Grievance might have played a role in Ed Johnson termination

With the Colts saying only that defensive tackle Ed Johnson was cut Tuesday for performance reasons only, some folks are wondering whether there’s more going on than merely perceived poor performance.

One of those folks is Johnson.

Per a league source, the team only told Johnson that he weighed in at 320 pounds, three more than his target, and that the team was letting him go.

And so there’s a belief that Johnson was dumped because of the grievance that he filed after being cut by the team in 2008 following an arrest for marijuana possession.  The grievance contends that the teams have no authority to discipline players for violations of the substance-abuse policy. 

Per the source, the Colts asked Johnson to drop the grievance when he was re-signed in May.  He refused, and we’re told that the team wasn’t happy about it.

So there could now be another grievance — and that’s why the Colts are pointing only to Johnson’s performance as the reason for the decision.

Regardless of whether it really was.

21 responses to “Grievance might have played a role in Ed Johnson termination

  1. Yes, the players get a much better deal with Robert Irsay (Colts owner) than they would with an owner like Rush Limbaugh. This Irsay really stands up for the proletariat.

  2. Now this sounds more realistic, if this is true, its Johnson’s own fault because why sue a team that gives you two chances when no one else would have given you one. I hope his integrity is better than that.

  3. He’s may not be an master at analysis, but there’s a poster over at that went back and watch the first half of the Titans game and found that he was only on the field for 13 plays and didn’t appear to do much in those plays.
    Doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons, especially since Caldwell wouldn’t get any more specific than “lack of production.”
    On Bill Polian’s radio show on Monday night, he made a comment on the defense and basically said there were some that weren’t giving all-out hustle all the time. So either he really wasn’t playing hard all the time and/or they had made the decision to cut him after the Titans game and wanted some additional “evidence.”

  4. Wanna torch one ? Ed Johnson did. Now he doesn’t understand why he was let go ?
    Can The Colts file a grievance, citing the golden harvest being the reason for his poor performance ?

  5. Now this sounds more realistic, if this is true, its Johnson’s own fault because why sue a team that gives you two chances when no one else would have given you one…
    You beat me to it as I was wondering the exact same thing. Why can’t these guys ever get good advice?. He had one team that was willing to give him another chance, and he stuck with his grievance against that team, and played poorly during his 2nd chance. If he was playing well he could have gotten away with his foolish grievance. I hope he is not stupid enough to hold his breath waiting for a 3rd chance.

  6. Racist slave master Irsay will put that uppity Johnson in his place. How dare anyone file a greivance against Master Irsay! Where is the players association now??? That’s right Irsay donated to Obama! Now I understand everything.
    Let’s see what the esteemed owner of the New Jersey Nets has to say…..

  7. If Rush would just marry Oprah, it would shut everyone up and he could buy anything he wanted…..then he could sign Ed Johnson, Pacman Jones, Mike Vick, Rickie Williams and …….anyone else you can think of?
    And Snoop Dog could be the offensive coordinator.
    I forgot, Plaxico could do some recruiting from the inside.
    That would be a helluva team bus ride.

  8. @ leatherneck
    Robert Irsay died in 1997. His son, Jim Irsay, has been running the team for over a decade now, and quite honestly has been doing a terrific job. We’re very thankful the Colts organization hasn’t been run like the Bengals, Pacers, or JailBlazers.
    Being a diehard who watches every second of every game, no matter what the score, I’m somewhat informed on Ed Johnson’s play. He hasn’t stuck out as terrific, nor has he stuck out as terrible. He’s been adequate, and because of that, it makes complete sense that his grievance coupled with the fact we needed a spot for Matt Stover made Ed Johnson a prime candidate for being released. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all for the Colts to pick him back up (if he hasn’t signed elsewhere) once Vinatieri is back several weeks from now and we have no need for Stover. In fact, I’m not really sure we need Stover anyways. McAfee, our rookie punter, was the full time kicker and punter at West Virgina last year. Why not save the roster spot and see what he can do against the Rams next week?
    Finally, since Ed Johnson makes at minimum 15 times what the average proletariat in this country makes, I’m confident your idea of a proletariat is as off as your idea of Colts ownership.

  9. can someone tell me why if they are meaningless why teams have clauses in contracts that would seem to peotect them if they want to get rid of idiots like this guy who you know break the law amd team rules?let’s see you get busted team cites clause and cuts them and the union says you can’t do it no matter what clause you have in contract. if there is a work stoppage I hope the owners make the union cave on this.

  10. Huskersrule-
    Seriously? WTF?
    You equate Irsay with a racist slave master?? REALLY? The owner of the team who employed the first black Super Bowl winning coach?? The owner who named another black coach as the next head coach when Dungy retired? REALLY?
    And you go on to mention in the same paragraph t that Irsay gave money to Obama and you equate him with a racist slave owner??
    Do you even read what you write?

  11. Marvin Harrison shot a guy and they didn’t cut him. As Florio likes to say, NFL players are like salesmen. If you meet or exceed your quota, you’re allowed to do things like smoke dope and file greivances against your team. If Peyton Manning was caught with a half-dozen underage girls and a 20 pound bag of weed, the Colts would be saying how they’re going to stand by their player and not make any decisions until the legal process was completed, and then would fight for immediate reinstatement after he gets released. If you’re a bubble player and aren’t willing to ‘take one for the team’, then you’re cut and some slappie that’s willing to take it from Manning, Polian and Irsay gets signed.

  12. Bren says: October 15, 2009 1:03 PM
    Robert Irsay died in 1997.
    Jim Irsay is the Colts owner.
    Robert, Jim …. all those Irsay’s look alike to me.

  13. RedGoneWILD says:
    god, when will this ridiculous notion that cannabis is bad go away?
    Whoa, whoa Red. Don’t forget you’re in Jesus-boy Dungy land. Obviously, they’ll believe anything. Including the hype about pot. It’s a lost cause, IMO.

  14. Had more to do with the fact that he managed to get himself arrested for it when he was on zero-tolerance after all of his issues in college versus the fact that it was weed. A number of other guys have gotten in legal trouble for similar things and not been punished by the team because they didn’t come in with tainted backgrounds.

  15. Discipline for following the grievance procedure is an unfair labor practice.
    This is an easy win for the NFLPA and the player.

  16. Wow, this is 3 stories in a row that are an absolute journalistic joke. I wish people would stop pimping traffic to your site because really you’re on the same level as TMZ or another such site.

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