10 trades that should be explored

The trade deadline is six days away.

There might be more activity than usual.  And there might not.  (How’s that for going out on a limb?)

Here’s a look at 10 trades that should be made, or at least explored.

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  1. Packers calling the Browns to trade for Joe Thomas would be a waste of oxygen and electricity. Why would they trade their young stud tackle who is really the only bright spot on the entire team.

  2. So the Raider should trade Asomugha for HIS benefit? Sounds more like spite out of you than keen footbal advice. And honestly, they can use all the GOOD advice they can get!

  3. The list looks pretty good. In a perfect world, Ozzie and my Ravens would do whatever it takes to get Asi from Oakland. That would solve a couple of our problems and we can stop blaming the refs for us not being able to get the stops when needed…….I would love Boldin too, but Asi is more realistic.

  4. What if the Chargers sent Shawnna Merriman to the Rams for Steven Jackson? Of course I am sure one side or both would include additional players/picks, but it could work out for both teams.
    Spags is a defensive minded guy and even though we as fans, know that Merriman is a joke without the steroids, he would more than likely improve that team on the defensive side of the ball.
    The Sparklers could use a legitimate back that pound the ball in between the tackles and can catch out of the back field now that LT is washed up and cannot perform like he needs to for San Diego to deem him useful.
    What do you think Florio?

  5. The problem with trading for Asomugha is that Al gave him an insane contract at something like $12 million a season for 2009 and 2010.
    I think the only team capable of eating that kind of contract right now is Tampa Bay, who is even worse than Oakland. They could use the CB help, but I think they’d rather shop for a WR like TO instead of a CB to play across from Aqib Talib and just ensure that teams run the ball against them all day long.

  6. The Rams would take a $9.5 million cap hit if they traded Jackson. Do some research. This is lazy reporting.

  7. Your “qb can’t thrive if he has to look over his shoulder” logic is flawed. Playing QB in the nfl is a high stress occupation. Players who succeed at the position are confident and can handle adversity. Players who need just the right situation and their egos coddled will never be that good any way.

  8. “Baby Swiss” ? Pretty good Florio, may have to borrow that one at happy hour. Quit giving the Pack big ideas about getting a stud like Joe Thomas though,would ya’? …. Oh,never mind.Ted Thompson could never be a part of a smart play like that.

  9. The problem with the Chargers are both on the offensive and defensive lines. Merriman is coming back from surgery and also has that groin injury. This is also a contract year for him. I don’t think the Chargers would get enough value for him in a trade. As Florio said, certainly not a starting NT.
    Plus, who would you put in Merriman’s spot if he were traded?
    It makes no sense to bring in another running back when the offensive line isn’t opening up holes for the running backs that they already have.
    Merriman”s lack of production IMO, is due to his injuries and the piss poor performance of the d-line. A healthy Merriman and d-line would go a long way towards improving the Charger defense.
    If the Chargers were going to trade anyone, I would prefer it being Antonio Cromartie. I am not impressed with his play at all. I think he is easily replaced on that team.

  10. Argument reguarding Revis is correct. It’s alot easier to be a good cover corner when your team is getting to the opposing QB so fast he doesn’t get to see the field. We saw what happens when he is forced to cover someone for an extended period against the Dolphins….SCORCHED! He’s a very very good corner, and they all get beat from time to time, but the amount of praise being heaped on him this season should all be directed towards the pass rush…they’re making him look great.

  11. Trade 11. Redskins trade Vinny Cerrato for someone who understands football…………………………..

  12. As a packer fan, before even clicking the link I thought to myself “the pack should REALLY, REALLY find a way to go after steven jackson”, and sure enough! I’m passing the brain waves to ted thompson right now….

  13. “DanSnyder says:
    October 14, 2009 3:19 PM
    Why do raiders fans still have hope?”
    thats funny given that the Redskins are the Raiders of the NFC…what hope do you have? that Snyder spends more money in the offseason?
    “username says:
    October 14, 2009 3:10 PM
    Raiders trade Nnamdi Asomugha to New England for a 7th round pick and a half eaten bagel. ”
    try to not be retarded before you use a computer

  14. “Daffy87,”
    You can’t be serious….? Revis was listed as having a sore hammy prior to the game, and therefore couldn’t go full speed!

  15. I am a Raider fan, and we have very little hope left…trust me. I hate the thought of trading Nmandi, but his salary is the only salary on the Raiders payroll that is justified. He is also the only player that could bring us anything valuable in return. We need help everywhere. It would kill me, buy it is good business. I would gladly trade him for a new F@%&%@g owner! Anyone availabe?

  16. A lot of your trade ideas revolve around the basic idea that incredibly terrible teams should trade their best players, especially ones with 1 year on the contract, to get draft picks and/or younger players. The logic is fine but barely worth debating. Every year you can mindlessly thumb through the rosters of bad teams and do this.
    Honestly I think you do bring up one great point though. The Packers should trade Kampman. He’s a solid DE in a 4-3 and a below average OLB in a 3-4. He has more value to another team than he does where he’s at. The Packers could probably trade Kampman for a lesser player and still improve their team overall.
    I don’t think they should go for a running back though. They don’t pass enough to benefit from an upgrade their. They should look for O line help.

  17. I agree with you completely sando. I hate the idea of trading Asomugha. I think he is the only bright spot in the infinite black hole. He is not only an elite player at the top of his class, he is also all class. He has been stuck in this dump forever. He never complains or takes a play off. He also did not hold Al hostage to get out of Oakland, which I would not have blamed him for, but I am grateful he didn’t. On top of all of that, he is always taking on community projects and working with the kids. That reflects positively on himself, the franchise, and the NFL. I can’t think of a bad thing to say about him. As a matter of fact, I am completely changing my opinion. My team is in shambles from the top down. The truth is no amount of players is going to help now. Nmandi is the only player on the team that is leading, not by running his trap, but by example. Young players need to see that kind of player in the locker room and on the field. If anything it is even more valuable when times are dismal, and you don’t believe in leadership anywhere outside of the locker room…like in your front office. Thanks for talking some sense into me. Haha. Keep hope alive!

  18. Good article. Be nice to see Jackson and Asomugha go to decent teams/contenders.
    Please don’t ever add pictures next to the authors name. Really don’t understand why that practice was started, just gives me a biased opinion before I start reading.

  19. here are a few trades i would make, if i was Snyder-Cerrato, trade a 3rd round pick and maybe 6th rounder too for Brady Quinn so next year we can draft…….a left tackle
    the Panthers have Peppers (who wants to play in a 3-4 defense) the Chargers have Merrimen (who used to play end in college) trade them for each other………i disagree with the packers trading for a tackle, Levi Jones? why hasnt he got calls? Jon Runyan? if healthy those guys are good right tackles, hope Cerrato reads what i posted…….Asomugha and Jackson wont be traded, but i bet both wish they were, Larry Johnson should get traded to the packers for a 2nd round or 3rd round pick and maybe more.

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