Dumping Adams eats up $15 million in cap space for the Bucs

With the execution of a single trade, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used up far more salary cap space than any of their 2009 player contracts consumed.

According to PewterReport.com, the trade of defensive end Gaines Adams to the Chicago Bears eliminates $15 million in cap space.  (Actually, PewterReport.com states that the amount of the cap charge will be $11 million this year and $4 million next year.  Since this is the last capped year under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, the trade or release of a player triggers the full acceleration in 2009.  Thus, all $15 million hits the cap now.)

So the Bucs were permitted to charge against the 2009 cap $15 million they’d already paid or committed to pay, reducing to a large extent the impression that they’re being cheap.  

More importantly, the Bucs picked up a second-round pick in a draft that many think will contain many quality players for a guy who had done nothing in two-plus years of NFL action.

The Bears, meanwhile, currently don’t have a first day pick in 2010.  Their first-round pick in 2010 was sent to Denver as part of the Jay Cutler trade.

32 responses to “Dumping Adams eats up $15 million in cap space for the Bucs

  1. 2009-2010 Tampa Bucs “How to run a professional football team on five dollars cash money”.
    The antithesis of Snyde-ass’ Redskins.
    The common theme here being both suck the sweat off a dead man’s balls.

  2. glad im not a bears fan.. if they are not careful, they will end up like the Oakland Raiders.. Hey wait a minute, Is Al Davis making the trades for the Chicago Bears??

  3. Ahhh, so that was the Bucs plan all along.
    Have enough cap space so they can trade or cut their entire roster, and start fresh with an entirely new roster next year.
    Brilliant, I say!

  4. A lot of high quality players coming out next year due to no cap, at the same time no cap equals more holdouts.
    Its going to be messy with next years first rounders.

  5. Use some common logic, Florio. This proves absolutely nothing concerning the Bucs and being cheap, the guaranteed money was already paid out, this doesn’t force them to pay ANY money and even if it did, it would be money that they would have to pay regardless. Your logic makes no sense.
    The move will likely save the Bucs money as they will no longer have to pay Adams’ base salary… like I said, the signing bonus was already paid out!

  6. Adams failed to impress the Bucs as a former high first-round pick, but still has loads of potential, and could benefit from a fresh start in Chicago.

  7. Ahhh, so that was the Bucs plan all along.
    Have enough cap space so they can trade or cut their entire roster, and start fresh with an entirely new roster next year.
    Brilliant, I say!

  8. “The Bears, meanwhile, currently don’t have a first day pick in 2010.”
    Considering that the first day of the 2010 draft will consist of only round one, this has been true since the NFL announced the new draft format.
    Now they don’t have a pick until the second half of day two, which consists of rounds 2 and 3.

  9. Who’s running the front office Howdy Doody ??? Glazer needs some Aricept stat or he better break out the orange and white throwbacks along with Doug Williams.

  10. I’m trying to figure out which franchise has Rachel Phelps advising them.
    The Bucs are obviously in the lead, but I’m thinking the Rams could have her too. Or Buffalo.

  11. If there is no cap next year, theoretically, there should be no slotting of rookie salaries.
    At least that is the angle I suspect the agents will be taking…..and if I am right….everyone will be “pulling a Crabtree”.
    It gonna be real messy.

  12. Now lets get the Titans to trade Jevon Kearse to the Bears for their 3rd round pick.
    *rubs hands together

  13. @J
    You’re entire team is an enormous bust. Your coaching staff sucks s**t. They have a real shot at going o-fer. Gaines Adams goes to a team with the best teacher, not coach, teacher, of the defensive line in the game today. As far as this being a deep talented draft class, then that talent will last into the third round and beyond.

  14. The Bears have the correct coaching in place to get the top production out of Gaines Adams. Bucs fans you know his name pretty good. He would be called by the name of Rod Marinelli…
    As for no 1st or 2nd in 2010. The Bears have now 3 good players to show for.. Jay Cutler, Johnny Knox, & Gaines Adams. Bets of Luck with your next Josh Freeman. While we win now with Jay Cutler.

  15. First it was Jagadzinsky the offensive coordinator. This time it is Adams. I wonder who is next in line. I agree Adams played poorly, but who on the Bucs did better at his position? What Raheem must remember is when he points his finger at XXX he has three fingers pointing at himself!

  16. mnmaverick says:
    October 16, 2009 11:58 PM
    The Bears better pray that Adams pans out for them with no first or second round pick.

    They didn’t have one this year either and aren’t doing too bad. Most of Chicago’s players come from 3rd round or later. There are 8 players on the complete Chicago roster drafted in rounds 1-2 by the Bears. Everyone else was either drafted later, or acquired from other teams. You need to be able to grow some talent from within, but it doesn’t need to come from rounds 1-2. In fact, if you can do it later on, why not? It’s much cheaper that way and you can spend the money on proven vets instead of untested rookies.

  17. Great news for the Vikings! Gaines Adams plays like Bambi on ice. What a frickin’ joke. What the Hell is wrong with the Bears?

  18. “Adams failed to impress the Bucs as a former high first-round pick, but still has loads of potential, and could benefit from a fresh start in Chicago.”
    Potential means absolutely nothing when you’re too lazy to prove that you have any. This guy is a world-class bum. I was at the Giants-Bucs game a few weeks ago and I keyed in on him for a half dozen plays. He has NO MOTOR. If his Mother’s life depended on him sheding a block, she’d have to call the priest.

  19. By first day pick you of course mean Thursday night in primetime….whooo hoo cash grab…just by the Cutler trade then they don’t have a first night pick….Draft weekend will never be the same

  20. So the Bears have no first day picks…So what? They got Jay Cutler and Gaines Adams. Jay Cutler is easily one of the best QB’s in the game, and will be the face of the franchise for the next decade and may have the most upside of any QB in the NFL right now. Of course Manning, Brady, and Brees are the elites, but none of them are 26 years old and playing with a trio of unbelieveably average receivers in Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, and Johnny Knox. Look what you get in the first round for QB’s the last 5 years…Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Alex Smith, Flacco, Ryan, Rodgers. You take a huge chance on whether or not your draftee can take the next step in development and mature into an NFL caliber QB. In Cutler, the Bears get useful experience running a pro offense, youth, unlimited talent, and a giant cannon, that will put some cans in the seats and wow the fans for years to come. The Bears have hope and something to build their franchise around. Look around at the NFL and put yourself in some other fans shoes and look what they have to deal with. Redskins, Panthers, Browns, Raiders, Rams, they got nothing. No hope, no QB, and a long long way to go to turn their franchise around. The Bears did it overnight, simply by adding Cutler.
    As far as Gaines Adams is concerned, lets think about it. He was playing next to a former 6th overall pick super Bust Ryan Sims, and a 44 year old Chris Hovan, for a team that is 0-5 and is going nowhere in the immediate future. Lets see what he can do in a better situation over time as he is extremely talented, is surrounded by alot of quality defensemen, and may thrive under Rod Marinelli’s defensive guidance.
    So the Bears get Cutler and Adams for 2 1sts, 1 2nd, and 1 3rd (lost Orton, too). You can go through just about every franchise and see what they got in the same slots in the past few years and you’ll see you can do alot worse than that. Overall, the Bears are on the right track and I think will come out on top in these deals.
    Think about it, every time you see the Bears playing, deep down, you know even though their receiving core is weak, Cutler just might pull them out of a hole and get a W, which is what football is all about – wins. Which is way more than you can say for teams with future draft picks that may actually sink sink some franchises.

  21. Posting things at 11:03 on a Friday night. Boy, you’ve got some life. I’m sure the wife is a money grubber. Who else would stick with someone who does nothing all day but sit on the computer? You’re pathetic.

  22. Just because nobody else is intelligent enough to post your error, Florio. Trading Adams doesn’t cost the Bucs any extra money. His signing bonus was already paid out, if anything it saves them money because they no longer have to pay his base salary.
    Just because his signing bonus was accelerated, that doesn’t mean the Bucs have to pay more money, that is simply a cap-term. The Bucs will most likely save money because Adams’ base salary is probably far more than the bum off the street that could do the same job just as well as Adams.
    Also, for those of you that think Adams is still a good prospect. Keep in mind. Adams didn’t even dominate college until he was a 6th year senior. He didn’t get into Clemson his first year out of high school (he’s a dummy) and went to prep school, then he was redshirted, then FINALLY in his sophomore season, he started the last game or two (he was as old as the average junior at the time. He earned a starting job as a junior and was good, of course he was as old as a 5th year senior by then.
    Adams was 24 years old, playing a position more dependent on speed AND strength than most others, against kids that were 19-22. Don’t think for a second that those 2-5 years of age and experience didn’t help Adams, it did. Adams was far older, his body more mature, and he had more experience and time to accrue knowledge than EVERYBODY he played against. Then he got to the NFL and he was back to being a bum. The Bucs should have never drafted him. I had my fingers crossed that the Bucs take Ole Miss LB Patrick Willis, who I thought was the best available defensive player (and yes, I thought they SHOULDN’T draft A. Peterson because I wasn’t convinced he was healthy, could stay healthy, or would have a long career).
    Long story short? The Bears got fleeced by an OLD 3rd year player with little long-term potential, no pass-rushing moves (Marinelli could help), poor football intelligence, little leg strength, and even less desire.

  23. Undoubtably GREAT news for Adams. For him he is now a part of an organization that will most likely have a good season this year and possibly the next few years unlike the team he just got pardoned from.
    I still have no confidence in Dominik or Morris in their decision making and certainly not in their ability to evaluate talents in order to get the best of these draft picks and rebuild a team. The Bucs are likely to end up with a team filled with Leftwichs and Freemans and just become a nightmare to the next coach to fix.
    Get as many Draft picks as we can and then tell Morris to HIT THE BRICKS so we can get a quality winning experienced intelligent HC to make good decisions and NOT waste these picks!

  24. I thought that the Bucs had so much cap space already that they were actually in jeopardy of being too low by NFL rules. Once again though, the players aren’t the problem, it’s the coaching. Soon enough the Bucs will figure out it doesn’t matter who the players are. It’s like blaming the car for driving badly. It’s moments like these where I feel sorry for all my buddies who are Bucs fans. And I’m a Lions fan. I shouldn’t be able to feel sorry for anyone. LOL

  25. “More importantly, the Bucs picked up a second-round pick in a draft that many think will contain many quality players for a guy who had done nothing in two-plus years of NFL action.”
    Wow, you are a biased idiot Florio. The Bucs won’t remotely get a guy with Adams elite talent in the latter portion of round 2. I wouldn’t consider 124 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 13 passes defended, 2 Ints, 2 ff, and a TD as someone who has done nothing. This will end up being a steal with the best D-line coach transforming Adams into a beast of a player.

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