Bucs somehow avoid a blackout

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hosted three games this season.  The opener against the Cowboys sold out easily, thanks to a fan following that extends well beyond Texas.  The next game, against the Giants, also sold out, to not much of a surprise.

But now the Bucs, reeling at 0-5 and riding a nine-game losing streak, have somehow sold out Raymond James Stadium, without an extension.

Some have suggested that ownership has decided to buy all leftover tickets, in order to ensure that every game will be televised locally.  And the prevailing thought among those who follow the team closely is that, indeed, the Glazer family has been ensuring that there will be no blackouts.

If it’s happening, it’s occurring without fanfare, probably because widespread knowledge of such practices might cause fans and media to pressure other teams to do the same thing.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how many seats are actually occupied at Sunday’s sold out game against the Panthers.

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  1. If it’s happening, it’s occurring without fanfare, probably because widespread knowledge of such practices might cause fans and media to pressure other teams to do the same thing.
    Not likely.
    Raiders would never do that. Rams are in the process of being sold. Jaguars said they expect blackouts all year and apparently are fine with it. Lions are probably happy to be blacked out so they don’t have to watch them locally. Chargers play in a baseball stadium and apparently have line of sight issues from the bad seats(?) but still sell out.
    Makes me want to root for the Bucs now.

  2. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 13 years and every week there’s a blackout.
    I get to the parking lot real early, start drinkin and next think you know I’M BLACKED OUT!!!
    Finally a little humor on this site, instead of the blowhard B.S. Politics talk…

  3. I bought tickets for this event because it was suppose to be the Monster Truck Show….

  4. Florio, you have the greatest gift of turning dung into a story. Of course the Glazers bought the tickets you idiot. “some have suggested”…stop….good lord who cares? We here in Tampa were sold a bill of goods. Not like your pick…wait for it….the Redskins? Remember that Florio? They were your “surprise team” of the year…I’m starting to see why you stopped practicing law. You’re great at the minutia…not so much on the closing argument….no, it won’t be “interesting” to see how many seats are occupied…it will be interesting to see the ratings locally because nobody cares about this train wreck of a team here in Tampa. Thank your buddy Duemig for all the great anti-Gruden shows…too bad his show sucks ass now that Gruden is gone. Your witness…..

  5. Teams and local TV stations have been buying up unsold seats for years and giving them to charities Nothing new to be seen here

  6. A team that has sold tickets well for years is still selling tickets well.
    I suppose if there was nothing else going on this might be a story. But there’s plenty else going on.
    First home start for Johnson. Division rival in Carolina. It’s the west coast of Florida. Of course they’re still selling tickets.

  7. I’m sure the Glazers are buying back tickets .. And I remember stories of the Raiders doing so years ago when they moved back to Oakland from LA and were still somehow not selling out.
    But, you might also see a little surge in actual attendance this week due to the good weather forecasted. No kidding … it’s a soul-scorching inferno in there when it’s hot … I was there at the Giants game, and the rain was THE highlight of the whole experience.
    Regardless of what this says about the toughness of the fans here, I know some people who simply want to see some football might come out of the A/C because it’s supposed to be cool and pleasant on Sunday.
    You’re welcome, TV watchers.
    Now if they could just win the friggin game. . .

  8. The weather may be a factor as well. With a projected high of 69 thats quite a turn from what it has been lately. Should be some great football weather.
    And Florio has it ever occurred to you that maybe there are some genuine fans left in Tampa? Not all of us are fair-weather fans.
    Go Bucs baby!!!

  9. Why does no one talk about, for example, the Jets and unsold tickets? One could buy tickets for Sunday’s game simply by logging on to Ticketmaster. These are upper deck tickets as well, so hardly not “premium seats” or whatever doesn’t count against the team for “sell-out” purposes. Is there some percentage of seats the team needs to sell to be determined a “sell-out” which is less than 100%?

  10. We need an update on the Jags. How many tickets are available for their exciting matchup with the Rams?

  11. DJP chill out…The Bucs are NOT THAT important for you to denigrate 2 SUCCESSFUL professionals…. Those of us in Tampa are using this opportunity to enjoy the weather outside and observe a rebuilding. Don’t tie your emotional intelligence to a football team it embarrasses you and our city…
    Get over Gruden…if YOU are a fan than you would realize that Gruden NEVER delivered on offense and only stayed in the game because of Monte…not to mention his shallow “I love you man” BS that got real real tired….pppffftttt *wave off*

  12. Jags have already announced the game is blacked out. Only game that has a chance to be televised IMO is the Dec. 17 Thursday night game against the Clots. And that is a stretch. There are some really stupid fans in Jax. They act like the NFL is college football and when the team doesn’t go 16-0 or 15-1 they are upset. In the paper this morning someone wrote in and said Weaver needed to hire Urban Meyer and draft Tebow and as many Gaytors as possible and that would fill up the stadium. Child please! Don’t these people realize that our first round pick the last 2 years (Nelson & Harvey) were from the mightly Gaytors? That seems to be working out really well.

  13. kappa08 delta fi….mind your business. Gruden never delivered on offense huh? Yeah, those points on offense in the ONLY FREAKING SUPER BOWL we ever had must have come from….where? I know the defense scored, but so did the offense. Don’t question my fandom. I question your motivation. It doesn’t matter because Chucky ain’t here no more and neither are the asses he ( and Monte, I would never undersell Monte…dude is a GENIUS ) used to put in the seats.

  14. I’m so glad Winslow thought he was going to greener pastures and is stuck on one of the few teams as bad as the Browns.

  15. They should have blacked the damn thing out anyway, just so everyone could have watched the Giants-Saints game instead
    You know….a game that more than 10 people actually care about. What a joke of a sports town Tampa is

  16. HATERADE says:
    October 16, 2009 11:10 AM
    this = jag/ram game – WHO GIVES A RATS @$$
    tampa buccin a kitty cat – no one gives a $hit
    ————————————————– I give a rat ass. After we beat the bucs and bills we will be right back in the picture with a showdown against the Saints in Week 8

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