L.A. stadium gets closer to key environmental exemption

When a lawsuit filed by the city of Walnut regarding the proposed football stadium to be built in the city of Industry was successfully mediated last month, Ed Roski and his Majestic Realty Co. no longer needed the California Legislature to change environmental laws in order to render the lawsuit moot.

But there was another lawsuit a claim filed by a group  that couldn’t be worked out.  So, according to Patrick McGreevy of the Los Angeles Times, California lawmakers have passed an exemption to the environmental laws that essentially kills the lawsuit with the stroke of a pen.

“It’s a sad day for California,” said Howard Wang, vice president of Citizens for Community Preservation, which had filed the claim.  “It
opens up the door for other developers who are well-off enough to hire
lobbyists to go to Sacramento and get exemptions from the environmental

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who preferred negotiated settlements to adjusted laws, has a different take.

“These are extraordinary times,” Steinberg told McGreevy.  He called the stadium “an opportunity to create thousands of construction jobs,
thousands of permanent jobs.”

Escondido Senator Mark Wyland tried to tweak the tweaking of the law to require that any team that plays in the stadium must come from a state other than California, in the hopes of removing the San Diego Chargers from the mix of franchises that might be lured to Roski’s new digs.  That measure, however, failed.

The bill now has only one last obstacle — it needs to be signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  A spokesman said that Schwarzenegger “supports the construction of a stadium in Los Angeles to create jobs and bring the NFL back to L.A.”

So it looks like this thing will happen.  If they can get a team to play there.  Possible candidates include the Bills, Jaguars, Raiders, Chargers, Vikings, Rams, and 49ers.

39 responses to “L.A. stadium gets closer to key environmental exemption

  1. Los Angeles-
    I speak on behalf of all Browns and Steelers fans when I say, with utmost sincerity, that you should feel free to steal the Ravens, in the middle of the night, to occupy your sparkling new stadium. They will not be missed, and in fact, the citizens of Baltimore are quite familiar with this type of thievery, having had their beloved Colts ripped our from under them in like fashion, only to turn around and, after years of crying about how awful Irsay was for doing such a thing, doing the exact same thing to the people of Cleveland when they jacked the Browns. I say, good riddance, RatBirds. I even suspect that Daniel Snyder would be the first to support such a move, since he would obviously benefit from it as well.

  2. Come on Jimmy, you pretend to want the Vikings to leave. But do you really want the NFC North to have the Rams instead of the Vikings? Because that is exactly what would happen.
    Anyone with a brain knows that there are other teams on that list more likely to go. But still hard not to get worried when your team says they will not renew the 2011 lease and the state says that Pawlenty is too busy preparing for a presidential run to talk about all of the state issues.

  3. I’m beginning to actually think that Jimmy and Bob are actually Florio in disguise.
    It would be smart of him to pose as a moron( is it really posing?) to stir up us Vikings fans to get more hits.
    I mean even the Packer fans can’t stand these two.
    If that’s the case, I guess Florio isn’t a moron.
    I’m not much for conspiracy tho, I do know there are Packer fans out there that ARE this dumb.
    Sando: Relax, they are not going anywhere, if they don’t get a new stadium, the metrodome will be modified.

  4. The vikings have the third lowest capacity arena in the NFL. Yet last season half their games drew only 62,000. Last year only 61,000 attended the first playoff game in many years and multiple games required bailouts from the local FOX network affiliate to avoid blackouts and broadcast the games.
    As Jerrry Jones got fined for pointing out they have been sucking revenue from smaller market teams under the NFL welfare system and the vikings have been the worst revenue performer for years!
    No proposed Minnesota stadium is larger than 65,000 because the blackout situation would get worse!
    Last season the Jaguars consistently drew over 65,000 (more than the vikings).
    The Bills draw over 70,000.
    The Bills and Jaguars are not candidates to move.
    The new LA area stadium hold 20% more fans from a fanbase many times that of Minnesota.
    Additionally, the NFL will not have to worry about disgruntled fans in Minnesota. Minnesota was Packer fan country before the viking franchise was squeezed in. 40% of current fans in Minnesota are Packer fans. The NFL will not lose television audience in Minnesota when Packer games are broadcast there again. Audience will go up.
    The move to LA by the vikings is a win for everyone! More league revenue, more fans and revenue for the vikings, free agents would want to sign in a media market like LA and earn additional revenue, the players union gains revenue, broadcasters gain audience.
    Everybody gains by the vikings moving to LA.

  5. I live in LA,
    And we already have a team, and it’s called the USC Trojans.
    Where’s the fan base for the teams listed other than the RAIDERS… LA natives can’t stand SD natives, so the idea for the Chargers is not good.
    There is no Vikings fans in LA either, that won’t work. The Bills don’t have a fan base big enough for LA “THAT WON’T WORK”
    LA needs a new franchise, 1 for the AFC and 1 for the NFC. They can both share the stadium and the rest of those looser ass teams can stay put.
    And none of the teams listed have superbowl rings but the RAIDERS.
    Don’t send no more loosers 2 my city.

  6. I can not explain what it will mean to me to see the vikings leave. The fans in MN do not deserve a franchise, but really that is what happens when the owner is from NYC

  7. Bob – Where do you get your stat of 40%…I live in MN and certainly do not see this to be accurate.

  8. Boy when liberals really WANT something, especially if it benefits their bank account, then they will “forget” those laws they pass for the “little people”.
    What? Liberals rich? Uh, yeah. You think all those in congress and the senate REALLY care about the “working class”?
    Can you say “double standard”?

  9. Boob:
    Nice numbers. Where did you get them?
    Can you back them up? Or, are you just spouting nonsense again?
    Monday night’s Vikings-Packers game will be the119th consecutive sold-out game at the Metrodome, dating back to the preseason opener of 1998. Of the regular season and postseason games (94) during that stretch, the Vikings are 65-29-0 (69.1%) in the friendly confines of the Metrodome.
    Yep, they have trouble selling out some games, as do a lot of teams in the nfl, it’s not just them.
    Look at all the Packer ” faithful” selling their tickets, on tjust this site alone!!!
    Yep, really great fans there Bob. You are a class A idiot.
    Next, the Vikings have been “sucking revenue” and are the lowest prodcuing revenue team, because the dome was opened in 82, 27 freaking years ago! There are no luxuery suites, that most other stadiums have.
    They get the revenue from that, they shoot up the list.
    They were shoehorned in.——–48 years ago!
    40% of minnesotans are Packer fans?
    Lol, I’m quite sure you pilled that figure out of your cinnamon swirl (thanks Hydra!)
    Nowhere online could I find a figure like that.
    They aren’t going anywhere Bon, so quit with the BS. It’d also be nice if you’d back your BS up, but we know you won’t.
    Go back under the rock you came out from under.
    You are an asshat, not only that you are a top5 asshat on this site. Your own fans don’t like you and I’m pretty sure your family feels the same about you. You are not only a site loser, but a life loser as well.

  10. Really Bob? 40% are Packer fans? Could have fooled me since I was at the MNF beatdown and didn’t see a lot of GB fans there. But hey eveyone let’s start pulling stats out of our butts that aren’t true to make ourselves feel better. Vikes have 4 Super Bowls – one more than the Pack. See how easy that was?

  11. Come on with the sell out lies, corporate welfare is what the vikings are all about. Parasites and poor fans.

  12. Gerbilinyourass:
    Don’t let facts get in the way of your piss poor excuse for a post.

  13. Chickencrap, are you suggesting that there were not buy outs of tickets by Fox, and that the NFL gave extensions on more than one occasion to try to get sell outs. Has the 5 -0 start made you forget that the vikings head coach is an idiot, and the vikings are a doomed franchise in MN?

  14. tdawg69
    hahahahaha…we stole your team and now were great and are always competing for the AFC North title and you are still the “mistake by the lake”. We’ll at least you have Lebron…for one more season.

  15. The Vikings are as vulnerable to being relocated as any other privately owned small-market team in the league. Despite their reassurances to the contrary, whichever owner gets the most bang for their buck…….poof, they’re gone. I hope it never happens. The reactions that are elicited from waving the “they may have to move” flag in front of purple bulls is humorously entertaining. The North Division (aka Central Division, aka Black-and-Blue Division) is one of the most logical historically and geographically. I am thankful that this scenario cannot ever be played out in Green Bay. Just another reason (amongst many) why it pays to be a Packer fan. It is never too late to jump on board our bandwagon. That means you Chickenshoes!

  16. Did I or did I not say in my previous post that they had trouble selling out SOME games?!?!
    Yeah scroll up jagoff…….see?!
    Childress 29-24
    Mccarthy 29-23
    Hmmm, that’s interesting. Virtually the same record
    And our coach is the idiot? The one that improves every year, the one not teaching technique into week 5 of the season? Might want to check records before you shoot your asshat mouth off, huh?
    Wilf will not move the team, it is wishful thinking on your part, but, hey whatever it takes for you gerbilinyourass.
    Aren’t you tired of me making you look like a fool on a daily basis yet?
    I’d be embarrassed to show up here, but obviously you have zero self esteem.

  17. @ the haters
    way to pull stats outta your asses to backup completely wrong statements. The vikes are going no where, this is how politics is played in MN, they did the same exact thing with the twins before they got a new stadium and the vikes will get their funding, it will take a bit though.
    @ the chilly haters
    Look at the great personal moves he’s had since he’s been here. Very good drafts (minus williamson) good personal moves (hello hutch, Allen, and Berian, not to mention greg lewis, the hero of Wisconsin). We did lose birk and sharper. but a business is a business and although both had good years left in them, overpaying for talent is bad business. His schemes are getting better, his repoire with the players is good, and he’s actually getting a little bit of a personality (slowly but surely)
    Right now, I’d take chilly over MM (with peanuts) any day of the week

  18. A few points:
    Minnesota has sold out every game for over 7 years. Far too much is made out of their “inability” to sell out games.
    The Metrodome is old. Every team runs into these issues as their stadium gets old. Once the Vikings get their new stadium, they will vault up in revenue charts significantly. There are a couple teams with better stadium situations than the Vikings that generate less revenue. All the Vikes need is a stadium which they will eventually get.
    Childress is a good coach and Zygi is a good owner. The Vikings organization was a mess when those two came in and three years later they are the toast of the NFC North. The whole NFL nation is interested in this team. Packers fans are more interested in our team than their own for cripes sakes.
    All these negative comments are made by Packers fans. You guys are just insecure and this is how you compensate for it. Chilly’s 3 years of influence have generated a powerhouse team. McCarthy’s three years of influence has transformed a powerhouse team into a mediocre one. Look in the mirror bud.
    Also to the one guy criticizing Chilly’s draft of Williamson. Wasn’t that done by Tice? Maybe I’m wrong but I thought it was.
    Vikings fans are thrilled with our team right now. We are loving this. Everyone I talk to is so excited about the team. Believe me, no matter how hard you guys try to convince yourselves of the sad state of Vikes football, the reality is quite the contrary. We are having a lot more fun with our team than you guys are right now.

  19. Oh I forgot the fire chili croud that has been in MN for the last 3 years, it’s all good now? Typical viking fans.

  20. @ Anthony,
    I think that you’re missing the main point here. When the vikings are moved to LA, they will be the LA Vikings, and the people that live there will be more than happy to cheer for them.
    It’s not about the fan base that currently exists for the Vikings while they are in Minnesota, hell I live here and their fans are a joke. People will be drawn to follow them if they move to LA. It will creat a new fan base, and their success doesn’t ride on the fans (or lack there of) that they currently have.
    As a Minnesota Hater I would love nothing more than for them too blow that suck a$$ stadium off the map and send them out to cali… Enjoy

  21. @ Sid Hartman:
    Super Bowl Runner Ups get a trophy too?
    We will call that the Hubert H Humphrey Trophy.
    Cant wait for you shitbags to lose this team, you deserve nothing less for your bandwagon efforts. This team loses 6 games and they will be fighting to keep their head above water again, until the next billioaire rolls along and bails them out of this shit hole.
    Second of all, your sell-outs are only attributed to major corporations and networks buying up the tickets so that their ratings don’t tank on sunday. Last I checked the waiting list for Packer Season tickets is roughly 33 years, compared to your “7 Game Packs” that are still available after the season starts. Your fans don’t hold a candle to the people in Green Bay. You just a bunch of brown nosing ass jockeys that come out of the woodwork when you start to win.
    Go ahead and keep telling yourself that they revenues generated are because you are a small market team, 33 of the top 100 compny headquarters reside in MN. Small Market on what basis? Sounds to me that you have a bunch of execs who realize no matter how much you polish a turd, its still a turd.
    You can keep uttering facts about things you think make your team better than others, but when it gets down to it, you have a team of wet dreams, better than anything you could imagine in your sleep, but when you come to, you realize it ain’t happening.
    Also, do you remember the playoff game last year with the eagles? An extension had to be filed to avoid a blackout, what a joke!
    Also the packers fans are selling their tickets online for the profit they are making, it has nothing to do with troubles selling out the tickets. Do a little investigating before your start flailing ignorant comments.

  22. Gerbilinyourass:
    Kinda like loving Favre for 16 years and now he’s a traitor? God, you are 1 dumb son of a bitch!
    I’m not going to even bothe addressing the poster directly after Gerbil.
    # 1 his screen name says it all.
    #2 It’s probably BoB or Jimmy in “disguise.”
    It certainly reads like it. Nothing of substance and regurgitated BS.
    1st i’ve seen of the guy, but he’s an asshat from jump street as far as I’m concerned.

  23. I am a Pack Fan and even I know the Vikings aren’t going anywhere the Packer fans on this site are either ignorant or stupid. Why would you want them to leave it’s a great rivalry and you make Packer fans look scared of the Vikings

  24. Pretty pathetic display of what’s wrong with america. Why bother having environmental laws, or any laws at all, if all you need is deep pockets to be exempt from the law.
    It’s a shame and an embarrassment that this country is so shallow.

  25. I posted a plether of comments and your best comeback was I am an asshat? This is easier than I thought.
    And don’t come jumping on the packer bandwagon when your shitbags pack up and head outta town.

  26. WTF is a plether? And you wonder why I called you an ASSHAT? Priceless!
    You want to go? I’ll go.
    The “great Packer fans”…..Ok , yep, you sell out Lambeau. Those tickets are handed down from generation to generation, your grandparents and great grandparents insured those sell outs, not you.
    Now, the tickets, to arguably the biggest packer game in years are being sold for profit? And that’s ok by you? That is the most hypocritical BS I have heard on here, ever!
    You sound like this guy I met at a Brewer game this summer, what a freaking jagoff this guy was.
    Big freaking Blowhard no- nothing imbecile.
    I didn’t say they had trouble selling out moron, i said on 1 site alone, they were selling at least 100 sets of tickets!! Christ there are 50 yard line seats available!
    Why wouldn’t a person want to be at this game?
    Great fans that they are?! It’s pure bs and you know it.
    You can keep uttering facts about things you think make your team better than others, but when it gets down to it, you have a team of wet dreams, better than anything you could imagine in your sleep, but when you come to, you realize it ain’t happening.
    What the blue hell this huge run on of a sentence means is purely a mystery to anyone but yourself.
    Or this gem:
    Go ahead and keep telling yourself that they revenues generated are because you are a small market team, 33 of the top 100 compny headquarters reside in MN. Small Market on what basis? Sounds to me that you have a bunch of execs who realize no matter how much you polish a turd, its still a turd.
    They don’t have luxury suites you imbecile! That right there, if they had them, would have them ascending the revenue ladder.
    Look, I don’t expect you to understand anything that you read here. That would be asking to much. Maybe, have someone help you with the big words? Try having a post that has anywhere near a point in it. That’s always a bonus too.
    You go ahead and keep living on the rich Packer tradition. The one Super Bowl win you were alive for is all that you really can claim.
    Seriously, you are mouthing off for alot for a fan of a team that went 6-10 last year, is well on it’s way to that this year, and has one of the top 3 icons in their franchise history, playing for a bitter rival.
    Favre saw the writing on the wall, that this team was going nowhere with the freaking clowns they have running the show there, so , he did what he had to do, to get out.
    Teabag, Mumbles and Murphy….sounds like the 3 stooges.
    How do you take a 13-3 team and turn it into back to back losing seasons?
    Just ask these guys…Mumbles is teaching techique 6 weeks into the season and Childress is the idiot?
    Teabag can’t draft an ol or dl. allows his coach to scrap a whole defensive philosophy and then doesn’t get him the players to run it correctly?
    Only in Wisconsin, can you see ignorant idiots like yourself, beating tour chest about how tough it is to get tickets to lambeau..what you’ve been there twice in your life, yet here you are taking credit like you had something to do with it!!
    Run along junior, before you get hurt. Your posting leaves much to be desired.
    Unless you can get someone to help you, I’d stay away.

  27. @ Bob and you other morons.
    You guys are obviously not true fans then. Why would you want to break up one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL? (Which just got even better now that your legend is playing for us, and beat you) The NFC North is one of if not the only division in the NFL that is in one tight geographical region. And you idiots want to break that up because you “hate” the Vikings. Retards.
    All of you fu-ks and low-lifes are just bitter that Favre destroyed you on Monday night.

  28. Look, no city can compete with the popularity of the Packers within Green Bay and Wisconsin. That state is worthless and all of their other sports franchises are complete and utter jokes. They have seriously nothing else to be proud of or to follow in their state. Cheese, fireworks, and Cruisin’ Chubbies gets old after a while. Is it really any question? It is evidence of the pathetic nature of their state and fans, not the contrary.
    And all this MN fans are jokes BS has got to stop. It just isn’t true. Look at the ratings for crying out loud. The Minneapolis area generated higher ratings for the GB/MN game than GB could muster up, despite the fact that over 50k of our fans were at the damm game! There is plenty of interest here. It is just that most people would rather watch the game at home than pony up $85 in a recession to go to an old stadium with innadequate bathrooms. We just have other stuff to spend our money on. We love our Vikings even if we are hard on them. We just culturaly don’t value a trip to the stadium quite as much as the folks in other markets. Though we do go to games more than a lot of markets as well. And quit using the “corporate bailout” crutch. Corporations typically buy the last 1000 seats or less that are up in the rafters. There are plenty of teams that have had games where the last 10000 tickets don’t sell and they get blacked out.
    Revenue wise the Metrodome kills us. Not all proceeds go to the team because of the way the stadium was built, which is the #1 problem. On top of that, there aren’t enough luxury boxes to take advantage of all the Corporate money in the Twin Cities. Guaranteed a new stadium and this team generates more than Green Bay. Perhaps that is why all the insecurities?
    I’ll leave this post off by restating something before. A higher percentage of Twin Cities residents watched the Packers/Vikes game than did the folks in Green Bay.
    But just keep repeating the same nonsense over and over and maybe it will eventually come true. At least in your little fantasy worlds anyways.

  29. sand0 says:
    October 15, 2009 3:47 PM
    Chickenfoot says:
    October 15, 2009 2:59 PM
    All I can say to you two is “FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL”
    You guys know how to shut the morons up on here, KUDOS…….
    This is our year!!
    This is our year!!

  30. The mutual admiration society is backslapping themselves again, erroneously. The “local” broadcasts, excluding and without combining the ESPN broadcasts, was 54% Fox Valley (Green Bay) vs 40.8% (Minneapolis.) Too many of us were milking cows and watching TV in the barn. This is your year? Every year is your year….to be dissapointed.

  31. I do not even consider viking fans to be a peer. Bears fans yes, at least they have a long history, and a SB win. Simple as this viking fans, the loudest are the most insecure, chicken crap you are a prime example of a loud talking moron with the hedi hair hat, in a drunken 3.2 cheap dome beer stupor. You tight asses built a cheap low budget dome to begin with, and now you whine. You talk about the TV viewership numbers when fact of the matter your team needs asses in the seats, that is support. Your politics, the people you stools elected are afraid to step up and get a stadium built, why not put it up to a public vote, are the fans afraid of that? Lets hold the vote the Tuesday before the SB, see if it passes wagon jumpers.

  32. Bigskyvikes says:
    You guys know how to shut the morons up on here, KUDOS…….
    This is our year!!
    This is our year!!
    Obviously not.. You’re still talking.
    Also, isn’t every year “your year”? You need some new material.
    As for the rest of you, please don’t think all Packer fans are as stupid as some of those on this site. Most of us are actually reasonable people. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.
    Most of us don’t want you all to move. We love to hate you, it’s a great rivalry. Who’s gonna be your rival if you go to the West, Seattle? Please…
    Of course we have the Bears, but their fans are no fun to argue with. They’re loyal, and they have a grip on reality, and a history of winning.. They’re just like us. They’ll sit in a blizzard to watch their team get blown out. They’ll be mad about it, but they’ll do it. They don’t need extensions to sell out A DOME. They won’t go around chanting that it’s their year every offseason either. They admit it when they suck, and they don’t get overly cocky when they’re good. Again, just like us. It’s just too hard to hate someone like that. F— the Bears, but respect to their fans.
    That’s why we need you guys. You guys are NOT like us, and it makes you very easy to hate. So please, do what it takes to keep your team. If nothing else, Florio’s job depends on it.

  33. gerbilupyourass:
    Never assume:
    Don’t own a “heidi hair” hat….as opposed to a bwedge of cheese…and you are making fun? funny!
    I drink Jack Daniels, not beer.
    I didn’t elect anyone in Minnesota, i live in La crosse Wisconsin.
    Therefore, i had no hand in building the dome.
    The rest of your post is inane garbage, imagine that!
    Ambrose: it stands to reason that the viewership
    In Minneapolis was lower, there were about 62,000 fans at the game. What this proves is beyond me anyway. How Many people were having parties that night? Who freaking cares, really?
    Beer, Beer, Beer, jsut when i want to like you, you come out with this.
    It’s funny that you mention a history of winning.
    Is that from the 20’s to the late 60’s and then again from 92 to 07?
    From about 69 on until 92, your team was a laughingstock. Minnesota although not having won the big one, has a better overall franchise winning pct than either the bears or the pack.
    You can look it up. But, then, that being true, it’s only championships that matter right?
    Typical Packer fan argument. anyway….
    It makes it very easy to hate you packer fans and your sanctimonious garbage too.
    ” Oh look Jimmy, it’s a Vikings fan Peasent, what have they ever won”.
    I’m willing to bet none of you are season ticket holders, I’m also willing to bet 90% of you weren’t alive for any Super bowl or Champ except the last one.
    Brag about selling out lambeau, but don’t ever go to a game. That’s pathetic.
    I’ll admit when the Vikings suck, but, you damn right I’m going to let you know when they are good. I’ve listend to enough Packer jagoffs over the years that I will let them know.
    It’s funny, alot of your packer brethren, are refusing to admit that the packers are horrible.
    I’m not saying this is our year, but , for god’s sake, give them a bit of credit.
    They have a good team, but then we have to listen to, well you haven’t ever won anything, or you’ll choke , blah blah blah, ad infinium, its sickening and tiresome.
    I hope you keep TT aand Mumbles too, that will insure that you guys will be so so for a long time.

  34. Vikings, Bills, Chargers, Jaguars= 0 SB ‘s.
    We dont want these losers. Stop trying to pawn the Vikings on LA.
    The Vikings are going no where. They have a stadium plan in Minnesota.
    We dont want the Vikings.
    Bring us the 49ers 5 time SB Champs.

  35. Chickenfoot says:
    I drink Jack Daniels, not beer.
    Beer, Beer, Beer, jsut when i want to like you, you come out with this.
    It’s funny that you mention a history of winning.
    Is that from the 20’s to the late 60’s and then again from 92 to 07?
    I’m willing to bet none of you are season ticket holders, I’m also willing to bet 90% of you weren’t alive for any Super bowl or Champ except the last one.
    I’m not saying this is our year, but , for god’s sake, give them a bit of credit.
    I hope you keep TT aand Mumbles too, that will insure that you guys will be so so for a long time.
    I drink Jack AND beer, and scotch. Variety is good.
    I don’t care if you like me or not, but reread my post, I was referring to Chicago’s history not ours.
    As for our own dominant era, yes, it was in fact the 20’s, 30’s, 60’s, and 90’s. We seem to suck at the moment. Question though: When was yours?
    Also, as stated elsewhere, I AM a season ticket holder. As also stated elsewhere, I occasionally go to Packer games in Minnesota (missed the last one though). In other words, I’ve already done more to contribute to YOUR team than most of you have. Some fan base…
    You’re one of three on this site NOT saying this is your year. Like us, a bunch of loudmouthed blowhards are giving you a bad name. You know I give credit when it’s due, and you do have a solid team. Good of you to recognize anything can happen between here and Feb, respect. Now, as for your brethren…
    Keep preaching to the choir about TT. We’re getting our torches and pitchforks all set up.

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