CBS promises "surprising new information" surrounding McNair's death

CBS News’ Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian has performed a three-month investigation into former NFL quarterback Steve McNair’s death.

The findings will be shown on The Early Show, beginning next Monday.  CBS promises that Keteyian’s findings will expose “critical flaws in the police investigation and raises troubling
questions about the events leading up to the two deaths.”

We’re curious why such a piece wouldn’t be shown on 60 Minutes, but the news organization’s press release about the matter has certainly piqued our interest.

Which means it did its job.

31 responses to “CBS promises "surprising new information" surrounding McNair's death

  1. if there was important new information, i would hope it would make the regular news and not be saved as some sort of “ratings boost” for a show no one cares about.

  2. Who cares, hes dead and his killer is dead. Leave the families alone. This guy just wants to make a name for himself, someone just stab him in the throat

  3. DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Hit on him for messin around with an Iranian??? Old Boyfriend did the hit???? SOmething was never right about this….

  4. Never thought for a second this was what it was portrayed to be. Nothing about the crime scene adds up and clearly there was plenty of DNA evidence surrounding the area. It will not be a shock of any kind to learn of some semblance of a cover up or foul play.
    I am also surprised nothing has been written regarding a connection between McNair’s untimely death and the unexpected winless start of his former team.

  5. I am all for a good conspiracy theory, but if there was some real evidence uncovered, it’d be on a real news show.

  6. If I had to guess, the information is going to be new, but I find it hard to believe it will be anything earth shattering.
    I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I gotta agree with Lord Florio. If it was IMPORTANT new information, it would be on the regular news or 60 Minutes!
    GurpBadesha said it best. Its done and over with, leave the families alone and let them grieve in peace!

  7. Stupid comment submission errors.
    Can we please at least wait for the story to come out before we run off with the conspiracy theories again?
    Bearsrule 5

  8. I still do think something seems fishy with the case. I still have a tough time understanding how the woman shot herself, supposedly, in the left temple with her right hand. Curious!!!!
    Not something a person does purposely just to try to screw up the investigation after her death in my opinion.

  9. Well shit……no wonder I agreed with the post….it wasn’t Lord Florio that did it, it was Rosenthal…I’m not so shocked now!

  10. I will be watching CBS Monday morning. Everyone in Nashville felt like this investigation concealed a covert situation.
    I think Steve’s death has affected the Titans especially Jeff Fisher who was very, very close to Steve.
    While Steve was a great athlete, team leader, and humanitarian, I do not agree with his lifestyle particularly when Mechelle went back to college and earned an RN degree to take care of him.
    David Boclair of the CityPaper wrote a fantastic article following Steve’s death regarding how professional athletes are always tempted to cross the line sexually. I must add, however, that not all NFL players or pro athletes choose to cross that line between fornication or adultery vs. monogamy and fidelity.

  11. Yeh and the libs blame Rush and Fox News.
    Sportnman said – “Betcha Rush blames Obama and “Liberal Media” for this….!”

  12. What the hell is so surprising about the McNair murder? Dude was plowing a bunch of women and made promises to them that he was gonna ditch his wife for one of them…one of the oldest stories in the history of the human race.
    One of ’em got mad at him for his broken promises and busted a cap in his ass.
    The only ‘surprise’ that will come out of this is if McNair was sleeping with dudes too.

  13. We’re curious why such a piece wouldn’t be shown on 60 Minutes
    The Early Show? If McNair were white, this story would not be sitting in the proverbial back of the CBS bus.

  14. Maybe they should do something more productive like investigated ACORN instead of having to have a couple of kids do all the dirty work.

  15. From the movie, Get Shorty: (again)
    “Look, I want you to put a pill in the bro over there. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would I shoot him, he’s already dead. But, Harry, they got a test to see if you fired a gun…and I was never here, Harry.
    Just because her hand had gunpowder residue, doesn’t mean SHE pulled the trigger. let’s say she’ already dead/knocked out/ and some outside intruder/murderer uses their finger to “help” her pull the trigger. I’m just sayin’…it’s all too neat for me.

  16. I was amused by another poster who said:
    “pro athletes choose to cross that line between fornication or adultery vs. monogamy and fidelity.”
    It is laugable! These are all terms created by women! Do you think a man invented any of these words? Men only know one thing, sex, these terms were created my women to try to contain them, and they bought it.
    Other than that, there is nothing new here, move along.
    All the other “mysteries” here are in the posters minds quoting urban legends to back them up. Contrary to most posters silly beliefs, murder/suicide is not that hard to prove, and I am sure the police got it right this time.

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