Stafford practices; Megatron "hobbling"

Good news, bad news for the Lions this morning.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford “moved well” during the portion of practice open to Lions media, according to Nicholas Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press.

The initial Week 6 impressions on wide receiver Calvin Johnson were less encouraging. Cotsonika noted that Johnson was “hobbling and not participating” in practice.

Stafford missed last week’s loss to the Steelers with a right knee injury and was capably replaced by Daunte Culpepper. Johnson went down during the Steelers game, also with a right knee.

Earlier in the week, Lions coach Jim Schwartz deemed Johnson’s injury not “significant.” In current parlance “significant” seems to indicate long-term or season ending. “Not significant” doesn’t necessarily mean minor, however. At least that’s what I’m getting.

The Lions play Green Bay this weekend. Schwartz is supposed to speak today around 4 p.m. and we’ll update as needed.

17 responses to “Stafford practices; Megatron "hobbling"

  1. Calvin Johnson is clearly faking this injury to pave his way out of Detroit. Doesn’t play the second half of the last week’s game.. Doesn’t practice today and the trade deadline is 6 days away. Johnson is just trying to leave the Lions.

  2. yeah, cause top 2 picks are so easy to trade in their first couple of years from a salary cap standpoint.

  3. Yeah, real smart Kevin, he’s faking an injury so some team will come and try to trade for a WR that they believe is injured…. You ever thought he might actually be… hurt?
    Megatron? I’ve never heard it but I like it for Johnson. A big athletic guy that no matter how big and bad and strong and fast he is… always ends up the losing end.

  4. He was standing on the sidelines Sunday and made no attempt to re-enter the game. He’s another China Doll WR Diva. Not willing to play through pain.

  5. KevinLJ:
    Go back to gardening and leave football analysis to those that understand football. He made no attempt to enter the game after getting injured because he was injured you retard. He wasn’t cleared to enter the game. Just because he’s not on a stretcher doesn’t mean he’s able to play you idiot.
    And the “another China Doll WR Diva” comment. He just got snubbed for the Probowl last year after having better stats than near every reciever in the league. He went through a 0-16 season without whining once. He never celebrates after scores and he does no flashy things, just plays the game. I would dare you to call him that to his face, even if, as I’m guessing, you’d need a ladder. Get a grip.
    If he didn’t beg to leave last year, he’s not going to this year, right when the Lions are finally on the cusp of getting better. Do everyone a favor and simply never post your pathetic knowledge of the game again. I feel dumber for having read your post.

  6. The Lions were down 8 on the final drive and were driving until Daunte Culpepper took 3 straight sacks. Had Johnson taken the field that would have given the Lions a better chance at scoring and forcing OT.

  7. CJ is hurt because he gets abused during games. Everyone knew his thigh was hurting, and Harrison put a hard lick on CJ’s thighs. It wasn’t dirty, but deliberate (thats football). It worked. He caught that screen for two yards and got hurt in the first quarter…
    For the Megatron – that was dubbed by Roy E. Williams after we drafted CJ.
    Some fans (I don’t know who) have also referred to Brandon Pettigew as “Jumbotron” because of his matching height with Calvin and about an extra 30 pounds, and a physical freak that we hope is a solid contributor at TE in both the blocking and passing game.

  8. KevinLJ:
    You’re right, if he’s healthy and cleared to play. If not it doesn’t matter. The fact is that Culpepper was so stupid that he didn’t see the blitz coming and audible to a quick slant to the WR’s that, on the play, had the CB’s playing 13 yards off. It wouldn’t have made a difference if CJ was in or not. Daunte wasn’t smart enough to read the defense and get rid of the ball.

  9. I’m betting this will be a rather close game this week, daunte needs to protect the ball, and run like he was last week, I coudlnt beleive how fast he actually was.
    go loins, I hope they get some shit together, I hate watchign teams fail so hard.

  10. # KevinLJ says: October 14, 2009 2:31 PM
    The Lions were down 8 on the final drive and were driving until Daunte Culpepper took 3 straight sacks. Had Johnson taken the field that would have given the Lions a better chance at scoring and forcing OT.
    How would they have had a better chance if he couldn’t run? I can’t believe the bad talking of Calvin Johnson. He is probably the best WR in the league but no one knows it because he plays for the Lions. He never says a word about not getting the ball/losing, and he has played through injury before.
    Conclusion: KevinLJ is a Troll.

  11. # Calistin says: October 14, 2009 3:16 PM
    The only time this game is gonna be close is 0-0 when it starts.
    Hilarious. Pretty much the same thing Redskins fans were saying a few weeks ago.

  12. Calistin:
    Typical packer fan douchebag.
    I can’t wait for the laundry list of excuses out of these clowns when they lose.
    The lions are the only other North team I could root for besides my Vikes.
    Go Lions!!!

  13. KevinLJ: We are all dumber for having to read your comments. Get a clue. It’s amazing that you’re still bothering to “try” to follow NFL developments because you are obviously incapable of using basic logic and comprehension skills.

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