Steelers put Aaron Smith on IR

The sole silver lining in the dark cloud regarding the shoulder injury to Steelers defensive end Aaron Smith was the possibility he’d be back in January, for the playoff run.

Now, there’s no silver lining at all for the Steel Curtain.

The Steelers have placed Smith on injured reserve, which means that he will not play again in 2009.

To fill the spot on the roster, the Steelers have elevated rookie defensive end Ra’Shon Harris from the Panthers practice squad.  A sixth-round pick by Pittsburgh in the 2009 draft, Harris was among the final roster cuts, he was claimed on waivers by the Panthers, he was later cut, and then he signed to the practice squad.

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  1. The coaching staff was pretty high on Harris. Tried to stash him away on the P.S., but Carolina pried him away. Good news that he’s back… at this point, he looked better against the run than Ziggy. Hopefully the DE by committee will work well enough.
    The Offense may have to pick up the slack, and if they stop dropping balls, they’re plenty capable.
    Injuries are the great equalizer.

  2. Rotator cuffs take a while to heal. No way he’ll be ready for January. He’ll be fine…..for next year. I’m a die-hard Steelers fan, but even I know it’ll be an uphill battle to win it all again this year. Some guys will have to play out of their minds. Like Deadguy says, injuries are the great equalizer. Let’s pick it up Boys!!

  3. There are several good veteran DEs available… at a price.
    Although it seems very unlikely the teams who have these players available would be willing to trade them to the Stealers…

  4. dracula58 says:
    October 14, 2009 5:23 PM
    …and why is that, Steeler-hater?
    Well, look at who’s probably available.
    Jevon Kearse is on the downside of his career with Tennessee. But with him being in the last year of his deal, the Titans would be willing to try him and he wouldn’t cost the other team much… except for the Steelers. I doubt Tennessee is willing to trade him to Pittsburgh unless they can get more than he is worth.
    Now, a guy like Kyle Vanden Bosch of the Titans is also in the last year of his deal. He is still an excellent DE. Tennessee may not resign him, though, due to money issues. But like Kearse, the Titans will want a lot more for him from Pittsburgh. Considering the history between the 2 teams, the Titans are unlikely to want to trade guys to help out the Steelers. They’ll have to overpay to get them.

  5. Kearse wouldn’t do squat for the Steelers. Doesn’t fit the scheme. Steeler DE’s are just athletic DT’s. Plus, Kearse isn’t known to be a “run stopper”.
    I think the guys they have will fill in fine… just won’t be as dominating as Smith. Sorta like Carter filling in for Troy… there will be plays made against them that usually would be stuffed.

  6. Kyle Vanden Bosch is a better option than any of those guys.
    The Steelers just have to be willing to pay the price to get him…

  7. First, are you implying that the Steelers are cheap? Not the case. They are usually near the cap… Just try not to over-pay players.
    Second… no way in hell I want Kyle Vanden Bosch/Hampton/ Keisel as my f’ing D-line. Hell, Keisel is probably too light for that line anyway.
    They don’t need a name or a player that would never fit their system. You obviously follow a team that runs the 4-3, and have no idea what it takes to run a successful 3-4.
    I really could care less if you hate this team… but, maybe you should stick to the threads where you can stick to just talking smack. Actual football knowledge just isn’t your forte.
    Vanden Bosch as an Aaron Smith replacement?!!!

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