The Giants are getting healthier

Eli Manning participated in Giants practice Wednesday, helping to alleviate some of the lingering concerns about his heel injury.

The Giants were able to take Manning out of Sunday’s win over Oakland before haltime, but his play in the first half was nearly flawless before leaving.  Manning missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday last week, so his participation today is a sign that he’s improving.

“Hopefully, we can build up as we go along,” coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday.  “He might take ‘X’ amount
of snaps today and a little bit more tomorrow and a little bit more on

Manning’s heel was reportedly “no worse for wear” after playing Sunday.

The Giants could get back a number of players back from injury for their big game in the Big Easy this week.  Safety C.C. Brown (shoulder), tight end Kevin Boss (ankle), linebacker Bryan Kehl (finger), guard Rich Seubert (shoulder) and running back Danny Ware (elbow) all practiced in some capacity.

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  1. All their big guys? What about the 4 starters they are going to defintely be without just on the defensive side of the ball in Ross, Canty, Boley, and Phillips (IR)?
    The fact the Giants D has been this dominant, even against crap teams, is incredible considering the injuries they have had to deal with (Dockery, Tuck, Johnson, Alford, Bernard). I cant even imagine how much more dominant they would be with all these guys in the fold. Saints wouldnt have a chance this week.

  2. But no boley, aaron ross, kenny phillips and end/tackle chris canty. Those 4 will be sorely missed this weekend. Terrell Thomas has done an excellent job at the other corner though. Jerry did a good job with the depth, they have been playing with close to 40% of their starters on D out all season.

  3. You had a post last week saying the same. Are ya’ll their team doctors ? That’s great.
    Have they had their swine flu shots to make damned sure they are healthy ?
    You know, Shockey’s out to get them per your earlier post. They won’t be when he gets thru with them. Right.

  4. Hopefully Boley, Ross, Dockery and Canty will follow suit as the Giants’ extended preseason comes to an end. They’ll be in good shape if they manage to go 7-4 the rest of the way, and with the team getting steadily healthier, they probably will, if not better.

  5. Vox is just butthurt because Demarcus Ware had to wait until KC to get his first sack, because whatever scrub they have there instead of Canty can’t do his job.

  6. VoxVeritas says: “Canty’s still out? Nice $48 million spent.”
    Didn’t know it was 48 million for one year. Oh, wait, it’s not. It’s six years, 42 million! That’s what we all love about Vox. He’ll never let the facts get in the way of him making an ass of himself. Besides, it will all be worth it for both sides when he gets a chance to play in January and, you know, actually win. I’m sure he won’t know what to do with himself. Maybe DeMarcus or Igor can teach him some of those cool poses they make while they struggle with such offensive dynamos as “the greatest show on turf” Chiefs and “Air” Tampa.

  7. Google Vox Veritas.
    Click on the first link.
    Look at Vox Veritas’ Myspace Page.
    Laugh at the fat virgin troll.

  8. Vox with another bitter stupid comment. The Cowboys clearly miss Canty because Olshansky is not keeping the offensive linemen off of Ware like Canty was so successful doing last year. I think there is a reason Ware has only 2 sacks this year in 5 games when he almost broke the sack record last year with the help of Canty. It could be worse the Giants could have spent 9 million a year on Roy Williams.

  9. Who has New York played other than a bunch of losing teams. Can you say overrated? The Saints are going to whip them.

  10. vtopa have you seen any of those games? They were all completely one sided. Who have the Saints played? The Eagles without McNabb who are 3-1 and beat even worse teams.

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