Quinn wants out, but he won't say so

Brady Quinn might not be a great NFL quarterback.  But he’s not stupid.

He’d like to be traded, but he’s not going to ask for a trade — especially since he was born and raised only 100 miles and some change from Cleveland.

So he instead put his house up for sale, and then he has pretended that it wasn’t aimed at sending a message or, at a minimum, getting his name into the conversation regarding possible pre-deadline trade bait.

“I’m a guy who doesn’t want to drive 30 minutes to
the facility every day, I’m a bachelor, I live in a house that’s too
much upkeep for me
,” Quinn said Wednesday, coming to a realization that should have been obvious when he bought the house more than two years ago.  ”It’s a private issue.”

And then Quinn played dumb regarding the fact that people might have interpreted the decision of a quarterback who has been benched to put his house up for sale as an indication that the benched quarterback might want out.

don’t know where that came from.  I have not asked to be traded,” Quinn
said.  ”That’s not my nature to do something like that.  I’ve got a
contract here with the Browns and I intend to play that out.”

So he’s a team player.  He’s a good guy.  He’s doing it the right way.

But he still wants out. 

If he were a true team player, he would have been sensitive to the impression that putting his house up for sale two weeks after losing the starting job would have created. 

As a league source put it more concisely, “This is Quinn’s way of being a bitch.”

Whether he gets his way remains to be seen.  If he doesn’t, he’ll continue to act like he never wanted to leave.

Regardless of whether he does.

54 responses to “Quinn wants out, but he won't say so

  1. Maybe, he reads PFT, and realizing that he’s not going to get his contract escalators(as you have been so graciously pointing out) he needs to cut back so as not to blow all the money he currently has. He probably went nuts upon being named the starter thinking he would get his bonuses.

  2. As a league source put it more concisely, “This is Quinn’s way of being a bitch.”
    How is this being a bitch? To me, this seems like the most professional way of handling it.
    Good for him, too bad he’s on a shitty team.

  3. Maybe the Raiders could get him.
    Anything would be better than what they have now.
    Question is….who wants to go there though?

  4. “This is Quinn’s way of being a bitch.”
    Yes, why yes it is. Maybe we can create an All-Bitch team this year, with the starting positions as follows:
    Jay Cutler/Brady Quinn/Braylon Edwards/Michael Crabtree/Brandon Marshall
    Any other winners I am missing?

  5. Okay, so he wants out. I’m sorry, but being a team player has nothing to do with trying to establish a career. Hey Mike, let’s say they decide to put someone else in your role and only use you for follow up stories…How long can we expect you to hang around PFT??? What…as a team player, you are suppose to hang out in your office for another year or so??? To quaote someone else in another part of Ohio…”Child Please”!!!

  6. LOL, he’s a multi millionaire bachelor. What exactly does he ‘have’ to do as far as ‘upkeep’ on his house goes? Hard for me to imagine that he’s out there on his day off raking leaves, cleaning the toilets, cleaning the gutters, etc.
    Pretty good way of sending a message while providing himself with ‘plausible deniability’.
    How the heck do we know if he’s a good QB or not? He hasn’t played enough to know. it strikes me that this is a pure cost avoidance strategy on the part of Cleveland to make sure he doesn’t trip the bonus escalators for playing time. Why else would they continue to start a guy who threw for 27 yards in a game ahead of him?

  7. Why is this so hard for people to figure out? The kid basically lost his well paying job by not earning all the escalators starting 11 games would pay him this year. He’s only making a little over a million a year. Who would be able to afford a $775,000 dollar home at that rate? I know he’s making sponsorship money but he’s just cutting cost.

  8. Trade him to the Bucs!
    They are quickly running out of QBs as they are quickly proving they have no talent. If they are so worried about protecting (Babying) Freeman then maybe Quinn can get his chance their to prove if he is a quality QB or not.

  9. Actually I think you’re right about Quinn wanting out, but the criticism about him “being a bitch” or that he’s out of line for selling his house because it might create an impression for wanting to be traded is ludicrous.
    Quinn has never really had much of a chance to succeed. His rookie year Derek Anderson came out of nowhere and played well and the Browns had a good season. Anderson retained the starting job based on that season until late in the year when they were tanking and finally put Quinn in for a couple of games. Then this year he started a few games before being pulled for Anderson — who let’s face it hasn’t really been any better but is keeping the job so they don’t have to pay Quinn his contract playing time escalators.
    Quinn has never had a real shot and has played far, far too little for people to call him a bust. The same people intimated Aaron Rodgers was a bust in Green Bay while he was stuck in a backup role. The same people wrote Drew Brees off as a bust after he played bad his 2nd season and SD drafted Rivers.
    Quinn is just looking for a shot in this league and is taking a relatively low key approach to getting that chance since it’s clear Cleveland isn’t going anywhere this season and would rather save a few $million rather than paying that price for the chance to develop a young QB.

  10. “I’m a guy who doesn’t want to drive 30 minutes to the facility every day, I’m a bachelor, I live in a house that’s too much upkeep for me,” Quinn said Wednesday, coming to a realization that should have been obvious when he bought the house more than two years ago. ”It’s a private issue.”
    So – why did he buy it in the first place? Has the Browns facility been moved since he got there?

  11. Yea, I was thinking too, it might not be him that sucks, it’s the team that sucks!
    I don’t blame him. At least he SHOULD get another shot.

  12. i agree, this is a class move by Quinn, dont beg or demand a trade, now personally i think Quinn needs to be traded, the Browns wont start him this year and i am sure Washington will give up a 3rd and 6th round pick for him if asked.

  13. Anyone can say whatever they’d like in support of this bust. People think he has some kind of awesome potential and that we haven’t seen it because the Browns haven’t been fair to him by yanking him after 3 games.
    Meanwhile, the fact of the matter is that he just isn’t prepared for the speed of *actual* NFL defenses (as opposed to being in a “pro style” program at ND- what a joke), doesn’t have the on-the-field mental quickness to survive in the NFL, and seems to be scared shitless to throw into coverage. Not double or triple coverage- just plain coverage. That’s why he got a reputation as “Captain Checkdown” in the space of only 2.5 games. “Oh my god, I can’t throw to him! There’s a cornerback 5 yards away from him!”
    No, it’s not that he was benched before getting a chance to develop in the NFL- it’s that 2.5 games was plenty enough time to see that the guy just can’t hang with real NFL players. He’s not at that level, period. College? Yes. NFL? No.
    He’ll be out of the NFL long before he’s 30.

  14. I’m sorry, but I just dont see how this means he wants a trade or that he’s a “bitch.” The man doesnt want to drive 30 mins to work and deal the up keep of a big house. Florio you are looking to much into nothing.

  15. I don’t see anything wrong with what he is doing, in fact, I question why anyone is reading anything into what he is doing.
    He is a kid that came into an ungodly amount of money. He saw something he liked, and he bought it. A couple years later, he realized it was too much for him to handle and is now trying to sell.
    Your league source is an absolute idiot and prob doesn’t even know what a bitch is!

  16. “This is Quinn’s way of being bitch”
    Quinn has been nothing but professional since drafted by the browns. Look at Jay Cutler’s offseason drama, or Jason Campbell’s request to be traded if the skins would have drafted sanchez. Personally I think you (Florio) hate the browns and stomp on them any chance you get!

  17. Now Florio is telling us what he thinks players are thinking, even if they say otherwise? Just stick to the news Mike, every time your opinion shows up, it makes you look stupid.

  18. Why you would he only play for 1.5 games is just plain stupid. Lots of good QB’s started out very rough (check the history books) but in the Not For Long league, these dipshoots gave up….you’ll never win with DA and you’ll never know with BQ…so enjoy losing for a few more years.

  19. Just wondering, but if Brady Quinn wanted to know who this league source is that’s calling him a bitch, who’d this site be inclined to reveal it?

  20. He’s either a passive aggressive whiner or he’s gonna be traded. I’d lean to the former at the moment. His body language speaks very loudly. And I distinctly remember the sulk fest at the draft. However it’s in the Brown’s best interest to move him while he’s still an unknown commodity.

  21. If he is dissatisfied, he has handled it way more professionally than just about any other player that has wanted out of a bad situation in recent memory.
    And people are going to read into him selling his house to voice unhappiness and desire to get traded if they want to, no matter what he says to defend it.
    I wish everyone in professional sports had as much character in this kind of situation, bust or not.

  22. Come on guys, I doubt Florio actually hates the browns. If you haven’t figured it out, 75% of his posts have a twist to the story to spark converation or reaction. I’m sure Florio’s internet success is measured by the number of posts on his blogs. Of course the “Quinn’s a bitch” line is BS. It’s put in there just to get a reaction.
    Personally I agree with Florio on the idea that Brady did actually put his house up for sale to give the impression he wants out. I can almost guarantee it’s no coincidence he put his house up two weeks after being benched. Fact is, Brady asked for a trade the smart way. He probably talked about it with the coach and/or GM privately and did not get the response he wanted. So instead of pitching a bitch to the media, he went public with it in a very sublte way. Everyone in the league knows exactly what “putting the house up for sale” actually means. But when Brady explains to the public that it’s “too much upkeep”, the public accepts what seems to be a reasonable response. Now he doesn’t seem like a T.O. type of player trying to kick up dust and at the same time he successfully got the word out…..it was perfect. I think it was a great move by Brady.

  23. AutumnWind999 says: October 15, 2009 11:39 AM
    Quinn has never really had much of a chance to succeed.
    Gee, ya think if maybe he had just signed his contract and gotten into camp on time he might be the starter now? Quinns’ holdout is what gave DA the chance to take the starting job. That job was Quinns’ to lose.
    Wonder how he feels about that holdout now…
    And fer cryin’ out loud, FIX THE FRIGGIN’ LOGIN ALREADY!

  24. he is known, known to do nothing in the nfl yet. I know he’s on the browns, but he should still make things happen if he’s an nfl caliber QB. I cant think of one team that is that desperate for a QB

  25. So if I understand you correctly what you are saying is that if a player asks for a trade then he is a whiny little bitch. But if a player decides to sell his house and says all the right things about honoring his contract then he’s a whiny little bitch. Got it. Thanks.

  26. Quinn didn’t look downfield enough, maybe because his downfield “weapons” weren’t putting in any effort. Just maybe.
    We still don’t know whether this guy will ever become an NFL QB. What is clear is that Derek Anderson isn’t.
    I hope Fredo goes 0-16. I hope Quinn gets traded to a struggling team and helps turn them around.

  27. The kids showing some class and of course some people with no class are dogging him out. Just do some sit ups in your driveway Brady. The media loves that kinda stuff….. Having to read between the lines makes their job to hard.

  28. If the Coach can bench Quinn, why can’t Quinn have the right to bench his house? It’s a taste of Mangini’s medicine, except Quinn is making the right decision, while the Coach is not. I think it’s very fitting.

  29. The so called league source who is calling Brady a bitch should be sued to the bones. This so called source clearly is a fraud and an idiot at best. If florio and others want to hate on people, cool, but let’s add the “winning” teams to the list. Cutler is the biggest bitch of all time. Marshall did not have a change of heart or anything close to it, when they start losing……see their next game, it won’t be long before Marshall shows his true colors. But back on point, the Browns choose to start someone who throws more to the other team than the endzone, the fact that Quinn is NOT outwardly asking for a trade shows class on his part. I don’t buy for a second he sold his house for the reasons mentioned, and I say good for him. The media is a flippin joke and you have to look out for #1. I don’t believe Quinn is the next coming, but he is better than what a lot of teams currently have.

  30. Instead of selling his house, he should have just punched a club promoter in the face…worked for Braylon.

  31. Note to NFL players: don’t put your house up for sale because it might rub people the wrong way.
    Maybe we should be reserving our criticism to the people who publicized the fact that he was privately selling his home.
    I’m not saying he doesn’t want out. But frankly he has no obligation to discuss his private affairs with the public.

  32. # DonTerrelli says: October 15, 2009 11:30 AM
    As a league source put it more concisely, “This is Quinn’s way of being a bitch.”
    How is this being a bitch? To me, this seems like the most professional way of handling it.
    Good for him, too bad he’s on a shitty team.
    Right on, Don.
    Even IF he does want to be traded, he’s handling himself professionally, unlike most players nowadays.

  33. Don’t forget after Braylon got traded, Quinn wore Braylon’s cleats to practice … so putting his house up for sale isn’t the first thing he’s done to hint at wanted to be traded without actually saying it.

  34. How does this Florio cat have a job. Everyday he tops his previous work with more dribble. Do some real reporting. Nobody thinks he is a bitch for this & it is a really stupid comment. Problem is you reporters always get away with this crap by using a league source or under the guise you didn’t hear this from me. You should report who said this. Make it credible, not some League source says.

  35. As usual Florio masterfully strikes a nerve calling Quinn a bitch. We know its just a ploy to get a few more responses than normal.
    Does Quinn want to be traded ? Of course he does but I suspect if you ask anyone on that Team if they would like to be elsewhere I think you will find more than a few who would say yes if they knew their thoughts wouldn’t be made public.
    We all know Quinn isn’t lifting a finger to maintain his home, he’s got people to do that but who wouldn’t with that kind of money ? Yes he’s trying to send a message but so what, we have all seen this type of situation handled much worse. I just can’t see why the Browns want to keep him when clearly they don’t think he can do the job.

  36. Ha!
    TheDPR says:
    October 15, 2009 12:25 PM
    Quinn didn’t look downfield enough, maybe because his downfield “weapons” weren’t putting in any effort.
    So you’d agree that Anderson is not at fault for going 2/17 when his receivers dropped 9 balls and, if the receivers had made an effort, DA would have been a respectable 11/17, right?

  37. Orrrrr, maybe its just simple financial sense.
    Unless something happens soon, he is being realistic that hes not going to be getting his big escalators this year. Not that hes stopping by food kitchens, or collecting stamps, but maybe its just a sound financial move for him to no longer pay into a $700,000+ home?
    naaah, mind reader Florio knows for sure- “he wants out”

  38. Quinn wants out. Jason Campbell needs to go. Carlos Rogers spoke out against Danny Boy earlier this week. I say send Rogers and Campbell to the Browns for Quinn, hell throw in a draft pick too. When Holmgren joins the Redskins as GM and Gruden as Head Coach they will be much better off building a foundation around Quinn.

  39. Maybe he’s selling his house because he’s just more comfortable in smaller spaces……..like a closet.

  40. this isn’t being a bitch – it’s being fiscally responsible. Cleveland obviously won’t be keeping Quinn, and he’s realizing he won’t hit his escalators for the $$. So, he’s selling his house.
    sounds to me like you’re just trying to stir up controversy.
    we all know he wants out – what do you expect him to do? cry about it to the press? you’d criticize him more.

  41. Quinn is a stud. Get him in a decent organization with a good coach and he will perform. The Browns and Man-RAtard are a joke.

  42. m2002m says:
    October 15, 2009 1:57 PM
    Maybe he’s selling his house because he’s just more comfortable in smaller spaces……..like a closet.
    I can guarnatee you that quinn has gotten chicks that you can only dream of sniffing their panties.

  43. @ Big G
    [How does this Florio cat have a job. Everyday he tops his previous work with more dribble. Do some real reporting. . . . . ]
    Uh, G, I’m not sure what you’re everyday job is but I hope it’s not journalism either. I think the word you were looking for is DRIVEL.
    Dribble is a primarily a basketball term. Or an verb that describes a flow in small quantities. . . . like your mastering of the English language.

  44. Finally got me to create an account and comment. I have been reading PFT for almost a month now and while the comments are entertaining the stories by Florio are something right out of the National Enquirer. Does this guy write about anything based on fact?
    You take a kid fresh out of college with millions coming his way and you don’t understand why he didn’t make the decision to live in a smaller house and closer to training camp from the get go. I’m sure that most of us here wouldn’t make the best decision right out of the box in our early 20’s in the same circumstance. Rich folk also get hit hard by the economy especially when you aren’t getting paid what you assumed you would get paid.
    I have a source that tells me that this is just Florio’s way of being a bitch. Hey Florio, the voice in your head is not an anonymous source.
    Why don’t you keep these types of stories for Cosmo and actually try and talk intelligent football. Maybe I will check back in a month to see if it improves but I am currently going to spend the time I normally spend reading this fiction looking for someone that writes actual facts.
    BTW, I am in Cleveland, been a Browns fan all my life, less so these days, and we know our team sucks. Whether Quinn stays or goes is a none issue. Did anyone watch his last game played when he went three and out with three passes, in a row, hitting defenders, one in the back, one in the face and another in the back of the head and none of them more than 10 yards from where he was standing, not the line of scrimage. He does not have the arm for the NFL and I would rather take my chances with DA and Radcliffe as his backup. Unlike Florio and the rest of the country, outside of Cleveland, we can actually watch the entire game here, not just the highlights/lowlights. We have a more complete picture although it would have been more fun watching paint dry than watching the Buffalo game.
    Here is something to talk about, Rush Limbo being a “minority” owner of the Rams and how high and mighty the NFL screamed about it because of something he said yet they let the worst businessman ever to own an NFL team move them from a fan base that was loyal to Baltimore. How much worse would Rush have been than Art Modell?
    The Browns have not been the same since.

  45. @ Hugh G. Rection
    Uh, Limp Dick, I’m not sure what your everday job is but I hope it isn’t journalism either. BLOGGING ON THE INTERNET ABOUT RUMORS AND INNUENDO IS NOT JOURNALISM.
    Congrats to you on mastering the spelling part of of the English language, you still have a while to go in basic understanding of professions.
    And just because someone doesn’t use spellcheck doesn’t take away from the fact that they had an excellent point.
    Quit thinking with your limp dick and you might be able to comprehend that.

  46. How about Green Bay sends AJ Hawk to Cleveland for Quinn?
    Hawk is a bust in GB..a top 5 pick without a single impact PLAY (forget an entire game) in 3+ years. He might benefit from a change of scenery. Pack could make room then for Desmond Bishop. Hawk is a good guy and he is ready to go on Sundays but as a #5 pick you need more than just a guy. Maybe Cleveland can light a spark.
    Quinn too might just need a fresh start elsewhere w/o the pressure. He would get to come in to GB and learn w/o having to save the franchise. GB can groom him for 2 years then move him to a starting spot ala Mark Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck. GB gets a #2 who A-has talent and B-has actually played a regular season snap. And,with the way Rodgers is getting killed so far it’s a good bet the Pack will have to use another QB at some point.
    I would like to see what McCarthy could do with Quinn. Coaching QB’s is about all McCarthy is good for.
    Hawk is signed for next year…if he does no better in Cleveland then they can let him walk. If Quinn doesn’t get it here at least you didn’t lose anything to take a shot. If Hawk were a FA today I can’t see how GB even offers him a base deal to come back.

  47. Florio is definetly not a fan of the Browns, he loves kicking them while they are down (who can remember when they were up,lol). I would trade Quinn if i could get a talented big back like Michael Bush from the Raiders.

  48. “So he’s a team player. He’s a good guy. He’s doing it the right way.”
    Who write this crap? Perhaps you should be a “shrink” and not a writer.
    The guy said he wanted to be closer to the complex, why is that so hard to believe?
    Florio, you’re an idiot!

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