Rex Ryan calls his postgame comments "blunt force trauma"

Jets coach Rex Ryan ripped into his defense after Monday night’s loss to the Dolphins, during which the Jets gave up 31 points on the night — and 21 in the fourth quarter.

On Wednesday, Ryan was asked whether he has concerns regarding the potential impact of the criticism.

“No, it’s blunt force trauma,” Ryan said in comments distributed by the team.  “We accept
that.  We always say, ‘You’ve got to have skin like an armadillo.’  We
all know that’s not skin, but so what?  We all know what it means. 
That’s what you have to have.”

We’ve been saying for several months that Ryan’s big-talking, Captain Lou Albano (RIP, Lou) routine will get even more interesting once the Jets encounters adversity.

And as we pointed out in this week’s power rankings, if the Jets lose to the hapless Bills, then Ryan might explode like Mr. Creosote.

25 responses to “Rex Ryan calls his postgame comments "blunt force trauma"

  1. I want to watch the interview just so I can hear “blunt force trauma” and “armadillo” used in consecutive sentences…
    Come to think of it, the Jets are just like armadillos… they look tough, but they aren’t…

  2. Just another case of the media overhyping a team before we really know what they are about. Happens every year and will continue to happen.

  3. Jets coach Rex Ryan ripped into his defense after Monday night’s loss…
    I am not aware of all his comments so I am wondering if Ryan also ripped into himself and his defensive coaches for not having the Jets ready for a Wildcat offense that should no longer be a surprise to anyone.

  4. I liked his excuse immediately after the game: We didn’t prepare the players to handle the Wildcat…

  5. Classless, classless, and classless. Three simple characterizations of a team, their fans, and now a boisterous-bumbling-obnoxious idiot that is running the team. (he replaced another on in Fatso Mangini–see the pattern?)

  6. In other news, Rex Ryan used the word “the” in a statement describing his teams poor Defensive play this past Monday night…
    Come on Florio, is this TMZ? Isn’t there any real football news to report on out there?
    Maybe you should focus on quality, and not quantity regarding the number of daily posts, as half the crap you all turn out now is pointless drivel.

  7. “Ol’ blood and guts” reverse psychology sometimes works.
    Ryan basically said that his defense sucked when it was he that didn’t prepare them for three different quarterbacks in one game? Who could prepare for that? It was an awesome site.
    Sanchez played great, but a couple quarterback draws or bootlegs can really keep the chains moving once in a while. Miami proved that. Otherwise, Sanchez is really gonna be great with Edwards now. Edwards was obviously sucking on purpose in Cleveland. Playing with a purpose can really make a player. Edwards was fantastic!
    Then Ryan said that Penne played pretty good. No sh*t! But, who could have predicted a quality start from that guy? He had some fantastic throws . You simply can’t do anything against perfection sometimes when you came with the intention of stopping the run only…..
    Sanchez could have won the game for the Jets in the end, but he needed one more possession….and dumass Ryan didn’t bother to stop the clock. Shoulda conceded the touchdown to get the ball back immediately. Then he would have been considered a genius if that had worked. Holmgren used to do that with Farve ((or try to do it). The number one roll of a head coach is to know when to call timeout!
    Ryan will have to figure that out if he ever wants to win big games. And ironically it will be with his mouth.
    Excellent time management by Miami at the end, and Ronnie Brown is a stud, as is Ricky Williams. You can bet that Parcells was on the headset down the stretch.
    That was a great game last night!

  8. How bout writing an article just once with out gratuitously mentioning what you reported on last week or the week before…….
    Congrats for getting one out of 50 right…..but we could care less what you reported on a month ago.

  9. “I liked his excuse immediately after the game: We didn’t prepare the players to handle the Wildcat”
    Holly balls, was that really his excuse? Jeebus, Rex, the Dolphins are the one who brought back the whole stupid Wildcat fad and they run it more than any other team. So much for his defensive genius.
    Wouldn’t worry too much if I were a Jets fan, though. I think the next two games are against Buffalo and Oakland, so they can get healthy again real quick.

  10. The Jets practiced for the Wildcat. Rex Ryan said as much, as did his players. The problem, he claimed, is that the Jets’ scout team sucked at running it in practice, so the first team didn’t get quality reps against it. That’s Ryan’s claim. The truth is that Ryan surely thought to his blowhard self that his team was going to stuff the Wildcat, so he wasn’t concerned about it until he realized that it cost him the game. Fat moron.

  11. They sure were talking a lot of crap before they played. Talking about stuffing the wildcat. Last year’s Ryan’s D stuffed it in both games, so there is no excuse.
    Why not be a man and admit that they just came out and punched you in the mouth with the wildcat all game long. This Jets D IS talented, but not the same caliber than last year’s Ravens’ D.
    All that said, the Jets still have better players than the Dolphins.

  12. Ryan beleived his own hype! The jets were beaten by the better team on mnf when he thought it was his time to shine in the spotlight, he looked liked a deer in headlights at that presser. Sparano prasided them as a tough team, Ryan belittled the fins, which team has a classier coach?
    As for the Wildcat, for all you want to call it, it is still football, one man carrying one football and your job is to stop him! The jets simply didn’t or couldn’t man-up. It really is that simple.

  13. The Ryans have no clue about class they are all just defensive coordinators!!! Maybe should just stick to the know!!!

  14. The jets d keeps calling the wildcat a gimmick play yet they cant handle the truth that its hard to stop!!! And to answer the earlier user rex ryan stopped the wildcat last year because of the ravens defense not the jets front line!!!

  15. @whywerule…
    When are you going to realize that the Wildcat isn’t supposed to suprise anyone anymore. The only team it ever suprised was the Patriots, week 3 or LAST YEAR.
    Miami runs the Wildcat as a power run formation. With no traditional QB on the field, the Dolphins have an extra blocker in, so no one on the defense can run free to the ball carrier. Each player has to win the one on one battle at the line of scrimmage (either beat the guy blocking you, or get shoved out of the way). Then Ronnie, or Ricky simply runs through the hole, right into the teeth of the defense for 6 yards at a clip. Seems pretty effective to me.
    This is no a gimmick, it is smash mouth, physical football. The only way to stop it is to win the one on one matchups at the line. So far this season (against the Dolphins re-vamped O-Line) no one has been able to do that.

  16. I don’t know which is better for me, The Fins beating the classless jets on MNF or listening to all the jets make excuses for getting beat. You can tell they bought their own hype, lmfao!

  17. Good info finsbooyah!!! One thing you left out was key dudes like fasano and also the throwing threat in henne but good stuff go fins!!!

  18. One of the best games I’ve seen between the Jets & Dolphins in a very long time.
    Coach Ryan, take a bite of humble pie. You were out coached & your team was out played – Simple as that. I give credit to Miami’s offense in all aspects rather than to the Jets failure to perform on defense.
    Not taking away anything from Sanchez who’s a damn good young QB, but it looks like there’s TWO hot new QB’s in the AFC East. Miami looks like a whole new team with Henne at QB. Looks poised, accurate, plays smart, PLUS has the arm that Pennington lacks.
    Just a few more players on defense & a top notch receiver, that team could be lethal.

  19. “I liked his excuse immediately after the game: We didn’t prepare the players to handle the Wildcat”
    I like the fact that a week before this game happened he did nothing but say how he was going to shut down the wildcat…
    hmmm… didn’t happen

  20. classless rex, classless.
    dude just needs to own up to getting beat & handled. it wasn’t a failure of your defense, it was a failure of YOU, rex.
    rex preaches overconfidence & plenty of talking… and look where it gets you. I’m glad my team does the talking ON the field. maybe the jets can learn? really awesome that pace & others on the jets are buying into rex’s BS hype, calling the wildcat a gimmick and not “real” football.
    go ahead, keep calling it that. we’ll continue to get multiple TD’s and 7 yards per play with this gimmicky “mickey mouse” play. 🙄

  21. FinFan, you’re absolutely right. Cobbs was one of the key guys getting some of those downfield blocks. He was an unsung hero of sorts for the Fins offense. Having him out for the year is gonna hurt

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