Stafford, Johnson not practicing for Lions

Neither quarterback Matthew Stafford nor wide receiver Calvin Johnson were on the field during the portion of Lions practice open to reporters on Thursday.

That makes two straight days for Johnson, who is battling a right knee injury, and might represent a setback for the rookie quarterback. He was able to practice, albeit in a limited fashion, on Wednesday.

According to Nicholas Cotsonika of the Detroit Free-Press, the question following Wednesday’s workout was how well Stafford’s knee would hold up.

“That’s the main thing, to try to make sure it doesn’t blow up,” Stafford said Wednesday.

If he can’t go the Lions would again turn to Daunte Culpepper who has played fairly well in his appearances the last two weeks. Replacing Johnson would be more of a committee effort and, most likely, an incomplete one.

11 responses to “Stafford, Johnson not practicing for Lions

  1. I agree I think Aaron Rodgers will have some nice games the next 4 weeks – det, cle, min, tam. Pack 6-2 or 5-3 at the 1/2 way mark.

  2. Jamesz you are an idiot. It’s stupid talk like this why Packer fans on here get lambasted.
    Jason Hunter vs. Barbie, Avril vs. Rita Colledge and a hurting Clifton……that should be good for the 5 sack average the Packers are giving up.
    Why would things change now? They get that “technique” problem sorted out during the bye? It’s not technique, it’s lack of talent.
    Beware of Louis Delmas, the kid is a hitter.
    Go on taking this team lightly, you will get beat.
    I think it’s funny that this team has shown you ANYTHING that would make you think ANY game was a gimme.
    They haven’t, you’re just one of those idiots that think the Packers are going 12-4 every year.
    Then, are dumfounded when they are 6-10.
    That is what you ar looking at this year, like it or not. Green bay loses at least 2/4 of these games.

  3. The packer Lions game will be a suckfest to lowlife teams fighting to stay out of the division cellar. Both teams are a joke

  4. I would rather have Stafford playing than Culpepper. You can’t dismiss the “old warriors” in this league, especially this division. It should be a beautiful day…outside…in the fresh air…in the best pro football atmosphere you will ever enjoy. And the best part is only one loss will be separating the Packers and the Vikings after this weekend.

  5. That would be a nice turn of events Ambrose. One thing I will say is we need to blow Detroit away. If they come to Lambeau and we let them hang around all afternoon and then either win it or lose it at the end then I’d say we have some obvious coaching problems.
    Don’t understand McCarthey’s mindset in letting the players have the bye week off. He keeps saying we need to work on fundamentals, technique, we need to “self scout” (whatever the hell that means), etc. Well he just blew a whole week to do so and then let’s them have Tuesday off this week. He’s really starting to worry me. This game will say a lot about how this season goes.

  6. 2/4 = 2 out of 4………..Really? That’s all you had to say?
    Nice call on the Vikes……Still 2.5 games back.
    Plus the head to head thing isn’t working out in your favor either……..

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