PFTV looks more closely at the Tom Cable situation

We posted last night a blurb explaining that Raiders coach Tom Cable might not be charged with a crime in connection with the alleged August altercation between Cable and defensive assistant Randy Hanson.

But there’s more to this one.  Among other things, we continue to be troubled by the fact that the NFL is deferring to the criminal investigation and not stepping in and investigating the situation on its own.

So here’s more.

20 responses to “PFTV looks more closely at the Tom Cable situation

  1. Regardless of Cable hitting anyone, This guy alone should be Canned just because he’s the worst Coach EVER. Ever since this guy came from Colorado in 1999 he’s had a loosing record and was fired numerous times. Any normal person would say WTF and why is he even coaching. But we are in Raider country and the root of all problems can be summed up into 2 little word’s……….Al Davis………..

  2. The NFL should force Al Davis out…. he’s a shell of the rebel owner of years gone by.. and is mantally vanquished from being able to make sane decisions… we now have Jerry to amuse us … and the Cowboys being pathetic is more enjoyable

  3. I agree that the NFL should’ve been more involved since it is workplace violence, but is the commish taking the same stance as he did with Plax?
    Waiting to see if Cable is charged so maybe the authorities can do the investigation and he doesn’t have to waste the time?
    Similar to Plax, although totally different crimes, maybe since Cable is a first time offender he is waiting

  4. Florio,
    Of course the NFL is waiting to see if there are charges brought. Until that point, it’s still one man’s word against 4. Secondly, much like the Steve Smith case, the NFL didn’t suspend Smith, the team did. Does anyone consider the fact that maybe the NFL will put try to put pressure on Davis to handle it internally, as opposed to the league doing anything. And finally, although terrible, Cable is a first time offender of ANY policy, which the NFL clearly states that in the case of a first time offender, they wait to see what the legal system does. Just because you want him to be guilty, does not mean he is guilty.

  5. A Head Coach hitting an Assistant Coach is MUCH more severe than a player hitting another player.
    How can any buisness allow a supervisor to physically punch one of his workers. A 2 week suspension would be a joke. If it happened, they need to be gone. Period.

  6. Flowerio, for a guy who blogs all the time about the criminal element in the NFL why are you surprised they are waiting for the investigation to complete? This has always been the NFL’s and Goodell’s stance – not to hand down punishment until the DA’s office has completed their investigation.
    And if you think that the NFL doesn’t have their own internal people looking into the matter, then you are a complete idiot.

  7. The DA will drag their feet until the end of the season, drop the charges because of lack of evidence, and Cable will be fired for poor performance by the Raiders. Leaving Hanson to try to sue Cable in civil court.
    If the DA were to drop the charges during the season, the NFL would be forced to act.
    I’m sure the Raiders and the NFL have given some incentive to the DA’s office to make sure the case is in the “still being investigated” stage until January.

  8. WTF are they going to investigate, Mike?
    You have a rat saying Cable hit him in front of 3 assistant coaches, and you have the 3 assistant coaches saying it didn’t happen.
    Personally, I believe Cable smacked him good. But I also believe the rat had it coming.
    But from a legal point of view, with you being a lawyer, please tell us what there is to investigate.

  9. OK, to all of you geniuses out there arguing pro and con and whatever. When is it legal or permissible for YOUR boss to break your jaw? Ever? No, NEVER.

  10. IWTPFITF said “And if you think that the NFL doesn’t have their own internal people looking into the matter, then you are a complete idiot.”
    He already is one. A sensational one at that.

  11. # tombrookshire says: October 15, 2009 11:36 AM
    OK, to all of you geniuses out there arguing pro and con and whatever. When is it legal or permissible for YOUR boss to break your jaw? Ever? No, NEVER.
    Try to keep up, Tom. The issue is, can they, or should they prosecute.
    Regardless of what people think of the situation, they have nothing legally to be able to win the case.
    At least nothing we know of right now.

  12. Florio – stick to the condescending notes and “hint, hint” journalistic jive talk – watching you do the Mark Schlereth is too much. I’m drinkin’ coffee, here!
    Did you get your training for on-camera presence from the same mail order school? I would currently describe it as David Caruso doing John McCain. Come on now.

  13. STARTING to look like Cornflorio wants the Raiders to fail? Where have you been for 2 years?
    Florio, you need a pacifier and a real story. Get over it, Cable might walk, he might not, either way this story is passe, and virtually dead until you come along and pray and give it cpr.

  14. Nacy Gay should be brought up on chargers of impersonating a reporter. The only rag that would hire her, is part owned by Mike Lombardarse

  15. So if Cable is claiming it didn’t happen (like that) and the three assistants are saying the same thing, then will somebody please ask the man in charge:
    Investigator: Coach Cable, how exactly did this man bust his grill under your supervision? Was your humor that robust that he fell out of his chair and broke his jaw on the vending machine? Again, how exactly?

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