Redskins want vote of confidence for Zorn

The pressure in Washington continues to mount for coach Jim Zorn, but the players have started to redirect that pressure out of the locker room and towards the front office.

DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers have questioned the team’s personnel in recent days, and the Washington Post sources three unnamed players Thursday who want a vote of confidence from the front office for coach Jim Zorn.

“I wish someone upstairs would just say he’s going to be our coach for
the season,” said one player. “That way, we don’t have to
answer any more questions about it and everybody knows we’re in this
boat together.”

VP of football operations Vinny Cerrato was given the chance to back Zorn on a conference call last week to introduce extra set of eyes coordinator Sherm Lewis, but Cerrato simply said that Zorn is the head coach. 

From the outside, a “vote of confidence” wouldn’t seem to amount to much.  But SI’s Ross Tucker, a former player, wrote this week how debilitating having a coach on the hot seat can be for a team.

Some players begin to lose focus and intensity.  Some assistant coaches will start to go through the motions, knowing their fate is sealed.  Other coaches may get so stressed, that every interaction with them is fraught with tension.

Redskins players are clearly looking to relieve this tension when by asking for the front office to support Zorn.  But that doesn’t seem to be owner Dan Snyder’s way and the strain is starting to show at the Redskins facility. Former Redskin Tre Johnson spoke on the radio last weekend that Snyder is more inclined to apply pressure when things are going bad. 

Hiring Lewis is a classic passive aggressive move in this direction.

“To bring a Sherm Lewis in to a Jim Zorn and whoever his offensive
coordinator is, it’s like bringing in another man to help teach you how
to make better love to your wife or something,” Johnson said.  

“It doesn’t work. What
are you gonna do with that after he’s done? I don’t see where you can
go from here, so it’s a bad taste in everybody’s mouth, I think no
matter how it turns out. Because what role would he play next year or
the following year? I don’t see any positives to it.”

The positive from Snyder’s perspective is that he has someone to run the offense if he fires Zorn during Washington’s Week Eight bye.

That scenario seems more likely at the moment than a vote of confidence.

23 responses to “Redskins want vote of confidence for Zorn

  1. Mr. Hall is the last person to question talent. Had he been talented enough to tackle Jake Delhomme in the open field Sunday the Redskins would have at least had a shot at winning the game. Delhomme made Hall look stupid! The only guy on the team who is a worse tackler than 23 is 22, Carlos Rogers. I am a die hard Redskin fan, flew from sunny Florida to Carolina for the game. Those two jokers are terribly overrated and need to look inward before pointing any fingers.

  2. Umm Tony, Carls Rogers is probably one of the best tackling cbs in the league. Hall I admit has poor tackling skills but Rogers by far does not.

  3. A vote of confidence.
    Yeah, that way Snyder can’t fire him, it’s all so clear now, yeah…a vote of confidence.

  4. “The only guy on the team who is a worse tackler than 23 is 22, Carlos Rogers.”
    Wrong. Landry is a FAR worse tackler than Rogers.

  5. “But that doesn’t seem to be owner Dan Snyder’s way”
    Certainly doesn’t given that he has been quoted as believing that people perform best when they are in fear of losing their jobs. He comes from the Machiavellian School of Management.
    Although I have no idea why the players would think the an Owner ‘endorsement’ of the Coach would have any meaning whatsoever. Usually that endorsement means that the Coach is toast and his firing is imminent.
    Stupid request.

  6. “To bring a Sherm Lewis in to a Jim Zorn and whoever his offensive coordinator is, it’s like bringing in another man to help teach you how to make better love to your wife or something,” Johnson said.
    Now that is classic!
    Secondly, I am not sure where Tony Alexander gets off calling out Hall or Rogers. Yeah, they are not perfect and have screwed up. But who hasn’t screwed up in their jobs at one point or another. I don’t see you out there being paid to play a physical game. So until you do, shut up! So tired of all these arm chair coaches who have to justify their own knowledge by calling a professional player out for screwing up. Yeah they screw up. They know that. That doesn’t mean they are not allowed to have an opion on who they work for. Millions and millions of people complain or have complained about how their company/department/ or division is being run. Doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to complain either. So back off and and shut up, unless you plan on calling each and every player for each and every play they have screwed up. Because many people have made mistakes on the field this season. Its a part of the game.

  7. Instead of bitching to the press, why don’t they just play better, win some games, and all the talk of Zorn will vanish.

  8. I want a vote of confidence, too. Please tell me that Vinny and Danielle are gonna be in DC forever. I like 2 teams. Mine and whoever’s playing The RedSkinneds.

  9. @lucky5927…the reason Hall is called out is because he deserves it! Granted, everyone makes mistakes but if you’re concerned how sales are going for your company, GO OUT AND SELL SOME SHIT! Hall is the classic, “legend in his own mind.” He (along with Deion Sanders) have been trying to remind us how great he is for the past several years. For God’s sake, the RAIDERS didn’t want the no-playing son of a bitch ! When you run your mouth constantly about how great you are and then get road-grated by a quarterback in the open field, expect the ridicule. He is the prime example of why the ‘skins suck. Too many guys who “think” they’re great, not enough who really are.

  10. Pretty simple.
    Snyder wants Zorn to quit.
    So he has to do things to get Zorn to quit. So he doesnt have to pay so much to Zorn while he’s also paying Shanahan (or whoever).

  11. Lucky5927:
    Get it straight. These players are not paid to entertain, they are paid to make plays. Rogers and Hall are terrible Corners. I work in Marketing: if I am tasked with the sole responsibility of successfully launching a product and fail to do so, costing my employer money and bad publicity, I will be fired. D. Hall had one job at the end of that game and that was to tackle the QB in the open field, he failed to do his job and took no ownership, opting instead, to point the finger at others.
    That must really be you… Rogers is a bum, period. His hands are terrible, his play is spotty at best. He and Hall both have egos that far exceed their ability.
    And for the record, I will be attending three road games this year and enjoyed dream seats when I lived in the DC area. I have bled burgundy and gold since the days of RFK, not fair weather by any stretch. Those of us who understand Football and are true fans, loyal to the team, will not shy from calling “it” what “it” is. The Skins are riddled with problems, Rogers, Hall (and even Landry) are certainly part of it.

  12. Management is a joke. Vinny Cerrato doesn’t even look or sound right. Glazed eyes and dumb sounding when he speaks. That’s the best guy for the job? Nice pick Danny – he’ll start costing you $50M in team value a year if you don’t get a real GM.

  13. Really,
    The players want the media to leave them alone, to give Zorn a vote of confidence.
    Why dont the players win a game? Do they get that at all?
    What a bunch of BS

  14. “The only guy on the team who is a worse tackler than 23 is 22, Carlos Rogers.”
    Not only that…Rogers gets burned a lot. Like Brian Mitchell has said on many post game shows…the Redskins need some vocal leaders like Dexter Manley and John Riggins. I would love to see London Fletcher, Albert Haynesworth, and Brian Orakpo take those leadership roles.

  15. In order to give Zorn a vote of confidence He needs to do something to earn it. In my book he has made the most mental mistakes and stupid play calls That I have Seen In the NFL.
    Maybe Jerry Glanville is right NFL– Not For Long
    And the sooner the better And Please take Campbell with you

  16. Sounds like the players want him fired by now too.
    By asking for a vote of confidence aren’t they saying get it over with already?
    It is pretty obvious he is gone by now, just a matter of when.

  17. here’s a vote of confidence for zorn.
    i am confident he will be fired.
    probably oct 26 or the wee wee hours of the 27th.

  18. Re: Redskin players want vote of confidence for head coach….
    Redskin fans want players to shut their mouths and play.

  19. Redskins need an offensive line!!!!! We have a very good defense…. Add an offensive line and a good quaterback and our skins would move into the top ranked teams. A defense is very important to have but with no offense you can hang it up!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been a skins fan for 30 years and I know we have not had a good offensive line in a very long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring back the HOGS

  20. Does anybody else think the Redskins should try and run the wildcat offense? The Redskins offense has been dreadful this year, averaging a measly 14 points per game. Why not change up the pace and be creative by getting the ball to your playmakers (having Jason Campbell touch the ball every play is not a good thing). The Miami Dolphins started the trend a year ago, and teams like the Falcons, Panthers, and Browns have all followed in their path by getting the ball to their playmakers. Yet, the Redskins do have one thing that the previous teams mentioned don’t have: an ex-quarterback in Antwaan Randle El. In his senior season at Indiana University, Randle El was named the Big Ten player of the year and also finished 6th in number of votes for the Heisman trophy. Randle El is quick enough to escape defenders and smart enough to learn how the wildcat system works. Along with running the ball, he could also throw it, which would be a big advantage for the Redskins. Clinton Portis and Santana Moss could also be used in the formation, considering their reputation for carrying the load on offense. Nothing has worked for the Redskins this year offensively. By experimenting with the wildcat, not only would the season be saved, the whole organization might be saved from a complete and utter makeover.

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