Gruden keeps quiet on Louisville talk

After talking a bit (but saying nothing) about rumors linking him to the job at the University of Louisville during an appearance on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike In The Morning, Gruden was spotted at Thursday night’s game between Cincinnati and South Florida.

John Taylor of CFT has the details on Gruden’s response.

Well, J.T. would have the details if Gruden had actually said anything.

“I’m just here to support the Bulls,” Gruden said.  (Which, given his SNL Super Fan/”maybe this will make me sounded taller” accent, probably sounded more like, “I’m just here to support da Bulls.”)

So there has yet to be an unequivocal “I’m not going to be the Louisville coach” denial from Gruden, and that makes sense.  The guy is looking to keep his name at the top of the “A” list, and that doesn’t happen by saying things that suggest he’s never going to leave his new job, which despite early rave reviews has quickly dissolved into an exercise in praising Brett Favre, the Wildcat, and one or more players per week that Gruden might like to sign as free agents if/when he returns to the NFL.

14 responses to “Gruden keeps quiet on Louisville talk

  1. His name is mentioned for every NFL job where a head coach is in trouble, but he’s going to go to the University of Louisville ? This is an insult to knowledgable football fans.

  2. Say what you will about Gruden but he’s thousands of times better than Kornheiser and might even be better than Collinsworth on Sunday nights if he stays in the booth and gets more experience.

  3. I give thanks every Monday night that Tony Kornheiser is no longer in the booth. I’ll take Gruden’s fascination with the Wildcat over TKs witless commentary.
    And Gruden has nothing on TK when it comes to BrettFavre ballwashing.

  4. “Say what you will about Gruden but he’s thousands of times better than Kornheiser and might even be better than Collinsworth on Sunday nights if he stays in the booth and gets more experience.”
    His best quote so far this is year has been, “I call Peyton Manning ‘The Sheriff'”
    Absolutely brilliant.
    Better than Collinsworth.

  5. ANYBODY replacing Tony Kornheiser is good news for MNF. Everyone was tired of hearing Tony’s 8-8-8 rant regarding the Cincinnati Bengals’ record in 2007.

  6. I couldn’t stand watching Gruden on the sidelines when he was a coach. It always felt like he was putting on a show for the cameras. Because of that, I thought I wouldn’t like him on MNF. I was way wrong. He’s doing an awesome job. I’m still not a big Mike Tirrico (sp) fan, but this is the best team in a long time.

  7. PLEASE, just keep quiet, PERIOD.
    if this idiot doesn’t co-star in the next childs play/chucky movie, then i don’t ever want to see his ugly mug, EVER!!!

  8. finally i’m with some like-minded people. chances are if i’m watching mnf, i KNOW football. i don’t need some lame-butt like kornheiser asking dumb-butt questions. although i agree that watching the vikings game was painful . . . favre and wildcat must have been mentioned 10,000 times, i know i lost count. but for the most part, gruden and jaws with a hint of tirico is more than making up for the dark years of the ‘korn.’

  9. Agree, he’s great in the booth. But in the spirit of Halloween, who wouldn’t want to see Chucky simmering on the sidelines again?

  10. Gruden should just hang onto his MNF job. I just hope he doesn’t become the redskins next coach. He’ll turn the skins into a contender.

  11. I think ALL announcers are lame and have nothing to say worth while..O except for
    “wow jaws did you see him make a football play?”
    “sure did very good job of putting some points on that football play!”
    “Hes so explosive”
    “I love this guy”
    bla bla bla freakin bla.

  12. The only denial we needs from Gruden is for you to continue to predict his next stop. The more you speculate the more you are wrong with Gruden. You’re on this guys nuts.
    Last year he was going to Tenn. because he had property there. Now he attends a college football game and he may be going to Louisville.
    Nancy Drew follows hotter leads. This one is dead.

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