Bills won't discuss scrapping no huddle offense

Florio broke the news Wednesday that the Bills were scrapping the no huddle offense that they have practiced every day since the offseason.  (The same one they canned offensive coordinator Turk Schonert for not implementing properly.)

The decision was likely brought on by a number of factors, primary among them that the team’s makeshift offensive line couldn’t handle its responsibilities.  (And that the offense, um, wasn’t scoring points.)

Even though the move is probably wise in the short term, there must be some embarrassment from the organization that they are giving up on their well publicized plan.

Perhaps that’s why they wouldn’t recognize PFT’s report when asked Thursday.  In fact, a Bills media relations official told reporters to ask only injury-related questions to Dick Jauron, which was a departure from normal Thursday routine.

When Jauron was asked about the no-huddle attack, the coach left without saying a word, according to the Associated Press.  (If we were the Associated Press, we wouldn’t credit them, but would just write “according to internet reports.”  But that’s another story.)

Bills players also uniformly declined to talk about the subject.  Which, of course, is as good as confirming the story.

Mr. Florio says the story is “10000% accurate,” and the team’s actions Thursday support that. 

If the story was wrong and the Bills were keeping the offense, which they’ve talked about openly all season, they would say so. 

10 responses to “Bills won't discuss scrapping no huddle offense

  1. How come Florio hasn’t posted anything about Owens wanting to stay in Buffalo? Is this because Owens would be seen in a positive light?

  2. “Bills players also uniformly declined to talk about the subject. Which, of course, is as good as confirming the story.”
    ya missed a chance for some more parenthesis, shouldn’t it read….
    Bills players also uniformly declined to talk about the subject. (Which, of course, is as good as confirming the story.)

  3. They ought to scrap all the players.
    I’m sure that T MeO is very happy with his “decision” (read, the only available option he had) to join “North America’s Team”.

  4. The bills do not run a no-huddle offense. They may call it a no huddle, but it’s not, well it hasnt been since week 2.
    They do not rush to the line to hope and catch the D off gaurd or keep the D from substituting because they cant line up ready to snap it fast enough and the BILLS substitue on offense all the time. I have not seen a single play all season where the bills quick snaped the ball to catch the defense unprepared.
    Edwards isnt exactly helping things either. All the D has to do is line up in a certain way and he says, ok, Evans and Owens are covered so ill ignore them. Must be nice to be able to take away the other teams 2 main weapons before the ball is even snaped.
    They basically accept all the negatives of a no huddle offense without any of the benifits. If you cant do it right, you should change to something you can do right.

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