discipline going on.
    Besides, the guy has how many other nights of the week to get some stabbin in?
    Bed checks have been part of football forever.
    I would think the deactivation would mean this isn’t the 1st time it’s happened.

  10. NFL players get treated like little children.
    I actually feel sorry for them. It’s like indentured servitude or something – really.

  11. He could have stashed her in a closet or bathroom until the “bed check” was complete. Then handled his business.

  12. i hope you guys didnt didnt sabotage him with another woman. why didnt you just keep it quiet, like bachelor party code? come on florio, why you got to do it??

  13. This site has gone down the drain Florio. Three years ago you woulda posted an immediate headline as soon as you ound out that said something along the lines of, “Sims Walker suspended for getting some nookie in a hotel closet” but now, with the betafication of PFT, not only do you post it in a way that makes you say, “Sorry Mr. Walker we have to say this…..,” you also wait nearly a week after you found out.
    The rumor mill used to be funny, original, and exciting. There’s nothing original here anymore.

  14. Big Stretch
    whos the f’ing moron?/
    the guy thinking with his other brain KNEW he would be “out” if he did what he did
    and he did it.
    i see how some folks are just hellbent on avoiding
    self responsibility.
    and if Walker isnt a moron, why didnt he just bring her to his room???

  15. “why didnt he just bring her to his room???”
    So he could slip out after he was done without having to ask her to leave, duh. That’s one night stand 101 lol

  16. Agree with KellyB. I used to work for a midsize newspaper after graduating with a journalism degree from a Big Ten university, and one of the best classes I took was a journalism law class.
    You should have reported the rumor if its a “rumor mill.” And no, this isn’t the U.K. where such libel cases are easily won.
    In fact, since a case could be made that because of this woman thing Sims-Walker missed the game (and yes, athletes are public figures which doesn’t allow such protection), so it definitely was newsworthy.
    If you disagree, look at the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton story as an analogy. You making excuses doesn’t justify it, it just makes us wonder whether you were afraid of losing sources (like ESPN) or were told not to report it by Big Brother (NBC) for business reasons.

  17. didnt ever bother me to ask em to leave.
    i always had to ‘get up early”
    that way there was never any question as to
    what was up
    lol one night stand 101 cost him 1/16th

  18. I guess they don’t get out much in Jacksonville…if this was Minnesota they would have chartered a boat!!!

  19. You are right Florio, NBC owning your soul won’t change anything on this site. Except now you are afraid to do the job that got you the job.

  20. Please…………..If it was Tom Brady missing bed check for a late night delight, you would have sprained a knee getting to your keyboard. Florio you are a freakin tool……… concerns my arse!

  21. On the one hand, he’s a grown male with a chance to get a nice fresh piece. What’s the big deal about that?
    On the other hand, if someone wanted to pay me a couple mil a year and I just had to follow a stupid “don’t get laid late at night on company time” rule, the paycheck wins.
    A smart guy looks at the woman and sees dollar signs being flushed down the toilet, and waits for a better time to get a strange piece.
    And if there is a Mrs. Sims-Walker, missing a game check is going to look like a walk in the park compared to her hearing about this.

  22. this is hysterical, not the part about florio lacking balls, he doesn’t want to get sued, which says all you need to know about his lawyering ability, and his nose for the publicity it generates…ironic isn’t it, florio fails massively at respectable journalism, but it is excused by his “throw it at the wall style” that doesn’t double and triple check, no verifying facts, etc. but then he fails at that..
    its almost as funny as fantasy football geeks, losing, or at least being in danger of losing, or not racking up needed points for tiebreakers, because some other dude was getting some…fantasy football is just like high school.

  23. aaah haaah…. how does the big fat corporate whores crotch taste florio? she’s sittin on you! (but don’t sue me)

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