Bucs send Gaines Adams to Chicago

The Gaines Adams experiment has ended in Tampa.

But it’s beginning in Chicago.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Bucs have sent the fourth overall pick in the 2007 draft to Chicago for a 2010 draft pick.  According to the Bears’ official web site, it’s a second-round selection.

Last month, Bucs coach Raheem Morris called out Adams, a defensive end, for his lack of production through two games of the 2009 season.

He hasn’t [put forth the production], and I think Gaines knows that,”
Morris said, per PewterReport.com.  “Gaines is one of those guys that knows that he is judged
on whether he touches the quarterback or not.  Right now he is not
getting production as far as not just touching the quarterback, the
tackles, the sacks.  He’s not getting any of that.  He is not playing up
to par right now.  He’s holding himself accountable.  We have to hold him
accountable, and it is tough right now.  He is not getting it done. 
There are no excuses.  There are no explanations.  Gaines is not getting
it done right now.”

Since then, Adams has registered one sack.

His role in Chicago remains to be seen.  The starting defensive ends are Adewale Ogunleye and Alex Brown.  At best, Adams will enter the rotation, getting snaps when the starters need rest.

Meanwhile, the Bucs continue to be one of the few teams that will make deals at the trade deadline, even after the departure of G.M. Bruce Allen.  Given that the Buccaneers have no realistic chance of turning it around in 2009, maybe there will be more deals made before Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

50 responses to “Bucs send Gaines Adams to Chicago

  1. Can he catch the ball? The Bears needed a WR, not another DE. Brown and Ogunleye were doing just fine….what a waste of a draft pick…

  2. Rod Marinelli has wowed the Bears with what he’s done with the d-line so far, now he’s gonna groom the replacement for Ogunleye who’s contract is up after this year. Im not thrilled about losing the 2nd round pick, unless it was for a top reciever.

  3. Gaines Adams + Rod Miranelli = the best shot Adams has at getting his career going.
    If Marinalli gets the light to turn on then this could be a great trade for the Bears.

  4. Wow…. imploding from inside.
    Stupid is as stupid does…… The bears have been active trying to create a winning team and tampa bay has went from a number 1 team (team to be feared) to a freaking panic party….. too sad, for a franchise that came so far and was a corner stone of power.
    I guess, next thing you know they’ll be trading Christiano Ronaldo from Man U (soccer stuff)…. oops, they did that, too!
    Guys in charge of the Glazers sports teams… STOP!!!!!!!!!! You’re screwing up both clubs!
    PS…. The Cardinals will take Jeff Faine if you want to get rid of him, too…… and I’m sure Bayern Munich can do somethng with that Rooney guy….
    Hey WAKE UP!

  5. The Bears actually gave up a 2nd round pick for Gaines Adams? Are you out of your mind? First the city misses out on the Olympics, then I read reports that the Cubs are broke and then tonight the Bears give up a second round pick for Gaines Adams. WOW.
    From the Tampa Bay area, I extend a hand and say, Thank You Chicago. Thank you. Less than 10 sacks in three years as a number 5 overall draftpick. And for those of you that were in the Bucs front office and passed on Adrian Petersen, you should have lost your job.

  6. pity….. such a historically strong team, has decided to cash in on the fan base…..
    Pity….. hey, The Cardinals are looking for a few good starting linemen….

  7. Jay Cutler and Gaines Adams in exchange for next years first two draft picks. That’s basically what this boils down to. I’ll take it.

  8. We absolutely needed him. Not only for this year, but Brown and Ogunleye both are in the final year of their contract and we will not be able to sign both of them. Plus Gaines will be better than either of them ever have been in the past.
    Go Bears!!! Great choice J.A. again!
    Our WR core is good and will be good for some time. If we are going to win THIS year we have to do it on defense. In the coming years we will be able to win on offense.

  9. Nice! Bears get some much needed insurance at the DE position, should both Anderson and Ogunleye not re-sign. Plus, Marinelli gets another project to work on. Rod has loved Adams since the 07′ draft, and should be able to mold him into an impact player.

  10. I really don’t like not having a first round draft pick, let alone a first AND a second.
    But, the fact they got a franchise QB AND a possible franchise DE (who will replace Ogunleye), you have got to like the Bears in this deal.
    Throw in the pot that there is already tension in Tampa, and you got a storm on the horizon…

  11. TDOG,
    Your a crack smokin idiot! J.A & Cuntler are both Douche Bags. Wake up and smell the coffee you FIB

  12. Dont knock Raheem everyone. You cant expect much from a first time head coach with no previous NFL coordinating experience and GARBAGE talent at almost every position. This was a great move for Tampa Bay and i was surprised that Chicago actually gave up a second rounder for this guy (although the pick will probably be a low 2nd rounder). He will not be missed here in Tampa Bay and I sure hope the Bucs draft SOMETHING other than a bust in the 2nd round for a change (i.e. D. Jackson, A. Sears, S. Piscitelli, D. White…)

  13. Is there any truth to rumors that Packers are pursuing Steven Jackson or Joe Thomas?

  14. bucco bruce
    You’re right, the Bucs front office should have known that Cadillac was going to blow out both of his knees in the next 2 years and drafted Peterson. How did they not see that coming… you tool.

  15. As a Bears fan…I don’t like it. Smart football owners trade away 4th or 6th round picks for busts like Adams, not 2nd rounders.
    IF somehow magically the light bulb goes on and he plays up to his potential, then yeah five years down the road we will look on this trade as brilliant. Unfortunately, for every first-round bust who actually turns it around on his second team, there are 25 other first-round busts who go to a second team and suck just as bad with the second team.

  16. whythecardinals – please stop talking about soccer, you’ve got no clue what you’re talking about. They don’t trade players, Ronaldo wanted to and the got 80m euros for him. More than most clubs are worth.

  17. TDOG…..Sorry to disappoint you, but you have just received one of the all time 1st round busts.
    Maybe the bucs are smart after all.
    Trade Adams, Bears immediately have no rush/defence on his side, lose games, and suddenly that draft pick becomes a whole lot higher.

  18. what is happening to NFL football in Florida? First, it’s Jacksonville, or maybe first it was The buccaneers…. no matter. It seems like they all just want to move on from the NFL experience…. Perhaps, the dolphins are enough…..
    hey, don’t forget The Cardinals will take any quality offensive linemen, you guys are looking to get rid of, at a good price…..
    Come to Florida… everything Must Go!

  19. We really need a WR or a SS right now but, it could end up being a very solid trade for years to come. Change of scenery might do wonders for this kid.

  20. don’t forget The Cardinals will take any quality offensive linemen
    get in line behind the Redskins and Packers who both need tackles very badly, the redskins are so bad that they make Campbell look worse.

  21. Wow… who else do the Bucs have to spare, since they’re obviously packing things up for the season. Who exactly did Adams have on the D-line to take some pressure off of him? This team has no one at DT to occupy blockers and free him up. More importantly, the entire defense is making the transition from Kiffin’s longstanding D to a more conventional format. Well, at least the Bucs can use that second rounder on another DE this spring. Reuniting Adams with Marinelli, on that Chicago line will do wonders for him. The Bears need to create as much pressure as possible from up front, to help alleviate whatever contributions Urlacher would’ve made this season. It’s a good gamble on Chicago’s part.
    Looks like Cleveland isn’t the only team in potential fire sale mode.

  22. If they can get him to be the player that he was coming out of college then it was well worth it.
    Sometimes a player just needs a change of scenery and it is not like they know what they are doing in Tampa.

  23. This transaction may be as much about accelerating his bonuses and and getting the Bucs over the minimum salary cap requirements as any talent considerations.

  24. The Bears have a good WR core, they don’t need to trade for a “number one” wideout.
    Somebody want to tell me how many Super Bowl rings Terrell Owens or Randy Moss or Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin or Wes Welker or Chad Ochocinco or TJ Whoseyamomma or Braylon Edwards or Dwayne Bowe or Donald Driver or Greg Jennings or Steve Smith have? I’ll save you the time and tell you the answer is zero.
    That being said, I would have preferred they picked up a defensive back. But, hopefully Marinelli can develop Adams into a fantastic DE.

  25. Whats funny is the fact the Bucs were able to get a 2nd round pick for Gaines. Chicago fans will soon realize what we Buc fans have realized and it that he doesnt have any dog in him. Hes not a physical guy at all, in fact if you watch his film he runs away from tackles and contact ( on every play .) His only move is trying to run around around the Offensive Lineman to the outside and it allows teams to run the ball at him all game every game. Bottom line is that as a Bucs fan im pissed that we missed on another draft pick and honestly I know you all ( bears fans ) are hoping that Marinelli can turn him around but if Monte Kiffin couldnt get the kid to atleast play somewhat aggresive I highly doubt Marinelli can. I wish him luck, but may I say good riddance? Bucs scouting department should be fired, how could you take this guy over Petterson?

  26. All you Bears fans that are happy about this trade have obviously never seen this asshole play. Wait until he gets put on his ass by the tight end a few times…good luck with him. Best move the Bucs have made all season!!!
    Hopefully they will get something more than a week old ham sandwich with that second round pick, unlike the last few years.

  27. I rate this trade about a 7 on a scale of 10 for the Bears. The key to the Bears defensive success and ultimately their team success relies heavily on the pass rush. I wouldn’t call this a depth trade, but rather a rotation trade. Lovie loves to constantly rotate bodies on the Defensive Live and the addition of a instant contributor and possible playmaker will go along way to ensure the Bears will be in the playoff hunt to the bitter end.
    As for the complaints about not adding a wide receiver, the Bears are fine at wide receiver and they owe it to themselves to develop the talent because there is a lot of it. Earl Bennett is essentially a rookie that shows flashes of being a dependable possession receiver, Johnny Knox has proven to be a player that comes up huge when the game is on the line and Devin Hester has shown flashes of greatness and he really has a chance to be a one of a kind player. Get this through your heads – the Bears are fine at WR!
    Overall I am excited because this proves the entire organization feels a legitimate championship run is brewing.

  28. AS A BEARS FAN I LOVE IT! the WR core is coming along fine, bennett is working out great, hester is evolving, and knox was a steal in the 5th round… we NEED good pass rushers, since both brown and ogunleye wont be back, more than likely, we need pressure on the QB so they have to dump the ball of quickly to disguise our secondary….yeah bucco bruce is a tool pretty much. all the browns fans are thinking exactly what these bucs fans are (thank you for taking this garbage off my hands!!) until they get some REAL coaching and show what they can really do….you cant honestly call gaines a bust can you?? he hasn’t had a fair shot, just wait and see haters, wait and see….

  29. gobears 84……….hahaha you just wait and see….he had excellent coaching for two years with Monte Kiffin ( a hall of fame D. coordinator. ) Im being honest with you, hes soft and I wouldnt consider him a pass rusher because he NEVERRRRRRR gets to the QB. ogunleye and brown both have dawg and sawgger in them, this cat Gaines has zero amount of that to his game. You guys just set your team back 3 years…..if ya dont believe look at the bucs.

  30. Mike,
    The big question that goes unanswered here, and I am surprised you couldn’t work it in, is whether the fourth overall selection of the 2007 draft is a bigger bust than the second overall selection of the 2006 draft?

  31. Further information for you to make the decision.
    The second overall pick of the 2006 draft is averaging approximately 1050 yards per season from scrimmage and is averaging around 8 total TD’s per year.
    The fourth overall pick from the 2007 draft has 86 tackles total (38 tackles in each of his first two seasons), in two plus years of playing, with 13.5 sacks.
    I would go with the fourth pick from 2007 as the bigger bust. Don’t you think?

  32. Hmm, hopefully the bears know what they are doing.
    When I heard about this trade I assumed they gave up a 4th or a 5th round draft choice for this guy.
    Can’t say I would be real happy about giving away a 2nd for him.
    Of course, Jerry Angelo is noted to waste his 1st-3rd round picks and only gets talent out of the lower end of the draft. It is known. . .

  33. Fact: the Bears spent a 2nd round pick on DE Dan Bazuin a few years ago. He’s out of the NFL the last time I checked.
    It’s not a terrific trade for the Bears I don’t think. HOWEVER.
    All you guys claiming the Bears need a WR, Hester Knox and Bennett are on pace for 2400 yards and 16 touchdowns. Looks pretty solid to me.

  34. How could my Pittsburgh Steelers have lost to such a lousy organiziation as the Chicago Bears? Gaines Adams? LMAO!!

  35. Love This Move! Ogunleye is 32 and contract up (Mark Anderson too). Get the #4 pick in 2007 signed thru 2012 at 26 years old with base salary at only $1.1M per to be coached by Marinelli, who the players can’t say enough good things about. Shrewd Trade For Bears!

  36. Looks to me like the Bears front office and coaching staff have just gone “all in”. Orton’s making them look incompetent ,at best.

  37. # Roboto says: October 17, 2009 4:54 AM
    How could my Pittsburgh Steelers have lost to such a lousy organiziation as the Chicago Bears? Gaines Adams? LMAO!!
    The same way they lost to the Bengals.
    Out coached and out played.
    Since 2005 the Steelers are 44-24 (.647)
    The Bears are 43-25 (.632)
    Get over yourself.

  38. I can’t wait to see in two years, these same bears fans bitching their deep dishes off, pissed about this trade….Gaines Adams is COMPLETE GARBAGE, Good Luck Bears

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