Javon Walker open to a trade

Rarely used Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker would be okay with a trade sending him to another team before Tuesday’s deadline.

Steve Corkran of the Oakland Tribune reports that Walker said that he would be fine with a deal if the team decides that it is in their best interests to moving him. They very well might decide that such a deal suits them, but it’s hard to figure that another team feels that acquiring Walker and the $4.6 million he’s guaranteed through the end of next season is in their best interests.

Walker has been on the field for a grand total of four snaps this season, and doesn’t figure to see much more time now that Chaz Schilens appears ready to return to the lineup. If there is an interested bidder, they’ll be happy to know that Walker says he is 100 percent recovered from injuries to his right ankle and left knee.

45 responses to “Javon Walker open to a trade

  1. Walker wants traded? Really? Who wouldn’t want to stay in that sh-thole of an organization? LOL

  2. …Steve Corkran of the Oakland Tribune reports that Walker said that he would be fine with a deal if the team decides that it is in their best interests to moving him….
    lol…Gee, what a guy. That probably makes Walker just one of 53 roster and practice squad players on the Raiders who would be fine with going to another team.

  3. Might be able to get a box of donuts for him.
    Seriously, with his contract, who would want this loser

  4. This Walker situation (aside from his ridiculous contract) is a perfect illustration of why Al Davis is insane.
    Instead of putting Walker out there as a starter to give his struggling QB a real veteran target to throw to, Davis is all pissy because Walker had knee surgery in the off-season without telling him first. So Javon gets benched and Russell gets to throw to the clearly beyond his depth at present Darrius Heyward-Bey.
    I would say it’s unbelievable, but it is Al Davis. The man is wasting millions on Walker because he’s piqued.

  5. Imagine what you could have done had you just stayed in GB…..
    Guy has been through some shit, but fell off the face of the earth after he left GB.

  6. If the Raiders could take the cap hit for trading him they would have already released him.

  7. “Javon Walker- another career sabotaged by the egomaniacal Lord Favre.”
    I’m not much of a fan of Favre, but Walker f’ed his career up without any help from Favre.

  8. Besides every player wanting out of Oakland, the fans truly want to see a handful traded away anyway.
    While we’re at it can we trade away staff?

  9. Useless post of the day.
    Name one Raider who is not “open to a trade”.
    Thank you.
    Jamarcus Russell. If he goes anywhere else he would have to work at becoming better.

  10. Javon,
    Have you ever been affiliated with the New York Jets organization?

  11. Walker probably only has a year or two left. If I was him I would waive my salary in order to leave the Raiders. He should start over with a new team and play his career out to a peaceful ending. The only peaceful ending in Oakland is an earthquake.

  12. Hey Al, Bill Bellicheck again, I’ll take Javon off your hands for you, and I will even give you a bag of balls this time.

  13. YEAH, trade him to the salvation army – they need workers and they’ll pay him accordingly. since he sucks – he’ll get below minimum wage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Walker had one good year in Green Bay and hasn’t done crap ever since. The question should be why would anyone want him ? Trade him to the UFL.

  15. Walkers knee’s are SHOT. Who would want him? He’s better off being cut and signing a one year deal with the Ravens. They need a receiver badly

  16. hed be ok with being traded out of the worst organization in football as a backup, are you sure?

  17. “Walker had one good year in Green Bay and hasn’t done crap ever since. ”
    He did have 1000 yds and 8 TD in Denver in 06. Just so you know. But he’s crap now.

  18. So glad the Packers got rid of this nuisance. Had we not, we wouldn’t have Greg Jennings.
    Thanks again Javon!

  19. I can’t wait for this guy to play on the Vegas Team in the UFL. THAT is going to be awesome.

  20. Comment Submission Error, what a ^&%!ing shock…
    hayward, you have got to be kidding. Javon should thank Favre for every dollar Javon has made in the NFL. If he hadn’t played with Favre in GB, he would have been just another WR. His one semi-good season in Denver was a direct result of Shanahan’s offense trying to force the ball to Javon, and of Rod Smith beginning to suffer some injuries and declining production the same season. And in exchange for that, Walker ruined what was, to that point, good chemistry in the Denver locker room.

  21. That’s great that you are “open to a trade” Javon. Now if you could just find someone in a front office from the other 31 teams in the NFL that feels the same way, you might just have something. In the meantime, why don’t you go back to spraying champagne on people and getting your ass kicked on a sidewalk.

  22. In other news, the other 51 players on the Raiders scrambled to get in line, also claiming that THEY are open to a trade…. ANYWHERE….

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